Is the Force Star Wars scientifically possible?


The power



“Power is not a skill that you have. It's not about lifting stones. There is an energy field between all things - a tension, a balance that holds the galaxy together. "
- Luke Skywalker to Rey(Source)

In the Makes it is a mystical, invisible one[1] Energy field with a will of its own[2]which connects all life in the galaxy. Power is divided into a symbiosis of living power and cosmic power[3]whereby it is possible for some individuals, power users, to use pure power for supernatural power abilities.[2]


“Open up. Feel the power that surrounds you. You have to use your senses. "
- Yoda to young men(Source)

Above all, power-sensitive children have an innate neutrality towards power and are able to use power in its purest form without alignment.[2] Over time, however, the power users split into two factions: The most famous supporters of the light side were the Jedi and those of the dark side were the Sith.[1] The light or the dark side of power was itself at the center of the spirituality of both opposing groups, so that a long and seemingly never-ending power struggle ensued, which the two groups survived long after their demise. The simplest use of power can be instinctive - sometimes without the power user being aware of it himself[4][5] - however, the full power in the power user only develops with sufficient belief in power.[6]

"I am one with the power and the power is with me."
- Chirrut Îmwe(Source)

This means that a power user has to be open to the infinite energy, only then is it possible for an individual or a creature to feel how the power flows through everything.[2] Power users in particular, who have never come into contact with power before, sometimes fail because of their own limited imagination and consider certain skills, such as lifting heavy objects, to be simply impossible.[7]