Students with ADHD are just lazy

If a child shows a variety of behavioral problems, it is advisable to take action and change something in the family. As a teacher, you can support parents in this by making them aware of problems and by pointing out the various offers of help.

Behavior therapy has proven itself among the psychotherapeutic methods. The term behavioral therapy encompasses various forms of psychological treatment that can be aimed at families, schools or the children themselves. These different forms of treatment are often combined with one another in order to optimize the effects of the therapy in the various areas of the patient's life.

If parents are currently not using any other help, such as advice in a social pediatric center, help from the youth welfare office or psychotherapy for the student, but this seems sensible from your point of view, you should draw the parents' attention to the possibility of various support measures. In addition to the compensation for disadvantages (further information under school law framework conditions), there are other measures that can represent a form of support for families or also for pupils with ADHD. For upcoming discussions with parents it can be helpful to be informed about these "external aids" and also to know one or the other legal basis.