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Have you read the Bible today? There are many good reasons for reading the Bible regularly: you will get to know the Book of Books a little better every day and you will notice how the biblical texts change your everyday life.

Since the Bible actually contains a whole library, one should first of all place oneself in front of it like a real library. There are shelves full of books, thick and thin, arranged according to certain genres: novels, volumes of poetry, history books, philosophical treatises and much more. Think about what criteria you use to borrow and read a particular book. And then transfer these criteria to the "Bible" library and choose according to your current interest.

Would you like to "sniff" for the first time and get to know important parts of the Bible? For this purpose, narrative texts, such as the Gospels, are available. And in the Old Testament you are sure to read the first eleven chapters with excitement.
Want to learn about why the Bible was written and what experiences it was based on? Then try the second book of Moses.
And if you are looking for help in prayer, the Psalms can help you find the right words to bring your cause before God.

The fascinating thing about the Bible is that it contains texts from almost every situation and mood. In any case, it makes sense to be clear about this before opening the book: What do I expect from reading it?

Bible reading plans

In 30 days through the gospel or in 365 days through the Bible? But do you just lack the stamina to read the Bible? The Bible reading plan is guaranteed to keep you on the ball.


Bible reading tips

Bible Reading Tips: Discovering the Bible, asking the right questions, and overcoming difficulties in understanding.


FAQ about the Bible

What does what mean in the bible? How Do I Use the Bible Correctly? What is the story behind it? There is an answer to these and other questions here.


Is the Bible still up to date?

The texts of the Bible are up to 3000 years old and the origins are usually even older. So the question arises: how relevant is the Bible to us today?