Will the world end in 2019

Final Resolutions: 99 Things You Should Do Before The World Ends

1. Write a friendly email to someone with a political mandate

2. Apologize to your children

3. Forgive your parents

4. Go to McDonald’s with someone you like

5. Playing heaven and hell with a Christian

6. Dancing with a Muslim

7. Drink vodka with a Jew

8. Visit Oktoberfest with a Sikh

9. Boxing with a Buddhist

10. Kiss a refugee

11. Watch a documentary about Regine Hildebrandt

12. Order a table from a carpenter

13. Wearing a Gucci garment

14. Hug a homeless person

15. Say out loud that you are satisfied

16. Order a club sandwich in a hotel suite via room service

17. Eat only the white gummy bears out of a bag

18. Taking over the bill for someone else's table in the restaurant

19. Go to a concert by the punk band Die Kassierer

20. Watch a movie about Billie Holiday

21. Read “taz”, “Bild”, “FAZ”, “Süddeutsche” and WELT in one day

22. Donate a monthly wage to an organization of your choice

23. Order a course twice in a three-star restaurant

24. Drive a Porsche from Stuttgart to Dresden