Where can I find prostitutes in Tokyo

Prostitution in Japan today

The bonus part of the series "Prostitution," Comfort women ", enslavement in Japan" deals with the topic of prostitution in today's Japan. In 1956 the Anti-Prostitution Act was passed and implemented shortly afterwards. Accordingly, sex for a fee is forbidden, but only vaginal sex is included. Anal as well as oral sex and other practices are allowed. Brothels were also no longer allowed to be run, but a solution was found for this too.

In the meantime, many different alternatives have developed. For example, you can go to so-called “fashion health” shops, pink salons or image clubs, which primarily offer oral sex. "Soaplands", officially bathhouses in which customers are massaged and washed by women, among other things, use all kinds of creative excuses to keep sex legal.

On the one hand, customers have to pay the women themselves so that the owners can say they don't run a brothel, and on the other hand, it is claimed that the two fell in love during their stay and the massage - which makes sex between both parties legal.

In addition to these forms of prostitution, there are also call services or dating sites where women are ordered to come home.

While some of these businesses are either perfectly legal or fall under the gray zone, officially selling sex is prohibited. Anyone caught doing this can expect a fine of up to six months or 10,000 yen (currently approx. 82 euros). However, anyone who provides places for this, and thus falls within the range of a brothel owner, must be jailed for up to seven years, or pay a fine of 300,000 yen (currently approx. 2456 euros).

Although the sex industry is officially characterized by all kinds of services besides vaginal intercourse, there are still unofficially "brothels". Creative excuses are used to circumvent the law or resort to other options.