Is math everywhere

Math is everywhere

What subject did you hate most in school? Are you thinking “math” now? Then you are like most people. Mathematics isn't all that terrible. With a little enthusiasm for discovery and enjoyment of experimentation, you can easily immerse yourself in mathematics - and not only write off dust-dry formulas, but also discover mathematics in a very concrete and playful way. When cutting bread. When parking. When playing the lottery. During the Easter egg hunt. When playing golf. All over. Because math is everywhere.

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Speaking of the lottery. Should I give you the perfect lottery tip? The combination that will make you a millionaire tomorrow? I'll tell you. The perfect lottery tip is: don't bet anything other people bet. So not the perfect combination of numbers that you would expect from me now. Because if I publish it here now, you will not only read my tip, but also the 1.7 million other readers who want to know more about mathematics. And when my perfect combination of numbers is drawn, you will have to share your beautiful lottery winnings with 1.7 million other lottery players. No, my tip for you is: choose numbers that are as random as possible. No rows. No dates of birth (it's unbelievable how many people type the "19"). Just random numbers.

And how do you find completely random numbers? I was recently with Johannes B. Kerner, so we did it like this: I brought a magic square with me. By the way, a magic square is a square arrangement of numbers whose sum of digits is the same in every row, column and diagonal. Steffen Seibert then grabbed darts and threw them onto the magic square. We used the numbers he hit for our lottery tip. Wonderfully random.

Here is the magic square. Just copy, cut and throw.

There you have your perfect lottery tip!


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