Why do dogs have to die

FILLIS - Golden Retriever bitch (died 2007)

Insights into the process of dying from a dog's point of view.

For people, the death of their beloved animal is very often associated with love-loss-pain, which, depending on the intensity of the experiences together, can lead to physical complaints and organic diseases. We, who had to go, want that least of all.

I, Fillis, would like to take you with me into my world of experience of passing over. May it be a help in trying to cope with grief.

We animals are a part of humans, just like all other forms of life. For this reason, we only have a (partial) correspondingly shorter life expectancy. But let's stay with the companion dog. I know my way around better here.

Dear Mum, dear Mister,

it is in the nature of the earth that bodies only have a certain lifespan. If your dog can get old in the normal way and has to walk, he signals it to you. We do not perceive our physical deficits and organic failure as suffering as you imagine. We accept it and allow it. It helps us detach our soul from the body. They are signals from creation that we obey without resistance. But now it's getting difficult.

As soon as this process begins in us, the strong need also begins with you humans to want to keep us in the form in which you were happy with us. You are already producing your heartfelt suffering. You try to push this separation away through your thinking. But right now, when we are tired, you should help us. Right now your thinking in a conscious loving retrospect would create relief for us. We feel around your feelings of not being able to let go and try to alleviate your incipient pain by gathering our strengths and delaying our dying process.

We love you too, even if we have to go. For me, Fillis, it is a strong need to tell you humans that no living being has to die in agony. Just like you humans, we have a perfect glandular system that helps us through the release of morphines. We wander from our consciousness into unconscious areas of perception that are associated with lightness, colors and sounds. However, we are still connected to your feelings. If you, mistress and master, cannot let go of us through your longing and sadness, we remain in an attached state to earthly existence.

I ask you, as a dog, to fill the emptiness that you feel after our death with light and love, with memories of the wonderful time we have experienced. Give us the strength to find our new existence. Only in this way are we dog souls able to influence your future life again. Because with death the connection to our human beings is not severed. The love for human beings will do the rest to let our souls down again into the earthly world and to human beings. I mean to tell you that none of what we have ever experienced can be lost. You call it time, but we animals experience each other in phases of consciousness without time. We live in the now and therefore the return of our soul to earth is not a time factor, but a need factor.

Your Fillis.

The normal dying process is preceded by the being's confusion. The body feels heavy and at some point it refuses to move. The dog sometimes breathes heavily and looks into the distance as if paralyzed. His perceptions now apply to the higher spheres. A gentle voice from mistress or master, a caress, soft music and also a soft light make it easier for you to enter the next phase. Secretions / water are released from the body. We humans now perceive the animal body to be feverish. Immediately afterwards, irregular shallow / pounding breathing sets in, which becomes quieter and quieter and often ends with one last sound. The heart stands still.

Only now does the animal soul actually say goodbye to its beloved, left-behind friends. Some people are so sensitive that they can even see, hear or even smell their animal for a moment. This remaining time of around seven hours is too often overlooked. The lifeless animal body is often disposed of much too early. Give your deceased animal time to "understand."

Light a light for him and wish him all the best with your love in your heart. Thank him for sharing his earthly life with you.

This is the only way to open your door to receive signals from his "world".

Good Trip!

During the individual transitions into the next phase, the associated body movements are often associated with pain. However, this is incorrect. The body only moves in the course of the withdrawing life / soul energy.

You can find Fillis' obituary here.