What is Indian Vegetarian Diet for Men

Vegetarian diet

Vegetarian diet Vegetarian cooking in kindergartens and elementary schools

The development of eating habits is increasingly taking place in daycare centers and primary schools. It is therefore important not only to create a tasty, but also health-promoting menu that takes ecological, economic and social aspects of food supply into account.

Vegetarian diet Meat and fish still up-to-date?

Eating a vegetarian or vegan diet is in. The current high consumption of meat and fish pollutes the environment and is rejected by many from an ethical point of view. Do meat and fish still have their place in whole foods?

Vegetarian diet Vegetarian: good for the heart

Do vegetarians and vegans live healthier? Science is also concerned with this question. In a comprehensive meta-analysis, Italian researchers came to the conclusion: A diet without meat has numerous health benefits, but it only protects against very specific diseases.

Vegetarian diet Mixed food, vegetarian or vegan: which is better?

Whether vegan, vegetarian or mixed food - what we put on the table definitely plays a role in the supply of nutrients. Scientists from Switzerland compared the nutritional situation of 100 mixed foodists, 53 lacto-ovo-vegetarians and 53 vegans.

Vegetarian diet picnic - vegan in the green

A picnic in the open air is often the highlight of an excursion. From colorful vegetable skewers and savory baked goods to Mediterranean sandwich creams and delicious dips to homemade rolls and biscuits, a vegan picnic has something to offer for every taste.

Vegetarian diet Are there dietary recommendations for soft tissue rheumatism?

Soft tissue rheumatism is understood to mean various pain disorders that affect muscles, tendons and connective tissue. There is evidence that fasting, raw food, and a vegetarian diet based on fish have beneficial effects.

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Vegetarian diet Meat substitute - purely vegetable

The market for meat substitutes or meat imitations is growing in the double-digit range every year. The variety of offers can hardly be overlooked, because there are obviously no limits to the fantasies of food designers. From the point of view of whole foods, this rapid development should be viewed with skepticism.

Vegetarian diet Iron - well supplied from plants

The iron deficiency is the most common nutrient deficiency worldwide. Although plant-based foods are not considered a good source of iron, vegetarians are no worse off than meat eaters. Values ​​in the lower normal range even offer health benefits.

Vegetarian Diet Is seitan a sensible alternative to steak?

The range of vegetarian steaks, sausages and burgers is enormous. Many of these meat imitations contain seitan, a highly processed product made from isolated wheat protein. It is superfluous for a healthy, vegetarian diet.

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Vegetarian diet Cataracts are less common in vegetarians

Cataracts are a worldwide common eye disease in which the lens of the eye becomes increasingly cloudy. It occurs particularly in the elderly and, if not operated on, can lead to blindness. In addition to age, smoking, high blood pressure, the use of certain medications, hormone replacement therapy and unfavorable eating habits are all risk factors.

Vegetarian diet Soy, tofu, seitan - meat substitutes under the microscope

They look like a crispy grilled chicken, a hearty sausage or a juicy steak, but do not contain a single meat fiber: vegetarian meat alternatives. The quality of the meat substitute varies widely and it is worth taking a close look.

Vegetarian diet Vegan diet: is it also possible purely plant-based?

Around six million vegetarians live in Germany. Almost one in ten people eat it vegan, so renounces any animal products. But can a purely plant-based diet safely cover the daily nutritional needs?

Vegetarian Diet Vegetarianism: Healthier Living Without Meat

There are many reasons why more and more people feel less and less inclined to enjoy carnal pleasures. Most vegetarian have decided to avoid meat for ethical or health reasons.

Vegetarian Diet Iron Supplements: Too Much Iron Can Be Harmful

Tired, exhausted, pale and unfocused - that can only do that Iron deficiency be announced by pharmaceutical industry advertisements. They are aimed primarily at women, because the iron reserves of the body are depleted more quickly with them. Menstruation regularly causes blood and thus iron to be lost. In addition, more of the trace element is required during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Vegetarian Diet Calcium: How Much Do We Really Need?

Over nine million packs Calcium supplements go over the counters of German pharmacies every year. There are also offers from drugstores and supermarkets. The fear of osteoporosis and the advertising of the pharmaceutical companies make many people resort to an extra portion every day. Do we really need that much of the mineral, or can an excessive intake of calcium even be harmful?

Vegetarian Diet Indian Cuisine: World of Spices

Anyone who appreciates light, vegetarian recipes that taste good and are original will sooner or later discover Indian cuisine. Especially the numerous Spices give the vegetable and legume dishes their unmistakable note.

Vegetarian diet How serious is the cadmium exposure in a vegetarian diet?

The average weekly intake of cadmium through food is usually higher for vegetarians than for mixed dieters. This can lead to the provisionally tolerable maximum cadmium intake per week being exceeded by EFSA. Both the EFSA and the BfR nevertheless assume that if the limits are exceeded, the expected risks are low and the benefits of a plant-rich diet predominate.

Vegetarian diet Exit from factory farming: "We have to start now"

Prof. Claus Leitzmann, head of the scientific advisory board of the UGB, supports an appeal for the exit from factory farming. The appeal, organized by the Federation for the Environment and Nature Conservation (BUND), has so far been supported by 485 professors from various scientific disciplines. They are calling for a change towards socio-ecological agriculture and a realignment of agricultural subsidies according to animal and environmental protection standards.

Vegetarian diet Vitamin B12: Sometimes it runs out

Vitamin B12 is found almost exclusively in foods of animal origin. That is why the vitamin is a critical nutrient in a vegan diet. Much more frequently than previously assumed, however, there are also risk groups who are undersupplied despite eating meat.

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Vegetarian diet Cadmium: vegetarians particularly at risk?

Cadmium is a toxic heavy metal that is widespread in the environment. Anyone who eats a lot of grains and vegetables easily ingests what is considered to be a critical amount. Are vegetarians and whole foods particularly at risk?