Are you worth being happy

Be happy: How to recognize your intrinsic worth

To be happy and to let your own light shine brightly is sometimes not that easy. In this article, I will share with you how you manage to shine inside even in dark moments.

Do you recognize your inner wealth?

I think life is not about walking around enlightened for 24 hours and being happy all the time. Because in each of us there is both light and darkness. And both come to the fore every now and then.

I don't know about you, but the dark moments in my life always let me grow the strongest - even if in those moments it usually doesn't feel like it at all ... I think the art is to steal your own light brighter let than any darkness. In order to steer the perspective from the lack into the abundance. Because every low is also a gift to you and leads you to a feeling in your deepest inner being that wants to be healed.

Life happens for you, not against you

But we often forget that and instead automatically focus on the fly in the ointment and on everything that is not going well or that makes us dissatisfied. This is an invitation to give your life a new twist from today and no longer get involved in this game of your ego. Because your ego knows exactly how to get the best of you.

To be happy means to take responsibility

Never forget: life happens for you, not against you. You are not a victim of circumstances, you created them yourself through your negative thoughts. So it's time to take 100 percent responsibility for it and change your perspective. That gave my life - in a positive sense - a 180 degree turn. And if I can do it, so can you! As simple as that.

Stop the cycle

The secret lies in the law of attraction: we don't attract what we do in our lives wantbut what we do are. Because when I need something - such as more money or more satisfaction - I order a shortage in life. And if I am afraid of something or have resistance to something, I also magically attract it. Because my gaze is directed towards this deficiency and In life, I always order what my attention is focused on.

"Energy goes where attention flows"

The secret is in thatroot cause to change. Because what you experience outside is only that effect. The cause, however, lies deep within you. So first change your inner "television program" - that is, your focus - and you will be amazed how your life outside will also change.

From my own experience I can assure you: it really works. Even if at first it may be strange and exhausting to keep looking at the abundance over and over again. But like a muscle that you train, it gets easier and more automatic over time. And please, please don't be discouraged: There are many studies - for example that by Philippa Lally - that show that new behaviors take around 66 days to become a new routine. So if you are one of the more impatient people like me, be patient, it's just so worth it.

From lack to abundance

In order to direct your focus on abundance, it helps enormously to make clear to you what is already there. So if you feel like it, take a piece of paper and a pen and write down 20 things that you do well, that make you stand out, your strengths and positive qualities. If you can't think of anything, just ask someone close to you how they see you ...

The great thing is that you can recognize your inestimable inner worth, which, by the way, is completely independent of external wealth. And exactly on this enormous one intrinsic value - which makes you so absolutely unique - you should get yours in the future full attention judge. Especially in the darker moments.

Gratitude as the key

You don't have to become anything anymore, you are already. Let this sentence sink in and be grateful for all that you already have. Start feeling that too. If this is difficult for you at first, just practice it daily until you feel this warm, comfortable feeling in your stomach area and a deep gratitude sets in.

Do you feel the gratitude already? Congratulations, now you have them root cause changed and the effect outside will appear. Because the cause only changes when you associate a feeling with the desired effect. Trust life: You are now vibrating on a different frequency and thus drawing completely different things, situations and people into your life.

You see, it is entirely up to you to direct your focus on the positive and to be happy. So you are no longer a victim of circumstances. I recommend a daily gratitude ritual. I do this with the help of the “6-minute diary” (no advertising). There I write in the morning and evening what I am grateful for. The longer I do this, the more things I notice in everyday life for which I am grateful. Especially for my hands, for example - because without them I couldn't write these lines for you. If you need further input, read the articles "Great gratitude through small moments" or "My gift for more happiness in everyday life" and "Become happy: My personal recipe against inner emptiness".

So and now it's your turn: What are you grateful for right now? Feel free to share that with me in the comments.

Photo: Andrew Ridley