What software will open APK files on iPhone

Install or delete APK apps: that's how it works

Some applications cannot be found in the official Google Play Store. This has to do with the strict guidelines that Google imposes on developers for new software. Among other things, it is checked for what age a software is suitable.

The checking process often takes up to a few months, which is why developers make a new app available in advance on their own website as an APK (APK = Android Package, an installation file for an Android app).

This way, users can already use a program install before it is officially available on the Google Play Store. As soon as the app is regularly available on Google Play, it will be updated automatically. So you don't have to do anything, uninstall or reinstall anything.

Sometimes developers offer applications as APKs that never make it into the Google Play Store. The reason for this may be that the software contravenes the guidelines. Reasons for this can be:

  • Data protection.
  • Youth risk.
  • Spam.

Therefore, you should always check carefully from which source you are installing an APK app, so as not to download malware. You should be on the safe side with well-known manufacturers or the app shops of large companies. If you trust the source, nothing stands in the way of installing exciting software.