What do you like about Thailand

Ratchanon Suwannasaen

Please introduce yourself briefly:
My name is Ratchanon Suwannasaen, I am 17 years old and I come from Thailand

I'm learning German because
I am interested in German history and diverse culture. Architectures and buildings in Germany are beautiful and you can learn their history and culture. I am also very interested in the festivals, e.g. Carnival, Easter and Christmas. It is very different in Thailand.

Favorite words?
My favorite word in German is Well systemsbecause the word "Well systems“Not only does it sound beautiful and gentle, but I also like its meaning. I see many old and beautiful fountains all over Germany on the Internet. You impress me a lot.

In my mother tongue, my favorite word is ภราดรภาพ. It means brotherhood in German, and I like it best because it symbolizes harmony.

What do you particularly like about Germany and what do you like about your home country?
What I particularly like about Germany is the automotive industry, because German cars are world-famous and what I like about my home country is tourism. Thailand is always worth a trip.

What foreign language / s are you learning besides German?
Besides German, I'm also learning English.

When do you particularly enjoy learning a foreign language?
Learning foreign languages ​​is especially fun when the class is active. Games and songs also bring lessons to life.

What are you particularly looking forward to at IDO 2020?
With the IDO digital format with the motto "Be there! - The IDO comes to you", I am most looking forward to being able to improve my German language skills with digital media and competitions. This allows me to make many new friends from all over the world.

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