Are there any beneficial aspects to piracy

Why do we need the Pirate Party?

As far as the 1-theme party is concerned, it does not depend on whether the representation is correct, but that it is the representation, the pirates are 1-theme party as long as they are perceived as such.

This time I chose pirates because I wished them a good result and my otherwise preferred party did not need my vote so badly this time.

I see several long-term problems with the pirates.

- In order to make politics you need politicians, that is basically a problem, but in our case a special one. The pirates arose out of the internet and not out of a political movement. The Greens had people in their ranks who had been in the extra-parliamentary opposition for over a decade, were trained in a wide variety of areas of politics, had studied theoretical foundations from Rousseau to Marx to Adorno, in short: they had a huge brain pool at their disposal.

- Extremely grassroots democratic structures only work up to a certain level of political operation. Here, too, the Greens offer a good example. When you first
If it is part of politics, then strongly grassroots democratic structures are no longer practicable, the internet of course offers enormous opportunities here, but nonetheless conflict situations with the grassroots automatically arise, which have a devastating effect on the outside world. Politics is extremely complicated and always means compromise, consensus and the reality of what is feasible. This is often difficult to convey.

- The tactical problem. According to surveys, the Pirate Party wins most of the voters in the Greens, which makes sense from a programmatic point of view. The only catch is that we need no further fragmentation of the left camp. The absolute horror scenario would be if the pirates could perhaps get the decisive 2% more in 4 years, but still not master the 5% hurdle but prevent a left majority. In some constituencies, direct candidates for the pirates who have no prospect of being elected could prevent Green candidates from winning, the same applies of course to Green candidates and the SPD.
Of course, from a democratic point of view, the argument cannot be accepted on principle, but it makes an existential problem of the pirates clear, their existence helps to bring a social problem to the public, but makes it difficult - from an electoral point of view - to solve it.
From a tactical point of view, there is only one, probably unrealistic but pragmatic solution to this paradoxical problem: the pirates have to become part of the Green movement, the pirates' digital know-how combined with the political competence and the structures of the Greens could even achieve far more than the pirates as a separate party. The Greens also have extensive experience in integrating political movements and the individual pirate in the European Parliament has also become part of the Green Group.

On the other hand, it is a hell of a lot to ask of a new party that has achieved two prestigious successes in a very short time and has to give up its independence - on the other hand, it makes, at least at second glance, astonishingly a lot of sense.