Which mobile homes have known asbestos products

Living stress

The "ZDF.reportage" accompanies courageous people on their way to their own home on various construction sites. With great perseverance, tireless commitment, creativity and the active support of family and friends, they create what many only dream of: their own home.

Maria K. from Neuendettelsau shows that a home can also be very modest. She will soon be living in a so-called mobile home. She bought the 43 square meter living container for just 19,000 euros. The low purchase price also means that she still has a lot of work to do in her housing project. The container is decades old and needs a complete overhaul. Without any technical knowledge, Maria will dare to renovate the mobile home.

Evelyn and Jörg M., on the other hand, are relatively classic home builders. At 250,000 euros, their budget is relatively generous in comparison. But they too have to calculate hard. In her home town of Bornheim am Rhein, a house can hardly be financed with the sum. The M. family therefore decided on a prefabricated house. This is how they want to avoid nasty surprises. However, they will soon experience that unexpected costs can still arise.

Others have been renovating inexpensive junk properties over the years in order to realize the dream of having their own four walls, which is actually unattainable. They renovate dilapidated houses room by room because the money for an intact house simply isn't there.

Especially daring people try to escape real estate prices completely. You live in self-built "Tiny Houses", self-designed mini houses for a few thousand euros. Here people live on a few square meters. But at least in their own.

The "ZDF.reportage" on the way to people who absolutely want to get a cheap home.