How much do fashion designers earn every year

Is the dream job of a fashion designer financially worthwhile? How much do fashion designers earn? We took a closer look at the salaries.

For no other profession in the fashion industry is it so difficult to determine an average salary as it is for the fashion designer. Why? Because fashion designers are not necessarily permanently employed by a label or clothing manufacturer, but are often self-employed. This means that a large number of fashion designers have no regular income, which means that reliable statements on earnings are virtually impossible.

You can think: As a self-employed fashion designer, everything is financially possible: From just making ends meet to a big income, everything is included. So it is particularly difficult to get concrete figures.

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But of course not all fashion designers are self-employed. In the first few years after training or studying, employment in a studio, a fashion brand or a textile manufacturer is common. We looked at the monthly salaries on and that came out:

Examples of salaries of fashion designers

Job:Gender, Age:Company size:Monthly salary (gross):
Fashion designerw, 29 yearssmall3.786 €
fashion designerm, 37 yearssmall3.753 €
Junior textile designerw, 28 yearssmall2.250 €
Textile designerw, 46 yearsmedium3.848 €
Textile designerw, 34 yearsvery large3.120 €
Head of Design Modew, 46 yearslarge8.637 €
Fashion seamstressw, 29 yearssmall2.040 €
Bespoke tailorw, 46 yearssmall2.110 €
Costume tailorw, 49 yearssmall2.614 €
Fashion stylistw, 27 yearssmall1.891 €
Fashion stylistw, 48 yearslarge2.932 €

Source: (as of 07/2020)
Company size: 1-20 employees = small | 21-100 employees = medium | 101-1,000 employees = large | > 1,000 employees = very large

These salary examples are not representative, which means that you cannot derive any entitlement or guarantee for a specific salary level. Nevertheless, it should be clear: a gross monthly salary of between EUR 2,500 - 4,000 is realistic. Certainly it can go higher. But for that, all factors have to be in your favor.

Factors influencing the salary level as a fashion designer

The likelihood of a high salary usually increases with your responsibility in the company. If you have managerial responsibility and large budgets are in your hands, your salary will usually also be reasonably high. The exact position has the greatest impact on your salary. In addition, there are your professional experience and smaller aspects, such as the company location or size, as well as your degree.

If you want to read more about the factors that can affect your salary, we recommend the article "Salary in the fashion industry".

There are different ways to become a fashion designer. One way is a two to three year training course at a fashion school. After successful completion, it leads, for example, to a state-certified fashion designer or state-recognized fashion designer or a fashion design certificate. But you can also become a fashion designer by completing a fashion design degree at an art college or university.

If you need more information about the profession of fashion designer, we recommend that you take a look at our detailed job description.

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