Has anyone had a spiritual awakening?

Sign Spiritual Awakening - 3 Levels of Spiritual Awakening and FAQ

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How can you spiritually awaken? Are you ready for this

Awakening, Enlightenment, Ascension ... Can you even be ready for such events?

And what is spiritual awakening?

This master article answers all of your questions so that you can live the answers of spiritual awakening.

I decided to write this super informative article to write “REAL TALK” on this topic because someone has to do it.

In this article I am writing about the 3 stages of spiritual awakening and everything else there is to know. There is also a fantastic FAQ (Questions and Answers) available for you at the end of the article.

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Table of Contents

What is Spiritual Awakening?
Signs of spiritual awakening in 3 stages
Spiritual awakening and relationships
3 well-known spiritual awakening teachers
11 quotes about spiritual awakening
7 books on spiritual awakening
FAQ Spiritual awakening questions answered
- What are symptoms of spiritual awakening?
- How are spiritual awakening and Kundalini related?
- What is the duration of a spiritual awakening?
- Can it happen that I have had a spiritual awakening and now I have depression?
- Can it happen that I had a spiritual awakening and now cannot sleep?
- Can a spiritual awakening make you tired?
- Can spiritual awakening come from alcohol?
- Can spiritual awakening cause dizziness?
- Can spiritual awakening cause a headache?
- Can it happen that I have had a spiritual awakening and cannot concentrate?

What is Spiritual Awakening?

When we fall asleep at night, we wake up in another reality, mostly our dream reality. When we wake up in the morning, we wake up again in our familiar physical reality.

So don't worry about spiritual awakening because in some ways we have huge awakenings at least twice a day!

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual awakening is an alchemical process of life. It is a process from one set of beliefs to another set of beliefs. Hence, it is a significant change in our worldview that changes our lives forever.

You probably remember those crazy geniuses, Leonardo da Vinci or Copernicus, right? They have all changed the way we perceive the world. It was believed that the earth was the center of our entire universe, and Copernicus discovered that the sun was at the center of the universe. And Leonardo da Vinci proved over 500 years ago that we can fly. That we can make the impossible possible!

You may ask what all this has to do with spiritual awakening.

A whole lot!

Spiritual awakening can be seen as an extension of your worldview. Today most people would agree that they cannot fly with their human body, perform miraculous healings, or fly from one place to another. It seems like science fiction, and it is science fiction for our current physical evolution.

But what if at some point this is no longer magic and people usually manifest these superpowers?

Another issue is that people are not sure what happens after death. We have no scientific facts or data that actually prove life after death, apart from the thousands of near-death experiences and stories about astral travel.

The fear of death can be frightening for most people as it is beneficial to others. Cooperations and society are built around the fear of death and that we must do all we can to prevent our physical death.

Most spiritual awakening involves experiencing the feeling that we exist now and that we continue to exist after death, changing our forms infinitely. This experience is a massive game changer with far-reaching effects on our daily lives.

We begin to understand that we can never lose another.

We are beginning to understand that our time is unlimited.

We begin to understand that fear is an illusion in our mind.

At the same time, after a sudden awakening, we cannot let our new inner wisdom flow into our daily life because we have never experienced this great inner change in our belief systems. This may be a tremendous shock and challenge as we worldwide continue to live in separation and a lack of all.

The meaning of what spiritual awakening is is the result of my experiences. A sudden spiritual awakening can be overwhelming as we move into a whole new reality while still being in our old surroundings of family, friends, and colleagues.

I moved to a completely new external environment within 4 years and I have successfully moved from one reality to another. Very few people, including my family and friends, are still by my side.

You can read more about this in the chapter Spiritual Awakening and Relationships.

My personal opinion is that spiritual awakening and spiritual enlightenment always go hand in hand. As we awaken to a new worldview, we brighten or enlighten and have access to a more conscious perception.

Spiritual awakening is experienced in three stages, and when people experience the second and third stages, they always expand their level of consciousness. This new level of consciousness can also contract again for a while, because we live between two worlds and this can be perceived as a state of shock. However, the inner cellular wisdom remains active until the expansion of the next level of spiritual awakening arrives.

Signs of spiritual awakening in 3 stages

Before we go into the 3 phases, I created this graphic for you (spiral of spiritual awakening - see above). This illustration supports you wonderfully for your personal phase of spiritual awakening. You can also see that I have subordinated the graphic to red, orange and green. This is to illustrate that after awakening there will be another challenge. The new challenge is easier to overcome because you already have a higher quality of life here. Awakening becomes easier and easier for you the more often it occurs.

1. The stage of dissatisfaction before spiritual awakening (challenge)

Stage 1 is the phase of dissatisfaction (challenge) in which we begin to fall from our heart into the prison of our thoughts and limiting environmental factors. In religion some call this the fall of Eden, in which the first shame and guilt were born.

As mentioned earlier, the actual spiritual awakening is a complete change in belief systems about you and the world. This is the sign that there are powerful and ancient limiting beliefs before your awakening. These limiting belief systems seem to have power over the decisions in your life. This almost always ends in dissatisfaction. This can go as far as burnout and depression, as was the case with me. You feel and think that you are really the victim and not the director and actor of your life.

At some point during this discontented phase, you cry out for help. This is an inner cry, a wish to do something for the circumstances in your life. You actively learn about solutions and by chance meet people who inspire you to let go of your limiting beliefs. There may even be signs of spiritual awakening when you receive secret messages from others.

You get to know permits that support you to be more of what you already are, your true infinite self. Permits can be any tool or technique that helps you to be more in harmony, peace and, above all, in a balanced state of self-love.

2. The phase of spiritual awakening - enough is enough (breakthrough)

Stage 2 is the phase of awakening (breakthrough), in which we discover and implement solutions that help us to get out of the deep cave of our mind. This is also the phase in which enlightenment occurs.

At some point, when you have overcome enough challenges in your life, your higher self and higher mind will send out certain spiritual teachings or teachers that will create a strong resonance in you. You start to study your inner self. You open yourself to deep inner work.

It doesn't have to be that way, but most of the time it is the scenario. You will notice this in the specifically different type of energy that surrounds your life and that was not there until then.

It can even feel like God is visiting you.

The exact time of your spiritual awakening cannot be expected and is very spontaneous. This is because you've never experienced it before and your awareness is limited to looking into your future full of probabilities.

Several conditions increase the likelihood that your spiritual awakening is imminent.

Sign of spiritual awakening - courage for inner work

You dare to take a deep look inside yourself. Without starting your shadow work, awakening can remain a dream in your life forever. So yes, spiritual awakening and shadow work is a requirement.

Signs of Spiritual Awakening - Trust your suffering

Your suffering and your inner tension are probably already immense. To trust, suffering for love is another symptom of spiritual awakening. Combined with the courage and confidence to look deeply within, this can lead to spiritual awakening through your shadow work.

How does spiritual awakening feel?

When the actual spiritual awakening happens, it can be like the explosion of a champagne bottle throughout your senses. It will always be different from person to person.

My experience of the emotional world of spiritual awakening:

It was very explosive, warm, peaceful and a sense of being at home surrounded my whole being and the entire experience of awakening lasted over an hour. The thoughts stopped and my physical body was in a state of complete relaxation. In a way, it felt like barely waking up in the morning and still feeling half asleep and incarnated in your physical, sensory environment. It's hard to describe, but that gets a little close to the way I walked around for an hour. It was almost like flying and at that moment incredibly surreal.

But to be spiritually awakened does not mean that all beliefs will always be at peace. Some of the negative belief systems can strike back, as they did in my case. This is the third phase in which you have to adjust to your new state of consciousness and the new beliefs about the world.

3. The phase of readjustment after spiritual awakening (core stability)

Stage 3 is readjustment (core stability) after the unexpected spiritual awakening that has changed the foundation of our beliefs and worldview.

The most important and decisive phase is the readjustment phase.

Although many people are experiencing a great awakening, they are never able to implement the wisdom into their lives. This can become a negative feedback loop where you think you feel even worse than you did before. But that's an illusion.

One has just experienced a state of pure, blissful consciousness for which there is no other standard to compare. Since this state of blissful awareness, where pure awareness enters your system, will very quickly become your new status quo, anything that even comes close to your old unsatisfied feeling will feel ten times as bad and profound. That's the illusion.

Now your limiting beliefs are trying to convince you that you did something wrong and if you trust them and believe them, you have lost. They know you had a big breakthrough, and they're afraid of disappearing into the void of nothing.

You can sincerely see your beliefs as beings who now fear for their lives.

If you stay open, honest, reflective and grounded in your heart, you will quickly find that these new feelings and thoughts are only the last acts of attack on your old beliefs.

So be at peace with them. Don't fight back, as this will only strengthen the limiting beliefs and put you in a very confusing situation that will tire you badly.

Critical conclusion: What can be illusory is the fact that while you are in heightened awareness, you want to begin to change so many things in our fear-based society. Doing so can lead you to let limiting beliefs convince you that your new worldview is having a negative impact because there is so much more to do. This allows you to be trapped by your negative beliefs and feel, think and act more pessimistic about the world again.

This is the most important factor why people talk about tiredness, depression or about it and that they cannot sleep after their first spiritual awakening.

Now they are fully aware of everything that they were not aware of before. Good as well as bad. This can be the shock of spiritual awakening that needs to be understood and processed immediately.

My personal opinion:

After a spiritual awakening, the real hard, dedicated work begins. Everyone will notice that you have changed. This has a significant impact on your relationships and everything around you. This can lead to violent turbulence, which one can be aware of and discover how to deal with it in a playful way.

In the first phase, after awakening, you need time and patience to recognize the new and to put it in the context of a new worldview. In the next phase you have to partially integrate the new knowledge into your life. And in the final phase, you have to fully integrate the new into your life. These three phases after spiritual awakening take years or often a lifetime to complete.

My idea is that after a spiritual awakening, your life can feel like it did before your spiritual awakening when you awaken. This is because the foundation of your beliefs has changed and you are still changing.

If your beliefs change, so will your external circumstances when the time is right. So be patient and trust yourself. Learn everything you need to know about your physical, emotional and mental body. This is the best and most effective way to deal with true awakening.

Also get to know your higher mind and the higher energy systems so that you will always keep the balance between earth and sky.

Spiritual awakening and relationships

Human relationships, aren't they unique? I promise you that after your spiritual awakening they will be more unforgettable!

I have already written that when you suddenly awaken, the foundation of your beliefs changes. This has a huge impact on all of your human relationships, because friends, family and partners may not be happy about your new beliefs about your worldview. And it doesn't matter whether you are reading this article because you want to attain enlightenment or not, because it will definitely happen suddenly and spontaneously at some point.

I can only talk about my experiences here. Within the last 4 years it has just happened that my complete friends have switched to other friends, and lately I have also split up with my partner because the differences in lifestyle and what we dreamed of in life are not us more held together.

So yes, spiritual awakening can cause marital problems. Yes, it can happen that one is spiritually awakened and going through a divorce.

But what really matters is how you deal with your challenges and what your attitude towards those challenges is. You cannot fight against your new beliefs that have expanded your worldview, just as you cannot control others in their awakening process. They may never experience an awakening like yours in their life, and you could try to force them to change their beliefs.That will only harm your relationship though.

This is why you need to make bold decisions, now more than ever. And believe me, they will be very rewarding to you as long as they come from the heart.

I love my new circle of friends more than ever and can't think of anything better.

You are also not responsible for how others react to your awakening and your decisions. Adverse reactions and blame will only reveal the real identity of others that you have not been able to see until now. So stay stable, stick to your roots and go forward with the whole heart and will of your Divine.

If there is one fact that I have learned about life, it is that I am unable to change others against their will. That would only lead to extreme turbulence later, and it would create a feedback loop that both parties get entangled in.

Others have to be willing to change their lives. I may give some guidance like on Beyonduality and teach tools and techniques, but people need to move forward on their own.

3 well-known spiritual awakening teachers

1. Eckart Tolle and the power of the present

For me the well-known spiritual teacher Eckart Tolle is an embodiment of those higher spiritual teachings about the timeless state of the now. He described this wonderfully in his bestseller "NOW - The Power of the Present", probably the most widely translated spiritual enlightenment book of our time.

2. Joe Dispenza and become supernatural

I love the story of Dr. Joe Dispenza and his magical healing of his seemingly impossible-to-heal back injury.

Here is his video story (currently only on ENG):

In his bestseller, Get Supernatural, many ordinary people, like you and me, talk about how to achieve the unusual.

3. Bruce Lipton and Smart Cells

Dr. Bruce Lipton is an amazing being! How can you hate this guy? In his bestselling book "How Experiences Control Our Genes", he tells his stories about his spiritual awakening. For a long time he was an ordinary scientist until he discovered that we can change our genes and that we are NOT victims of our genes. I loved his book and story, and it's a different story about spiritual awakening.

11 quotes for spiritual awakening

  1. “Gratitude for the present moment opens the spiritual dimension of life”. - Eckhart Tolle
  2. “Some changes look negative on the surface, but you will soon see that space is being created in your life for something new to arise. - Eckhart Tolle
  3. “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as if nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything were a miracle. "- Albert Einstein
  4. “The spiritual journey is individual, highly personal. It cannot be organized or regulated. It is not true that everyone should follow a path. Listen to your own truth. "- Ram Dass
  5. “Your visions will only become clear when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside dreams; who looks inward, wakes up. "- C.G. Young
  6. “First we become aware of what is divine around us. Then we become aware of what is divine within us. Eventually we become aware that everything is divine and that there is nothing else. This is the moment of our awakening. "- Neale Donald Walsch
  7. “Awakening does not mean changing who you are, but rejecting who you are not. - Deepak Chopra
  8. "You were born with wings, why do you prefer to crawl through life?" Rumi
  9. “Learn to see. Realize that everything is connected with everything else. "- Leonardo da Vinci
  10. “I'm just saying that there is a way to be sensible. I am saying that you can get rid of all the madness that the past has created in you by simply witnessing your thoughts.

It is easy to sit in silence and witness the thoughts that pass before you. Just be a witness, don't meddle, don't even judge, because the moment you judge you have lost the pure witness. The moment you say “this is good, this is bad,” you have already entered into the train of thought.

It takes a little time to create a gap between the witness and the mind. Once the gap is there, a great surprise awaits you, that you are not the mind, that you are the witness, an observer.

And this process of observation is the very alchemy of true religion. Because as you get deeper and deeper rooted in your testimony, your thoughts begin to disappear. It is you, but the mind is completely empty.

That is the moment of enlightenment. This is the moment when you become an unconditional, healthy, truly free human being for the first time ”. - Osho

  1. “Your own self-realization is the greatest service you can do to the world. - Ramana Maharshi

7 books on spiritual awakening

1. NOW! The power of the present

2. Get supernatural

3. Smart cells - How experiences control our genes

4. An Unexpected Conversation with God: The Awakening of Mankind

5. The Magus of Strovolos

6. The Untethered Soul (in English only)

7. The Body Keeps the Score


FAQ Spiritual awakening questions answered

What are symptoms of spiritual awakening?

First of all, we notice a change in our perception. This can happen days or weeks before awakening. For me, this happened 6 days before the unexpected event. I've never been so excited and scared at the same time in my entire life. I had very paradoxical and confusing states of consciousness.

What happens in the body during spiritual awakening? What are the physical symptoms of spiritual awakening?

The actual symptoms of spiritual awakening on the physical plane can be a feeling of lightness, enthusiasm, warmth or heat, and it can lead to goose bumps, rapture, ecstatic states and a feeling of being at home, of peace and of being open to the inside Space as if the universe were opening up inside.

There can and will be many other symptoms that I am not aware of to this day. Please share your experiences in the comments!

How are spiritual awakening and Kundalini related?

When we have the symptoms of spiritual awakening, our seven chakras open and the entire meridian system is activated. This is known as Kundalini awakening.

So, in my personal opinion, spiritual awakening goes hand in hand with spontaneous enlightenment. In the phase of enlightenment we receive new, expanding streams of energy within ourselves. This activates sensitive areas in our entire system and causes Kundalini awakening.

What is the duration of a spiritual awakening?

It depends on what we consider to be the duration of a spiritual awakening. I heard of experiences that lasted for several days when universal information could flow crystal clear from the field into a person. My first sudden awakening lasted about an hour, during which I had a blissful state of rapture and an heightened state of physical sensation. Only after that came more and more ideas, thoughts and feelings from higher dimensions for me over the months and years.

There can and will be many other time periods that I am not aware of to this day. Please share your experiences in the comments!

Can it happen that I have had a spiritual awakening and now I have depression?

I wrote about the effects of sudden spiritual awakening as early as the third phase of spiritual awakening (readjustment phase).

So, yes, we may find ourselves in a state of depression at some point after we wake up. Awakening is not an experience that protects us from the pain body and suffering of humanity. It is important to understand this.

When we experience a sudden spiritual awakening, we open ourselves more than ever to collective energies. When we open up, we can feel the collective suffering and pain, which can be challenging. This does NOT mean that you feel suffering or pain as an individual. It can feel like this to you though.

Every time you feel depressed, ask yourself if this is coming from the collective pain body. You take full responsibility and patience to deal with this new challenge.

We should also talk about "what depression is". I've heard that depression is just compression (a condensation of energies)! Please read that again.

Depression is compression, i.e. a compression of information or energies.

This means that you are accessing a lot more information than you should allow yourself. This emotional and mental turmoil shouldn't just be suppressed because it will keep popping up. But suppression is the typical reaction of people in this age! If you suppress them, they will only come back to the surface, more robust and stronger, like a negative feedback loop. Over and over again.

If you're feeling depressed, just think, “Ahh, wait a second !!! Somehow too much information wants to be expressed on an emotional and mental level! I choose to let this rest in love and peace, I will never fight it and this compression is a new sign for me to learn and remember who I really am. I allow the information that is now crucial and important to me.

Believe me, the more educated you are, the less you will ever be depressed again. Maybe there is compression, but no more depression! You have successfully improved your perception. Away from sacrifice to the creator.

Can it happen that I have had a spiritual awakening and cannot sleep?

Yes it can happen. And yes, that can also be the cause of the tiredness and the feeling of depression. I am not a doctor so I cannot say what the exact cause is. To this day I experience a very mixed sleep rhythm. But it never happened to me that I couldn't sleep for days, for example.

Even on the day of my unexpected spiritual awakening, I was able to sleep long enough. You simply mustn't allow yourself to be dominated by fears, for example if you are afraid of the dark or of sleep. One has to discover the negative beliefs that convince one that the night is bad or dangerous. You need to let go of these and similar limiting beliefs that just don't make sense.

Can Spiritual Awakening Make You Tired?

Spiritual awakening can be tiring because you have access to a more conscious awareness and your body needs to readjust, relax and rest. I was exhausted from my experience of spiritual awakening.

It's nothing to worry about, and this stage will soon be over in a day or two. You just have to be able to let go. No worries, no doubts or fears. Never believe the belief systems that want to make you tired all the time.

In addition, most of the fatigue in our society comes from poor or improper nutrition. So maybe it is a good time to analyze and change your eating habits. I can highly recommend a vegan raw food week from time to time.

We clean, fix our coffee machine and our car, but we're not ready to clean our stomachs for a week.

We need to rethink the meaning of our physical body.

When we awaken spiritually, we understand how sacred the body really is.

Can Spiritual Awakening Come From Alcohol?

Why did I include this question? No idea! Hahaha - no seriously, I have never heard of a case where spiritual awakening was triggered by alcohol.

I have friends who have taken part in spiritual retreats to take Ayahuasca, a shamanic alchemical natural herbal mixture to open the psychic awakening; this can be something that gives you access to information that was not available before your spiritual awakening was triggered. From zero to hero.

I've never used drugs, so I'm not a fan of recommending any of them. I love the natural access to my higher levels of consciousness.

Can Spiritual Awakening Make You Dizzy?

In the readjustment phase right in the present moment of sudden spiritual awakening, this may be the case because you are attuning to another level of consciousness.

As for myself, I wouldn't say that I was dizzy. However, my perception has changed.

This is also something you probably shouldn't be too worried about, as this is just another attempt by one of your limiting beliefs to convince yourself not to change them.

At the same time, if you are feeling really bad or dizzy and this doesn't go away, I would consult a medical professional! That is entirely your responsibility.

Can Spiritual Awakening Cause a Headache?

I rarely have a headache, but every personality is different! So, if you have severe and persistent headaches, see a healthcare professional.

What always helps a little is breathing deeply into and out of your belly button. So that your whole system circulates and relaxes. Shift your focus away from the headache. That's what I do when I have a headache. Often our daily focus is shifted far too much on the head region! We think too much about everything.

Most of the time, I know that my headache comes from my back in a strange and incorrect sleeping position. So it's also about how well you can read or scan your body.

Can it happen that I have had a spiritual awakening and cannot concentrate?

Your mental abilities and qualities are transformed in the spiritual awakening. This can cause you to have more thoughts for a while, or none at all, and then suddenly very many, which can lead to a lack of focus.

The important thing is that you never identify with your thoughts. Let the thoughts appear, watch them and let them go again. Meditation was my major learning curve to be at peace with all thoughts.

It took me 3 years to learn this. So be patient and learn to meditate because it will make a huge difference to your mental and spiritual health.

Thank you for reading my article on spiritual awakening. Please leave a comment below and let us know about your experience.

All the best,