Who wins in life

He who believes wins life [MP3 album]

Klaus Heizmann with his studio choir


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This album is currently only available as a download, not as a CD.
Passing on the? Good news? is not always easy for Christians. Just then, songs can take away the speechlessness. For missionary choirs, this album offers a wealth of songs that invite you to believe in a modern and appealing way. They are ideal for the musical accompaniment of evangelistic events.


01If you believe, life wins
Gloria Gabriel, Eberhard Rink, studio choir
02Jesus, you are the way
Claudia Klappstein, studio choir
Christian Löer, studio choir
04 As carefree as a child
Claudia Klappstein, Eberhard Rink, studio choir
Eberhard Rink, studio choir
Christian Löer, studio choir
07Choose the path that never leads astray
08So God loved the world
Claudia Klappstein, studio choir
Heike Barth, Christiane Löer, studio choir
Christian Löer, studio choir
11When God speaks to you