What are ingenious ways to hide things

Four brilliant ideas for keeping valuables safe on the beach

It's the eternal problem: what to do with your cell phone, keys and wallet on the beach? Nobody wants to leave their most valuable things lying around unguarded and open. Now the American daily The New York Times asked how they deal with this problem and got some brilliant answers. We introduce you to the best of them here.

Disguised as a stinky diaper

No thief is guaranteed here: A reader had the practical, but somehow also a bit disgusting idea that it is best to hide your valuables in a baby diaper. Of course one that hasn't been used yet! You don't even have to belong to the ranks of the new parents - although it certainly helps camouflage if you have one or the other pair of pants with you. You simply get a standard diaper, preferably the one for slightly older children, as they are larger and thus offer more space for valuables. Now you put your keys, cell phone and co. In the middle of the diaper and roll and tape them as you normally do with a used diaper before throwing them away and - Tata. You can now leave the package right on the beach towel or next to your bag, because no thief is guaranteed to be interested in a full baby diaper.

The squirrel method

Although this method is essentially very simple, it has its pitfalls, but a great many readers of the New York Times swear that it is particularly safe and practical to simply bury your valuables in the sand until you come out of the water - that is, completely like the squirrel with its nuts. The only utensil you need are plastic bags so that your cell phone and the chic leather wallet, for example, are not damaged by the sand, a plastic scoop can also help with professional hole digging, but that is not a must.
What you have to pay attention to with this method: Mark the place where you keep your treasures very well, otherwise you have to dig half of the beach in the end to find them again.

Fake cans and Co.

Another tried and tested trick is to thoroughly wash out the containers of commercially available and usually not too valuable consumer goods, such as a beverage can or, even better, the used suntan lotion at home and use them as a secret hiding place on the beach. Thieves seldom aim for simple sunscreen - be careful, it shouldn't be an overly expensive brand, otherwise someone might come up with the idea of ​​taking the bottle and valuables with them. In addition to cans, bottles and the like, the hollow book is a true classic among fake hiding places. Take a book that you are guaranteed not to want to read any more and hollow it out. Depending on the size of the book, the eReader can even fit in here. However, in order to maintain the camouflage, you should make sure that the book title is not something completely absurd. “About the history of apple orchards in Central and Eastern Europe” could, even if you always wanted to get rid of this volume, arouse the attention of thieves.

Just take it with you into the water

Not the most convenient but one of the safest ways to keep your valuables safe on the beach is to simply carry them with you. Nowadays there are many offers for waterproof bags and shoulder bags in which you can pack your cell phone, wallet and the like and take it with you into the water. With some of the bags, the cell phone and tablet can still be used, so nothing stands in the way of selfies in the water.