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The 10 best romance novels of 2020

Our experts regularly recommend which romance novels are really worth reading. Here we present our top 10 best list of romance novels 2020:

Lotte Römer Lemon scent and gentle kisses

Paloma AínsaThe little difference

Elizabeth Buchan The museum of unfulfilled promises

Nicholas Sparks When you come back

Elli C. Carlson The summer of our dreams

Margaret Rogerson Raven prince

Julia Dippel Cassardim

Kelly MoranRedwood Dreams

Mitch Albom Who is waiting for you in heaven

Maurício Gomyde The most beautiful and the saddest of all nights

Lotte Römers novel "Lemon scent and tender kisses" tells a cheerful love story on Lake Garda

He is her boss and lover. He has promised her to part with his wife. But then Kim sits alone in the hotel on Lake Garda. Is there really a “lemon scent and gentle kisses” here?

Today was her day. Today Kim would finally and definitely win over her boss Dirk. The Chocolate Chase advertising campaign had been the biggest challenge since she started working in marketing after graduating. The hall was fantastically decorated with small pyramids of pralines, palm trees, wonderful arrangements of chocolate bars and of course the company's new product, a white chocolate liqueur. The summer feeling that Dirk had wished for could really be felt.

Review of "Lemon scent and tender kisses"

Lotte Römer Lemon scent and gentle kisses ISBN 978-2-496-70440-2, 255 pages | € 9.81 Montlake. Order here at bücher.de

The heroine of Paloma Aínsa's novel “The Little Difference” becomes a nanny for the super-rich

Man gone, success gone, photo studio gone. In desperation, Maite becomes the nanny of a very wealthy single father. Paloma Aínsa's "The Little Difference" is a romantic comedy.

“The closer the sentry box got, the more insecure I became. The driveway was blocked by a barrier, and a high stone wall ran around the site, on which several surveillance cameras had been attached a few meters apart. The entrance to the Guantanamo prison camp shouldn't look much different. ”Maite is actually a photographer. But in the end she has suffered a streak of bad luck: man gone, success gone, photo studio gone. Maite lives with her parents again and needs a job. When she found out about the position of nanny for two children of the super rich, she was not very enthusiastic. But does she have a choice?

Review of "The Little Difference"

Paloma Aínsa The little difference ISBN 978-2-496-70469-3, 398 pages | € 9.81 Montlake. Order here at bücher.de

With “The Museum of Unfulfilled Promises” Elizabeth Buchan takes us to Prague, Paris and Berlin

An au pair, a rebellious musician and a thoroughly unusual museum idea. Elizabeth Buchan's “The Museum of Unfulfilled Promises” is a novel about love, but also about politics.

Lauren runs the unique "Museum of Unfulfilled Promises" in the heart of Paris. Without exception, every exhibit has been carefully selected and tells the often very moving stories of its previous owners. These stories are marked by grief, betrayal and disappointment. The exhibition should offer the owners the opportunity to come to terms with the past. For example, baby shoes or a bridal veil can be found in the museum rooms.

Review of "The Museum of Unfulfilled Promises"

Elizabeth Buchan The museum of unfulfilled promises ISBN 978-3-86612-469-1, 478 pages | € 20.00 pendo. Order now at bücher.de

A gripping and emotional struggle back to life - the bestseller "When you return"

A grenade attack ends Trevor's career as a Navy doctor. Instead, he finds a love and inherits a house. But that doesn't make it any easier for Nicholas Sparks ‘Heroes of When You Come Back.

Trevor's life turns upside down when he is critically injured in a grenade attack while working as a Navy doctor. This event not only left external marks on the young man, but he has also been struggling with a post-traumatic stress disorder since then. With the help of a psychotherapist, Trevor gradually learns to deal with his fate and to enjoy his life again.

Review of "When you return"

Nicholas Sparks When you come back ISBN 978-3-453-27174-6, 444 pages | € 20.00, Heyne. Order here at bücher.de

Elli C. Carlson's “The Summer of Our Dreams” takes you to the idyllic Baltic Sea coast

A small guest house on the Baltic coast. A job as a diving instructor. And a rough fur seal with a not so hard core. Elli C. Carlson's "The Summer of Our Dreams" offers the best entertainment.

When the freedom-loving Liv loses her dream job as a diving instructor, she returns to the idyllic village on the Baltic coast where she grew up with her two sisters. But in the small hotel that has been in the family for generations, the house blessing hangs a lot wrong. Money problems, family friction and disagreement about how the guest house should be run in the future cause discussions.

Review of "The Summer of Our Dreams"

Elli C. Carlson The summer of our dreams ISBN 978-2-496-70408-2, 316 pages | € 7.99, Montlake. Order here at bücher.de

In the fantasy novel "Rabenprinz" you will learn why it is worth fighting for love

What if you live in the world of elves as a person and suddenly feel love for a prince, although this is forbidden? Margaret Rogerson's fantasy novel "Rabenprinz" is gripping and romantic.

Isobel, a seventeen year old girl, is a portrait painter and the best of her time. The special thing about her is that she is human. A human in an elven world. Your customers are exclusively elves, because elves cannot make any art. Be it pottery, cooking, tailoring or painting. Precisely for this reason, elves desire everything that has to do with art and envy people for that and for something else: human feelings. Elves shouldn't have feelings.

Review of "Rabenprinz"

Margaret Rogerson Raven prince ISBN 978-3-570-16539-3, 384 pages | € 17.00, cbj. Order here at bücher.de

In Julia Dippel's “Cassardim”, the young heroine Amaia loses her heart in the realm of the dead

A family that doesn't age and a 16-year-old heroine who fights against princes and creatures in the realm of the dead. Julia Dippel's “Beyond the Golden Bridge” is the prelude to the new Cassardim series.

Sixteen-year-old Amaia lives near Lyon with her five siblings Nick, Adam, Jenny, Annie, Moe and their parents. She loves music, libraries, the internet, is pretty messy, and loves to dance for a lifetime. However, Amaia's family keeps a secret and a gift: They age more slowly and they can impose their will on other people. Amaia's parents also use this gift on her and her siblings. Amaia is the only one in the family who can defy her parents' will - by humming a tune.

Review of "Cassardim"

Julia Dippel Cassardim ISBN 978-3-522-50645-8, 528 pages | € 17.00, Planet! Order here at bücher.de

Kelly Moran's romance novel “Redwood Dreams” is set in a small town

Sheriff Parker longs for love. The kite trio has experience with pairings. But is Maddie the right one? Ms. Bluhm reads Kelly Moran's “Redwood Dreams - It starts with a crackle”.

Sheriff Parker Maloney is one of the few singles in Redwood who doesn't run away when the trio of dragons is on their way. The three older sisters are known as the dome aunts of the small town and have helped so many couples find true love. Since Parker secretly wants nothing more than to finally find the right one, he sees it calmly when - after his best friend - he is now targeted by the ladies himself. But does it have to be Maddie Freemont of all people who made high school hell for him?

Review of "Redwood Dreams"

Kelly Moran Redwood Dreams - It starts with a crackle ISBN 978-3-499-00129-1, 320 pages | € 12.99, rororo. Order here at bücher.de

Mitch Albom's romance novel “Whoever's Waiting for You in Heaven” is beautifully sad and yet celebrates life

They are lovers - Annie and Paulo. But on their wedding day they crash in a hot air balloon. Mitch Albom shares what Annie will do in Heaven afterward in Who Is Waiting For You In Heaven.

Annie couldn't be happier when the great catastrophe hits her: The day after their wedding, she and her newlywed husband Paulo crash in a hot air balloon and end up seriously injured in the hospital. Annie suddenly finds herself in heaven, where she meets five people who are supposed to show her the way. Five people who left a lasting mark on their lives on earth, some without Annie even knowing about it. But the big question is: where is Paulo?

Review of "Who is waiting for you in heaven"

Mitch Albom Who is waiting for you in heaven ISBN 978-3-793-42410-9, 239 pages | € 16.00, Ullstein Allegria. Order here at bücher.de

Maurício Gomydes romance novel "The most beautiful and the saddest of all nights" tells a romantic story of confusion

He believes that his great love Amanda is dead. But 20 years later, Victor learns that she is alive. In addition, the hero of Maurício Gomydes “The most beautiful and the saddest of all nights” can travel back in time ...

"The most beautiful and the saddest of all nights", that is for Victor that of his prom. The most beautiful because he finally gets a kiss from his great love Amanda, the saddest because shortly afterwards she and her family emigrated from Brazil to Africa. When Amanda's family is killed in a terrorist attack a few weeks later, Victor thinks they are in the car that has crashed and a world collapses for the 17-year-old.

Review of "The most beautiful and the saddest of all nights"

Maurício Gomyde The most beautiful and the saddest of all nights ISBN 978-3-499-00048-5, 381 pages | € 16.00, Rowohlt Polaris. Order here at bücher.de

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