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John's blended scotch whiskey quickly became a bestseller. When Alexander Walker took over the business in 1852 after the death of his father John, he benefited from a new law. From 1860, not only malt whiskeys but also grain whiskeys were allowed to blend with whiskey. From then on there was a greater variety of Scottish blended whiskeys from the House of Walker. For the distribution of the whiskey, the Walkers used the new railway line in Kilmarnock and the associated access to the large ships.

The Walker Blends conquered the whole world under the name "Old Highland Whiskey". Alexander Walker used ship captains as an international sales representative. Another clever move by Alexander Walker was the introduction of the legendary square bottle with its own Johnnie Walker label. This not only made Johnnie Walker easier to transport, but also made it easy to distinguish from other Scottish whiskeys at first glance. In 1880 the first Johnnie Walker sales outlet was opened in London. Other stores followed in Sydney, South Africa and Birmingham. After the death of Alexander Walker, the sons Alexander Walker II. And George Paterson Walker continued the business. They acquired a number of Scottish distillers, such as the Cardhu whiskey distillery in Knockando and in 1916 the Talisker distillery on the Isle of Skye. After numerous mergers, the Johnnie Walker brand was transferred to the international Diageo group in 2012 as a member of United Distillers & Vintners (UDV).

Johnnie Walker Whiskey - the best-selling scotch whiskey in the world

The unmistakable company logo, the "Striding Man", has represented Johnnie Walker Blended Scotch Whiskey since 1909. Tom Browne, a young illustrator, sketched some logo proposals over lunch with Alexander and George. Both were immediately convinced of the "Striding Man". The logo with the walking dandy reflected the zeitgeist as well as the dynamism of Johnnie Walker and led to a change of image. The "country boy" John Walker became a cultivated British dandy. At the same time, the whiskey range was named after the colors of the labels and the Johnnie Walker Red Label and the Johnnie Walker Green Label started their success story. As early as 1920, Johnnie Walker whiskey was very popular in 120 countries around the world. Today, Johnnie Walker is the best-selling scotch whiskey in the world. In the 90s, Johnnie Walker topped the brand's advertising presence with TV and commercials that ended with the unforgettable slogan “The day goes, Johnnie Walker is coming”.

Johnnie Walker - Blended Scotch Whiskey with a History

Johnnie Walker can look back on over 200 years of blend history. While the founding father was still experimenting, blending Scotch whiskey can now be described as a high art and science. The world's largest Johnnie Walker inventory of single grain and single malt Scotch whiskey offers a gigantic portfolio and includes treasures from distilleries that have now been closed, such as Port Ellen and Brora. In the care of master blender Jim Beveridge, each barrel is carefully stored and blended. He has an excellent understanding of the craft of blending and finds the perfect balance to ensure consistent Johnnie Walker quality. But also to create new Johnnie Walker bottlings. In the Limited Edition John Walker & Sons Private Collection 2014, for example, Jim Beveridge shows his full potential. The Johnnie Walker Masterblender used whiskeys from 29 exquisite barrels for the one-off filling. The result is a stunning Johnnie Walker. It delights with an aroma of peaty Islay smoke, maritime Iceland smoke and sweet Highland smoke.

Which Johnnie Walker whiskeys are available in stores?

Johnnie Walker divides its blended Scotch whiskeys into four collections. With the product line Johnnie Walkers Colors, the idea of ​​color identification by Alexander and George Walker is continued. Johnnie Walker Red Label and Johnnie Walker Black Label were supplemented with four more bottlings. The spicy / smoky Johnnie Walker Double Black, the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve, with a delicate honey character and the elegant Johnnie Walker Platinum Label 18 years, for special occasions. The exquisite Johnnie Walker Blue Label, an incomparable blend of art, is the fourth from the Johnnie Walkers Colors series. The Johnnie Walkers Colors series is crowned by the Limited Editions. The extraordinary bottle design makes the limited edition so desirable for Johnnie Walker lovers and collectors. The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Limited Edition has a very luxurious mirror design. In the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Limited Edition, the bottle resembles a gold bar. The logo of the Johnnie Walker Black Label Limited Edition was designed by the artist Arran Gregory.

Inspirations from distant countries and expeditions are reflected in the limited bottlings from the Johnnie Walker Explorers Club Collection. The Johnnie Walker The Spice Road presents a wide variety of flavors from the Persian, Indian and Chinese spice markets. The promising names of the Johnnie Walker Explorers Club Whiskeys, Gold Route, Royal Route and Adventurer whet the appetite for a tasty trip around the world with Johnnie Walker. In the John Walker & Sons Private Collection, Johnnie Walker honors special events. The exquisite John Walker & Sons King George V, for example, commemorates January 1, 1934. On that day, Johnnie Walker was appointed purveyor to the royal court. The limited bottlings from the John Walker & Sons Private Collection are very popular with whiskey collectors. The noble Johnnie Walker distillates are bottled in beautiful carafes, which are also a visual enrichment for every exquisite house bar.

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Patrons and members of the Johnnie Walker House World of Privileges will find elite places in the seven Johnnie Walker Houses to indulge in the Johnnie Walker culture. Those who prefer to enjoy their Johnnie Walker casually with friends have a large selection of Johnnie Walkers in the whiskey online shop. Whether Johnnie Walker Red Label, special editions or limited editions, make your personal selection from the wide range of Scotch whiskey. We have over 1,000 different whiskeys in our online shop and are happy to advise you.