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The United Methodist Church (abbreviation: UMC) goes back to a revival movement within the Anglican Church in England in the 18th century. The basis for this was the preaching activity of the brothers John and Charles Wesley. Both were ordained ministers of the Church of England. The name "Methodist" was originally a nickname for a group of students in Oxford. The two brothers founded it in order to lead a disciplined life with other students. They wanted to be a Christian “with method”.

In the late 18th century, many people emigrated from the European continent to America, including John and Charles. For the young church, John created a church ordinance, which established the Methodist Episcopal Church. This church is called today "United Methodist Church". The UMC is a branch of it.

Belief and teaching

Together with the other Protestant churches, the Bible of the Old and New Testament is the basis of its faith and confession for the UMC. As in the other Protestant churches, there are two sacraments, baptism and the Lord's Supper. The UMC emphasizes that God's grace is for all human beings and that a Christian life consists in sanctification, i. H. in a progressive growth in faith and love. Sanctification aims not only at the change of the individual, but also at the renewal of society. That is why a Christianity with social commitment is important to the Methodists. One expression of this is the “Zentrum Spattstrasse”, a socio-educational facility for children and young people in Linz.


All offices are equally open to women and men. A parish can be headed by a pastor. The parishes of a country or a region form an "annual conference", a superintendent is responsible for the church supervision. Once a year all pastors and the elected laypeople come together for advice. This meeting is also called the Annual Conference. The sessions are chaired by a bishop. The episcopal seat is in Zurich. At the world level, a general conference is held every four years.

Parishes of the Evangelical Methodist Church are located in Vienna (3 parishes), Graz, St. Pölten, Linz, Ried im Innkreis, Salzburg and Bregenz.


The UMC distinguishes between baptized and professing members. The baptized include all those who have been baptized in the UMC. Confessing members include those who confirm the grace received in baptism through a confession in adulthood and claim it for themselves, even if they were baptized in another church.

The UMC currently has around 1,500 members, 700 of them professing members. The United Methodist Church has around 11 million members worldwide and around 40 million on the World Council.


The UMC has been a legally recognized church in Austria since 1951. The UMC attaches great importance to being a church that is independent of the state and does not take financial support from the state. The UMC does not charge any church tax, but is financed through the voluntary contributions of its members.


Methodist Church in Upper Austria (Linz municipality)

Methodist Church in Upper Austria (municipality of Ried im Innkreis)

Methodist Church in Austria

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