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The top 25 critically-rated Netflix movies you should watch

Streaming services like Netflix have challenged everything we'd learned about film as a business, an art form, and an entertainment product. Their innovative production, advertising and sales model is designed solely to win the hearts of subscribers and potential subscribers - and this by no means always requires Oscar-worthy productions.

Netflix Movies: From Excellent to Badly

Strictly speaking, Netflix has two faces: On the one hand, the streaming service is responsible for trash formats such as “Playing with Fire” or the reality series “The Circle”. On the other hand, it is the production company that decided to invest a substantial sum in a world-class project like Martin Scorsese's “The Irishman” with Robert De Niro - at a time when no traditional film studio was ready.

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And even if the company itself has often gone wrong with its elaborate in-house productions, for example with the sci-fi series “The OA”, there will always be at least 25 other titles in the database that justify a monthly subscription, so we want not complain at all.

Netflix and the Oscars

Even the way to the Oscar is in principle open to Netflix films. The sensitive drama “Roma” brought the streaming service its first. A year later, Laura Dern won the statuette for Best Supporting Actress for “Marriage Story”, while “The Two Popes”, “I Am Dolemite” and Scorsese's mafia epic “The Irishman” also competed for an award. So if you don't take the "Big N" seriously, you are simply not ready for it. The collaboration with well-known scriptwriters like Steven Soderbergh or Spike Lee has already proven to be fruitful and even with eccentric projects like “Okja” Netflix has shown a good nose, after all, director Bong Joon-ho won an Oscar for the social drama “Parasite” this year ”.

Recently, however, Netflix movies are turning into very organic pop phenomena, above all. The teen romance "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" triggered a real hype about the leading actors Noah Centineo and Lana Condor and got the green light for two sequels almost immediately after its appearance. And the Eurotrash comedy “Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga” with Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams made waves around the world when it was released on Netflix in early summer 2020. The maxim of the audience is usually: If I already pay for it, then at least I'll try. For example, many users have discovered the Spanish production “Klaus” - which is probably one of the best and most ambitious animated films of all time. No matter how you feel about a particular Netflix film, so far the streaming service has definitely succeeded in surprising its audience again and again. (Read here: The best snow films for winter)

This is what the critics say about Netflix films

So what are the best movies on Netflix? International critics have looked through the streaming giant's portfolio and apparently found the following 25 titles to be particularly good, as the Rotten Tomatoes website shows. All film reviews are collected and aggregated there. We can promise this much: there is really a film for every taste on this list.

This article is based on the original “Las 25 películas de Netflix mejor valoradas por la crítica” by GQ Espana.

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