What is a full text search

In the Full text search all data records are compared with a search term from the available data.
Using the search term for the Full text search lets the Full text search to a certain category, then only its text in each sentence is searched.

Full text search
One of the most valuable developments in information retrieval. The Full text search makes it possible to find the term you are looking for in theoretically infinitely large amounts of text within a few minutes. Internet search engines use this method.

Full text search
The quality of search engines also depends on what they remember from websites for a later search query.
Some search engines only limit themselves to the title, keywords and the first lines of a page.

The ~ enables you to find the term you are looking for in theoretically infinite amounts of text within a few minutes. Internet search engines work according to this procedure. When a query is made, every page that contains the term you are looking for is displayed.

At a ~ a search is not only made for preselected keywords or descriptive texts in an appropriately prepared index, but also for any word in the complete document.

Search engines that include the full text of a website in their database allow one ~. For example, you can search for individual phrases, sometimes even whole sentences.
Full text search engine ...

FULLTEXT - the ~ offers extended search options for fields with extensive text content.
Figure 7.3 The ADDRESSES table in MySQL CC ...

500 Wide Area Information Server (WAIS) A client-server model information service that is the result of a ~ returns a series of documents with a score that can be used for further searches. Public domain software is available for many operating systems.

A ~ is not possible because this information cannot be processed. Search functions on the PC are not real crawlers and only crawl superficially for file names. The files required for this can also be found quickly.

MyISAM is a further development of ISAM and has fast access to tables and indexes as well as ~. The transaction backup was omitted; MyISAM does not support referential integrity or rollback.

A ~ is indispensable for today
an extensive website.
A "sitemap" (also site index or table
of Contents) immediately increases the
Clarity of your website.
In a small "box" on your
You can use your visitors' homepage with
See the latest changes at a glance.

Self-learning systems with similarity vectors and / or neural networks, but at least the possibility of ~ would be the solution here. Such techniques are not yet offered or available in all document management systems.

The Wide Area Information System (WAIS) offers one ~ on countless databases worldwide. The user enters his search argument and receives a list of the documents that contain the desired argument. This hit list is weighted according to certain criteria, mostly according to the number of hits in the document.

The result of a "Quick Search" search is indexed, that is, the most relevant documents are placed at the top of the list. A ~ is also available to the user. You have a few additional options.

Files that can be accessed on the Internet are listed within the WAIS database system. WAIS enables one for the first time ~ within the database. To use WAIS, you need a special WAIS client that is able to communicate with the WAIS servers.

WAIS (Wide Area Information System)
Allows that ~ in worldwide distributed databases.

WAIS (Wide Area Information Servers)
This service allows the ~ in distributed systems.
Short for the World Wide Web.

Search service
Means search engines and search catalogs. Users can use it to search for keywords on the Internet. Based on an index of the content of many websites that is stored in a ~ is queried. Well-known search engines are Google, Lycos or Yahoo.

Spiders or crawlers are suitable for ~ on the Internet or on your home computer. Newsgroups, Internet forums and web directories are the starting point for web research.

A strength of the OE that should not be underestimated is that it is one of the few German-speaking news clients. The menu and the help are in German, and there is also a German spell checker available. And you can do a ~ carry out.

WAIS (Abbreviation, Internet)
(Wide Area Information System) also (Wide Area Information Server); Name of an information search system on the Internet; Software designed to retrieve information from databases distributed across the Internet. WAIS enables ~. 61 ...

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