What does 1k

What does 10k, 40k, 100k, the k after the number mean? Meaning, definition, written out

The "k" behind a number stands for the word "kilo". It means that something is used 1000 times. The expression “kilo” exactly stands for the number 1,000.

Examples: One kilogram consists of 1000 grams, one kilometer is 1000 meters long. The number "1k" means 1000.

The "k" is used with large numbers to abbreviate them. It doesn't really matter whether it is written in uppercase or lowercase.

The rule of thumb is that a “k” stands for three zeros (“000”). In the USA it is common to abbreviate larger numbers with "k". This also spread through the Internet in Germany.


  • 1,000 = 1k
  • 10,000 = 10k
  • 40,000 = 40k
  • 100,000 = 100k
  • 1,000,000 = 1kk or 1M (M stands for million; the doubled "k" also stands for six zeros.)
  • 1,000,000,000 = 1B (The "B" means "Billion" and is abbreviated according to the English language logic. In German one would say Billion (billion).)

If there is a euro symbol at the end of the number, it is clear what is meant: € 10k = € 10,000.

The "k" as an abbreviation for "1000" comes from the English-speaking world and is widespread in the social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) offered by English-speaking companies. Since the offers are used internationally, the unit "k" is spreading.

That is why the “k” is also pronounced as “kay” in English.

The "k" had long been widespread among US technology companies and programmers. So gives the kilobyte, which consists of 1000 bytes. 1 megabyte in turn consists of 1000 kilobytes.

The “kilo” as a numerical word for 1,000 comes from the Greek “chílioi”.

Further units of measurement for 1,000: t, tsd, mille

In Germany, a lowercase “t” or the abbreviation “Tsd.” Is sometimes used instead of the “k”. The "t" and "thousand" mean "thousand" and thus also designate the number "1,000".

Example with "t" and "Tsd.":

  • 1,000 = 1t
  • 1,000 = 1 thousand
  • 10,000 = 10t
  • 10,000 = 10 thousand
  • 100,000 = 100t
  • 100,000 = 100,000

Alternative: Mille

The term "mille" is also used on the Internet. "Mille" is Latin and means "1,000". With Google AdSense there is, among other things, the value "Page RPM". "RPM" means "Revenue per Mille", in German "Earnings per 1000" page views.

The English word for millennium is "Millenium". ("Mille" = 1000)

More meanings of K / k

The "K" at the end of a number can also stand for the temperature unit Kelvin. Among other things, 100K corresponds to -173.15 degrees Celsius.

In chat language, a “k” is an abbreviation for “okay”. Sometimes this is also written "kk".

10k, 40k and 100k in music

  • "10K" is a song by Lil Raff.
  • "40K" is a song by Ufo361.
  • “100K” is a song by Gent feat. Kurdo.
  • "100k" is a song by Oliver.
  • “100K” is a song by BHZ feat. Monk & Dead Dawg.
  • "100k" is a song by Maxwell, Gzuz & Bonez MC.

More abbreviations with 10k and 40k

The "10K run" is a 10-kilometer run. It is a popular running format for large events.

The video game "Warhammer 40,000" is also abbreviated to "Warhammer 40k" or sometimes just "40k".

If you enter “100k” in the search on Amazon, you will receive product suggestions for products in packs of 100.

The screen resolution "10K resolution" means that there are 10,000 pixels on a screen with a ratio of 64:27.

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