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The best cloth mouse pads for your gaming mouse

A cloth mouse pad usually has more friction and less gliding ability (slow initial movement & shorter stopping distance, i.e. the mouse comes to a standstill faster) than a hard pad. The greater friction with cloth mouse pads is due to the special weave of the surface layer. This also "polishes" the gliding feet of your mouse, which is why you don't have to replace them as often.

Cloth mouse pads give you a more consistent mouse feel over a longer period of time. The resilience and density of the sponge-like middle layer can vary greatly with fabric pads. The best cloth mouse pads offer high resistance and uniform processing quality, which means that your mouse movements can be better recorded. We recommend the following 4 cloth mouse pads:

Roccat Taito Control - the best cloth mouse pad

The Roccat Taito is our favorite among cloth mouse pads because it offers extreme precision and is ultra comfortable. The size and thickness of the mouse pad can be selected individually, making it a real catch that will make gamer hearts beat faster. The best cloth mouse pad for all control freaks and FPS pros!

Clearly the best cloth mouse pad you can currently find on the market and a snap for the price. The soft Roccat Taito is available in three sizes: Mini (265mm x 210mm), Medium (400mm x 320mm) and King Size (455mm x 370mm). In addition, you can choose between two different thicknesses, 3mm or 5mm. The Roccat Taito is a popular mouse pad, especially for FPS gamers, because it offers amazing precision and is still comfortable. The simple fact that you can choose the size and thickness of the pad is what makes the Roccat Taito one of the best out there, as you can buy the right pad for your needs. The Roccat Taito offers you the precision you need, especially in FPS games!

  • Available in 3 sizes, inexpensive
  • Allows perfect control
  • Well finished edges & comfortable
  • Edges can fray
  • Not as soft as other fabric pads
  • Gets dirty quickly

Steelseries QcK series - the versatile classic

The popular Steelseries QcK series gives you perfect control over your mouse and has over 1,200 reviews on Amazon. Due to the large selection of designs, there is the ideal mouse pad for every gamer. There is even an extended version for those who need a lot of space when gaming and play with a low DPI value. The all-rounder with many variants for every mouse and game style! Every gamer should treat himself!

Very practical: The Steelseries QcK is available in all possible sizes

I've already used the mouse pad myself and was very satisfied (I'm currently playing on a Taito Control). I used to use it for games like Path of Exile, LoL, CS and Heroes of the Storm, and it's really perfect for that. You can get the medium-sized QcK mouse pad for an apple and an egg. Not only that, but also the performance and the smooth gliding over the mouse pad make the Steelseries QcK series ideal for professional gamers.

The mouse pad is available in different versions: Mini, Medium, Heavy, Mass and XXL. A lot of gamers choose the QcK Heavy or the QcK XXL variant because they offer impressive comfort. The QcK Heavy has dimensions of 450mm x 400mm and a thickness of 6mm. The QcK XXL, on the other hand, is an extended version of the mouse pad and takes up a lot of space. With the dimensions of 900mm x 400mmx and a thickness of 4mm, the whole keyboard and mouse fits on it and you still have room for more.

  • Many different sizes
  • Good workmanship
  • Super cheap
  • Very prone to stains
  • Corners fray easily
  • Takes 2-3 weeks to be smooth

Razer Gigantus - the best large mouse pad for low sensers

The Razer Gigantus is suitable for any genre of gaming as it offers both speed and control. Plus, it doesn't fray and looks really cool. Not necessarily recommended for a small desk - just "Gigantus". The best XXL fabric mouse pad for low-sensing gamers! Available in speed or control version!

The predecessor of the Razer Gigantus, the Razer Goliathus, should be a real highlight, but came because of the green (very bright) design and because of the volume (yes, the part makes a lot of noise when you use the mouse a little harder ;-), not so good at. That's why Razer brought out the Gigantus mouse pad, a minimalist pad in a simple, black design. While the Razer Goliathus mouse pad offers either speed or control, the Razer Gigantus actually combines the best of both. While it's a sleek mousepad, it has plenty of pull to give you better control. The mouse pad measures 455mm x 455mm and is 5mm thick. A small problem could arise with a mini desk because the mouse pad, as the name suggests, is a bit bigger than others. Still, the Razer Gigantus is perfect for any gaming genre as it offers both speed and control.

  • Very large for a lot of space
  • Good tracking
  • Premium materials, stitched edges
  • More expensive than other models
  • May be too large vertically for small desks
  • Not everyone likes the green bottom

Corsair MM300 - Best Premium XXL Mouse Mat

The Corsair MM300 is a high quality, comfortable mouse pad. It has seams that cannot fray and, thanks to the special surface structure, ensures the best precision. The rubber mat on the underside gives you optimal grip and nothing slips even in stressful situations. Extremely stylish mouse pad with high quality workmanship and a good compromise between speed and control!

The Corsair MM300 comes in three different sizes. The Extended Edition, however, is by far the one that most people go for. This offers space for all your other peripheral devices and looks very aesthetic thanks to its black and gray color scheme. Only the volume may put off some gamers: If you slide the mouse a little more vigorously over the pad, noises can arise. The Corsair MM300 has dimensions of 930mm x 300mm and a thickness of 3mm. When buying, you should make sure that you get a mouse pad that is at least 3mm thick so that your hand can rest comfortably and your gaming mouse gets enough resistance. It is great that the seams are specially protected against fraying and should still be intact even after months or even years of use. In terms of performance, the MM300 offers ample traction for increased accuracy and lets your mouse glide easily.

  • Packaging does not cause waves
  • Good tracking
  • Premium materials, stitched edges
  • More expensive than other models
  • Slight rubber smell at the beginning
  • Design & pattern may not be for everyone

JIALONG XXL Speed ​​- Coolest large mousepad

The JIALONG XXL Speed ​​is a huge pad for anyone who wants a stylish mouse pad. Thanks to the many different motifs, everyone can find something for their setup! Extremely cool mouse mats with stylish designs!

Just take a look at the picture - do we have to say more? Jialong mouse mats are extremely stylish! And this motif is only one of currently 13 motifs that you can choose. From skulls to dragons to wolves or burning horses (looks extremely cool!).

Jialong mouse mats are made of fabric and offer you a good mix of control, speed and comfort. With the 900x400 size, these documents are perfect for everyone who wants to place their keyboard or laptop on them in addition to the mouse. In addition, of course, it is also ideal for all low-sensers who have to realign their mouse frequently and move a lot. On top of that, this large mouse pad is also cheap if you compare it with the Corsair MM300, for example. A clear recommendation from us!

  • Very good value for money
  • Extremely cool look with many motifs
  • Top quality
  • Print quality not the best
  • Tends to form waves
  • Sometimes a bit strange smell at the beginning

Sharkoon 1337 - Best Cheap Cloth Mousepad

The Sharkoon 1337 is perfect for those who don't want to spend a lot on a mouse pad, but still need good quality. A good compromise between price and performance!

With the 1337 mouse pad, Sharkoon offers a simple fabric pad for the price-conscious gamer, for whom a mouse pad is just a pad. Here you get a fabric surface with a rubber-based anti-slip underside that is slightly smaller in the standard size than, for example, a Roccat Taito. However, it also costs a lot less and is available in the M size (28 x 21.5 x 0.2 cm) for € 5.

The model is also available in the sizes L (35.5x25.5x 1.4), XL (44x35) and XXL (90x40), so everyone can find something suitable for their gaming desk. In any case, the 1337 is perfect for all surfaces (adheres well) and offers you control and good gliding properties. For the price, however, you have to make some compromises in terms of materials (thickness, durability).

  • Extremely cheap
  • Great value for money
  • Available in many sizes and versions
  • Not the toughest
  • Can be a little too thin for some
  • Edges freak out quickly

The best tough mouse pads for gaming

A hard mouse pad usually offers less friction and more gliding ability (faster initial movement, slower stopping time for the mouse) than a cloth pad. Overall, your mouse movements are faster, but also less controlled. The standard materials for hard mouse pads are mostly plastic, but metals and glass are also used. The surface of hard mouse pads is very even and usually has a longer lifespan than mouse pads made of cloth. Disadvantage: The hard surface wears the feet (gliders / skates) of the mouse much faster. Another problem: after a while, the plastic surfaces tend to become uneven. Tracking surface generated. Even if we prefer to use a cloth pad, every gamer has different preferences and a list of the best hard mouse pads should not be missing in our article.

Logitech G440 - Best Hard Mousepad

The Logitech G440 is especially suitable for MOBA or RTS games gamers, as it enables particularly easy gliding. This mouse pad has a smooth surface and an impressive workmanship, so you can enjoy it for a long time. The optimal mouse pad for gaming with high DPI and a low-friction polymer surface!

The Logitech G440 is a hard mouse pad and ensures smooth and easy gliding. So if you mainly play MOBA or RTS games, then this mouse pad is ideal for you. It has dimensions of 340mm x 280mm and has a rubber base that ensures that the mouse pad does not move, even when you are really in a rage.

The good thing about this mouse pad is that it offers a very smooth surface. As a result, all of you who always have a high-DPI setting on your gaming mice will make a great choice with the G440. This mouse pad has a sturdy polymer core and a solid rubber base. The design is also very appealingly minimalist in black, with a simple Logitech "G" logo in the lower right corner. The G440 is of course optimized for Logitech gaming mice.

At first glance, the surface of the G440 appears to be perfectly smooth, but it is actually a polyethylene surface with micro-textures that offer the highest level of durability. The mouse pad glides perfectly, without our rapid mouse movements causing excessive noise. Logitech seems to have found the perfect balance between rough and smooth - perfect gliding properties and effortless stopping of the mouse are possible here.

  • Very good sliding properties
  • Optimized for Logitech gaming mice
  • Solid workmanship
  • Relative expensive
  • Sometimes not 100% non-slip
  • For some, it may not be fat enough

Razer Firefly - illuminated mouse pad for Razer fans

The Razer Firefly integrates RGB lighting that is extremely stylish. But even if you are looking for precision, this mousepad is right for you. It allows synchronization with other Razer devices for cool features like the heat map. The surface structure is a mixture of control and speed but suitable for all mice and sensors. The funky, hard mouse pad for design fans, also available in fabric!

Razer knows that not every gamer likes cloth mousepads and that RGB peripherals have become mainstream - so RGB lighting is now built into the mousepad. True to the company's motto "For gamers, by gamers", the Razer Firefly has only the best to offer and is a tough mouse pad with a textured surface for smooth gliding and impressive precision. The beautiful RGB lighting is the icing on the cake. The mouse pad measures 355mm x 255mm and is 4mm thick. Even with a laser mouse, the Razer Firefly works without any problems thanks to the finely structured surface. The cool thing about this mousepad is that you can sync the other Razer peripherals. The only thing that bothers us a little is that you first have to sign up for a Razer account to take full advantage of the company's Synapse software and that the mousepad needs to be plugged into a USB port to use the Chroma Switch on the lighting function.

  • Extremely cool lighting
  • Syncs with other Razer devices
  • Very high quality workmanship and sliding properties
  • Expensive
  • After a long period of use (2+ years), the middle can become rough
  • Only one size available

Corsair Polaris (MM800) - mouse pad with USB port

While Razer were the first to introduce an RGB mouse pad, Corsair is in no way inferior to them. The Corsair Polaris (also known as the MM800) is a hard mouse pad with a USB port that is not present in the Razer Firefly. A small drawback is that the cable of your mouse can quickly get stuck on this USB port. The precision mouse pad with RGB lighting and USB port!

The Corsair Polaris has a built-in USB port, so you have a free port for other devices. The Polaris has vibrant colors and the Corsair logo is lit on the underside of the mouse pad. The Corsair Polaris is 350mm x 260mm wide and with a thickness of 5mm is slightly thicker than the Razer Firefly. Here, too, you need your own software, the Corsair Utility Engine, with which you can optimize the lighting effects of the mouse pad. You can choose from various RGB lighting options or simply synchronize with other Corsair peripherals.

The only problem that this mouse pad has is that gaming mice with cables can get stuck on the raised USB hub very quickly and be damaged as a result, which can lead to problems, especially for very active gamers. However, you can easily fix the problem by choosing a side where you use the mouse, depending on where your PC is.

  • Great RGB lighting
  • Integrated USB connection
  • Solid workmanship
  • Very expensive
  • USB port can be annoying for cable mice
  • Must be connected to USB port by yourself

The best double-sided mouse pads

Double-sided mouse pads give you maximum flexibility if you are active in many different genres or do not know exactly whether you are a control or a speed gamer. Double-sided mouse pads are almost always hard mouse pads, with which you can use the respective side as needed. For example, you can turn the mouse pad around if you need more control for FPS games, or you can use the other side of the pad for more speed (e.g. for RTS or MMO games).

MSI Thunderstorm - The most stable mousepad

The MSI Thunderstorm is a mousepad made entirely of aluminum with a two-sided ergonomic design. The stable, hard mouse pad with control and speed side!

Are other mouse pads just too soft for your gaming setup? If so, you're in luck, because the MSI Thunderstorm gaming mouse pad is made entirely of metal. To be precise, this gaming mouse pad is made of anodized aluminum and offers you optimal grip thanks to the anti-slip silicone pads on the underside. This textured surface is optimized for control and speed of the mouse at the same time, while the pad can be placed close to the keyboard due to its practical L-shape (everyone knows the problem of wanting the keyboard at an angle, but the mouse pad in the way comes). MSI recommends the metal surface for high DPI numbers.

And if this metal surface doesn't suit you, you can simply turn the pad over for a micro-structured surface and the comfort of fabric. Or if you gamble with a low DPI and need more control. Incidentally, the edges are made with a rounded metal edge, so that nothing wears out here. With a size of 32x22.5cm you have space, but not quite as much as with other models.

  • Perfect, high quality workmanship
  • Long durability
  • Double-sided, flexible design (fabric + aluminum)
  • Extremely expensive
  • Too cold for some
  • Got a little small

Corsair MM600 - The bigger alternative

For us, the Corsair MM600 mouse pad is clearly one of the best double-sided variants, as the speed and control side are not only practical, but also very appealing. The good thing about this mouse pad are also the rubber side handles, which provide a special grip. Corsair's double-sided variant of the MM series with a high-quality aluminum core! For everyone who needs a lot of flexibility!

The Corsair MM600 is considered to be one of the best double-sided mouse pads out there and we are right to believe! On the one hand it is simply one of the most stable mouse pads you can buy, on the other hand it looks really cool with its aluminum design. The mouse pad has dimensions of 352mm x 272mm and a thickness of 5mm. It has two sides, one being the smooth speed side and the other being the coarse-pored control side. The control side looks rather plain and is a bit rougher in terms of the material structure.

The speed side has a more intricate design and is sleek. The mouse pad has rubber side handles that are placed on each of the four corners of the mouse pad to keep it from moving, which is particularly useful during intense sessions. However, we have also found a little catch here. The control side can turn your gaming mouse feet off after hours of use - a general problem with the hard mouse pads.