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From Software has Demon's Souls a role-playing game created exclusively for the PlayStation 3, which for the most part only had hardcore fans on the list. Thanks to the salt level of difficulty and the great challenges, a large fan base quickly established itself. Well stands Dark Souls ready to be conquered by you. And we will help you with a complete solution even through the toughest passages.

Our level: For orientation, we have noted the level with which we cracked each end boss as part of our solution game. This is by no means a must, but just a hint from the brand that it should definitely work. Overall, however, many bosses should be able to be created with a significantly weaker character (especially all from Smough and Ornstein).

Our recommended order of the areas: Dark Souls offers you a large, non-linear world, which allows many different paths at the latest after the gargoyle fight in the bell tower. Our solution is by no means the fastest or shortest route, but a relatively simple one that avoids the highest possible level of difficulty jumps. In short: With one small exception, our chapter order shows the exact order in which we played Dark Souls. The exception relates to the final battle against Smough and Ornstein: Before this we made a short detour to the demon ruins in order to get hold of extremely valuable armor. From a purely perspective, however, it would have been nonsensical to squeeze this little interlude in the middle of Anor Londo's description of the solution.

Attract opponents individually: The oldest trick in the world of action role-playing games also works in Dark Souls. If you see a group with several opponents, then you can try to attract them individually and fight them one after the other. To do this, walk slowly towards the group and run back immediately as soon as the first opponent moves.

Advance through new regions with your shield drawn: Never run blindly through a new area or an unexplored corridor. Walk slowly and always have a shield ready so that you can block unpleasant surprise attacks as quickly as possible.

If in doubt, go back to the last beacon: You have just shot down a really difficult boss and you don’t want to put your hard-earned souls at risk? Then you better not rely on the fact that you will come across a new beacon in the next few meters. Especially after a boss fight, it is better to go back to a well-known beacon. With a special ritual it is possible to reinforce the beacons up to three times. So you get 15 or even 20 Estus bottles. The ritual itself is automatically available to you after you have defeated the fire wheel, the final boss of the catacombs.

Strengthening beacons with humanity: If you are human and still have a little humanity left, you can sacrifice it at a beacon. As a reward, ten instead of five Estus bottles will be filled up there from now on, comparable to the first beacon in the fire band shrine area.

Set priorities when leveling up: The further you progress, the more difficult it will be to collect enough souls for the next character level. In Dark Souls it is therefore very exhausting to build an all-rounder who is supposed to master everything from hand-to-hand combat to magic. Rather concentrate on two to three character values ​​that you optimize. For orientation: For this solution we took a hunter as the basic structure and brought it into shape in the categories of vitality, strength and mobility.

Stamina boosted afterwards: From around the fortieth level we increased our stamina in order to be able to take more hits and later put on Havel's armor. This is enormously useful for some of the later boss battles, but you either need Havel's ring or a lot of stamina to be able to wear it.

Never give up: It sounds mundane, but Dark Souls is not a game for the impatient. You will often fail and, especially with the final bosses, you will be close to tears and fits of anger. But as long as you have the nerve and always concentrate on the matter, every hurdle, no matter how big, has to be overcome. On the one hand, practice as often as possible in order to get to know the opponent and his movements better with each new attempt. But on the other hand, you should also take a break, because the more often you fail at one point, the more frustrated you get and accordingly more mistakes happen.

The importance of humanity: Many Dark Souls newbies wonder what humanity is all about. Very simple: Use such an object and the number you see in the top left of the screen increases by one. The higher this number, the greater the chance of receiving a valuable item when you kill an enemy. If you die, you can regain your lost humanity as well as your souls when you find your pool of blood. If you die again on this path, then the humanity that has been committed is gone.

Furthermore, with humanity, as already described, you can strengthen beacons and become human yourself. This in turn enables you to recruit offline NPC fighters or online other players to help you on your adventure. On the other hand, however, it can happen to you that you are suddenly attacked by evil NPCs or that other players penetrate your realm online with the sole aim of killing you.

Parry, roll, run: There are three basic ways to dodge. Parrying means: you repel a blow of the opponent with your shield. If your timing is right and the blow can indeed be blocked, then the opponent stumbles and is defenseless for several seconds. The role, in turn, is only effective if you have targeted the opponent beforehand. Depending on the type of stroke, it usually makes sense to roll to the side or back. But there are also attacks that you can trick with a forward roll in order to get directly to the opponent as quickly as possible, which you should always keep in mind. Last but not least, in very special cases it helps to just run away. In this regard, you should NOT aim at the opponent so that you have more freedom of movement.

Important Items: There are many ways to end Dark Souls and our solution tries to describe one as simple as possible. For some of the tricks that we explain, you will need the following items specifically:

  • Dragon sword (obtained when you shoot down or cut off the tip of the dragon's tail in the city of the undead)

  • High carbon steel ring (found in a room in Sens's fortress)

  • Havel's armor (stuck in several boxes in the large building of Anor Londo)

  • Wandering Curse (sold by the trader between the Fireband Shrine and the Shallows)

  • Iron meat magic (see next tip)

  • Black gold armor (you get it shortly before the first boss fight in the demon ruins)

  • Ring of Lautrec (Improves your life energy, your stamina and your carrying capacity immensely. You get the ring when you track down and kill Lautrec yourself in Anor Londo. The only catch: Once put on, you should wear it forever. Take it off because then it breaks.)

Iron Meat Trick: There is a very useful pyromancer spell that even committed close and long-range combatants should acquire. You get this from Laurentius, a man who is held captive in the shallows. It is there in a barrel that you can only break without risk by rolling against it, without hurting or annoying Laurentius himself. Afterwards he sits near the fire band shrine between the many arches. On the one hand, he gives you the flame with which you can pronounce pyromancer magic.

On the other hand, he sells this iron meat saying. This allows you to protect yourself for a short period of time with a particularly strong, metal coat. This fends off a good two thirds of all damage you suffer. The only exception to this is lightning attacks, where the metal shell viciously causes more damage instead of less. Otherwise, the iron meat spell lasts for at least half a minute and can be called up to three times before you have to recharge it at a beacon. All of this applies even to poor intelligence and willpower. Only the magic value has to be at least the tenth level, which you can do with any character and with little leveling effort.

Beware of the Curse: The most devious element of the entire game is clearly the curses. Overall, there are two types of enemies who can curse you: frogs and Seath, the boss of the crystal cave. If you are cursed, you die and wake up at the last beacon with half your life energy. If you dare to try again and be cursed again, your energy will indeed be reduced to a quarter. Ergo you should take countermeasures immediately after the first curse.

The most efficient is the purification stone, which you can buy for 3000 souls from the priest in the bell tower or for 6000 souls from the trader between the city of the undead and the shallows. You can of course also buy this item in reserve and use it immediately if you are really cursed. Another positive news: all of the attacks related to the curse are relatively slow. The frogs spray white or black mist while Seath grows crystals from the ground. So if you have been forewarned, you will greatly reduce the risk of a curse.

Fireman souls: Very rarely you will find so-called fireman souls in the game. With one exception (which is explained in great detail in the solution), you should always go to a fire warden and use them to improve the Estus bottles. With this you can massively increase their effect and heal yourself much more efficiently.

NPC intruders: At some points in the game you will be attacked by black NPCs. The condition for this is: You have to be human. The fights against such NPCs are not particularly difficult if you keep your opponent at a distance and always heal yourself at less than half the life energy. As a reward, you will receive tons of souls and a few rare pieces of equipment.

Convert weapons with new embers: There are countless ways to improve or even convert a weapon by forging. In the first case, small shards are usually sufficient, which you can buy from the blacksmith in the district of the undead. Once a weapon has been upgraded five times, it must be processed with a separate ember. You first have to find this and give it to one of the four blacksmiths. Depending on the embers, you will need other materials, such as green shards or chunks, which are available in different colors. Our real tip: The conversion only works if you have upgraded a weapon five times and thus fully.

Buy weapon repair kit from the blacksmith: You can buy some tools from the blacksmith in the undead district, including a repair kit for your weapons and armor. Do this as soon as possible or as soon as you can afford it. In the second half of the game in particular, it is extremely useful when you can repair any kind of beacon yourself without having to run back to a blacksmith. You can also buy a tool for upgrading weapons, but not for converting.

Hold your sword in the holster at the dealer: Just like in Demon's Souls, you should never hit a friendly NPC. Aside from the risk of you fatally injuring him, he will be mad at you and eventually attack you. You can scare away important traders forever, which makes your progress in the game immensely difficult.

You can beat frampt when he sleeps: When you have struck the two bells in the bell tower and in Queelag's sphere, a large, friendly creature appears near the fire band shrine, which looks a bit like the Loch Ness monster remind. Our approach explains when and how you need to communicate with him. Every now and then, however, Frampt sleeps, then you can beat him for once. Otherwise, hold back with your attacks so that you do not frampt unnecessarily angry and pissed off. He can eventually convert useless objects into a few bonus souls.

If it jerks too much, look down: Dark Souls makes the console work up a sweat in some places. If the jerking is so strong that you have difficulty reacting to the opponent's attacks, then try to look down at the ground at an angle. Then the game runs significantly more smoothly.

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