Why is therapy important for mental health

Why is mental health so important?

When we think of health, we usually think of the body. We protect it from environmental influences, from accidents, from diseases. But do we also pay attention to our soul to this extent?

Mens sana in corpore sano - this principle also applies the other way round: A healthy psyche is important for the overall well-being of people. Mental health makes us robust, it lets us enjoy life, it helps to better cope with pain and disappointment.

Do not look the other way in a crisis and offer your fellow human beings your help. Everybody can First aid for the soul perform - the brochure from pro mente Austria aims to support you. If you have emotional problems yourself, don't keep your worries to yourself.

Sometimes it is possible to get out of a crisis on your own - in many cases it is better to seek support. Talking to a friend is often the first step.

Today we know what a huge impact mental health has on overall health. This does not only apply to psychosomatic illnesses - every mental illness affects the life of the person affected: relationships, professional and social opportunities, the entire personal environment.

Mental crises and illnesses can affect anyone, and the number of people suffering from mental health problems is increasing. Even so, many still find it difficult to talk about it and ask for help.