Which Harry Potter deaths were the saddest

That would have changed "Harry Potter" radically: J.K. Originally killing Rowling

I actually had to cope with quite a few deaths in the "Harry Potter" books and films and their author J.K. apologizes for the saddest ones. Rowling also visits her fans at regular intervals. Once a year, on the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts on May 2nd, Rowling names a character whose death she is particularly sorry for. In 2018 she called her Dobby, in previous years it was Severus Snape, Remus Lupine and Fred Weasley. But a lot more popular characters could have lost their lives than they actually did in the end ...

Over the past few years, Rowling has spoken repeatedly in interviews and on social media about her writing process and the decisions she almost made about her books. But the author also did not fail to mention which decisions she regrets - this includes, for example, the relationship between Ron and Hermione. The colleagues from Digital spy have now compiled which of the near-victims J.K. Rowling mentioned earlier. And had it actually hit some of these characters, "Harry Potter" would have turned out to be a completely different story ...

Harry Potter could have died

Most shocking, of course, would have been if Rowling had let the main character Harry Potter die. But this is exactly what she was considering, namely to show that nobody is really safe and about their story "complete cleaner". In 2007, she told Datelinethat this was initially her plan, in the TV documentary "JK Rowling: A Year In The Life" she then justified her departure from her plan. It would have felt like treason and she wanted her hero to do what she thought "the most honorable" be. To come back from the war and try to build a better world.

Ron Weasley is another character from the central Harry-Hermione-Ron trio who almost died. Rowling revealed in an interview with Daniel Radcliffe that it wasn't actually her plan, but at one point in the writing she was doing so badly privately that she wanted to do something nasty. "It would have been pure meanness. 'So now you definitely can't have it anymore.'“But she doesn't think she ever really had the heart to do this, even if she had those thoughts.

Arthur Weasley and other parents

Ron's father could also have blessed the temporal. Rowling let him survive the snakebite in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, however, because she didn't have the heart to kill one of the few good fathers in her books. But this decision required another victim: Remus Lupine. In 2016, she revealed in her apology tweet that she let him die because she had chosen to survive Arthur:

However, Rowling had parents on the whole. She wanted several parents of other Hogwarts students to die as an echo of what happened to Harry, whose parents actually died. By doing this she wanted underline the absolute evil that emanated from Voldemort.