Women become misandristic

Men, you want to treat women better? Start with this list!

"Thank you, sweetheart!", "Well, are you having your days again?", "I like women who kneel!" - Do these sayings sound familiar to you? Ever heard of the boss in the office? Then you experienced sexism. The hashtag campaign #MeToo on Twitter shows how ubiquitous sexist slogans are, not least in work life. The British Newspaper The Guardiannow gives men a list of how to treat women better.

Because that is sorely needed. According to a study by the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency, 39 percent of women have heard sexual comments and jokes in their everyday work. Dear men, you should take these ideas to heart - and not just at work:

  • If you go to a meeting and see that there are only men around, speak out against it.
  • When a man interrupts a woman, stand up for her. Say, "Hey, she said something."
  • Never describe women as hysterical in a professional context.

  • Don't touch women you don't know - and to be honest: If you have the general need to touch any women, ask yourself why.
  • Do you feel like women owe you something? They don't do that. Even if you mean, "Hmm, what about basic respect?" Then ask yourself if you bring the same to her.
  • Don't send pictures of your penis to a woman. Unless she asked for it.
  • Do not allow yourself to draw conclusions about a woman's intelligence, abilities, or desires based solely on her clothing.

Of course, this list should also apply to women. You can find the entire manual with 28 points at The Guardian.

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