What is a creative strategy for digital marketing

Digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing is changing rapidly. New marketing channels such as TikTok are establishing themselves, digital tools and systems are receiving new features at ever shorter intervals and thus our possibilities to use online marketing for our goals are growing. Think of developments like Mobile First, Voice Search, IOT, Personalization, Automation, Chatbox, SaaS, Video and Podcast.

Digital marketing includes all marketing activities that are carried out online. This form of marketing has developed into one of the most important and effective marketing measures and hits customers exactly where they are: online.

Germany has 77.8 million (93%) internet users, 110.7 million cell phone connections (132%) and 38.0 million active social media users (45%). Countries like Switzerland and Austria have comparable penetration rates.

But which digital developments are relevant for my company and fit with my digital brand management? How do I position my company digitally? Who is my target group, what are their needs and how do I reach my target group digitally?

No success without a strategy - this also applies to digital marketing. We help you to develop a successful digital marketing strategy that will move you and your company forward.

Why does my company need a digital marketing strategy?

The digitization of your brand is based on a meaningful digital marketing strategy. It indicates the direction and is the roadmap for all digital marketing activities - from online positioning and branding to promotion and advertising.

The following 4 reasons speak in favor of a digital marketing strategy:

Avoids ambiguity

An online marketing strategy avoids confusion. Goals, strategies and other important concepts become apparent to all employees and different departments. Furthermore, the exact distribution of tasks is made clear for everyone.

Sets priorities, is continuous and future-oriented

A digital marketing strategy can be accessed at any time and it is accessible to all employees. It consists of clear frameworks and helps employees to set priorities. The goals are SMART (S.specific, M.edible, A.attractive, R.ealistic, Terminiert) formulated. If the Marketing Manager is absent, you too have the opportunity to continue working on the online marketing activities and avoid downtime.

Saves time

It takes a long time to set up a digital marketing strategy, but it pays off. A well-founded marketing strategy has SMART goals and runs according to specific structures and guidelines. Since all employees are steered in the right direction, this prevents employees from having to reorient themselves, e.g. for new advertising campaigns or articles.

Gives new insights

At the beginning of a digital marketing strategy there are usually internal and external analyzes, new sources of knowledge are tapped and brainstorming sessions are used for inspiration. By zooming out from day-to-day business, you often get new insights and impulses that can improve and optimize future online marketing activities.