Is white sugar cane sugar

Is raw cane sugar healthier than regular table sugar?

You can hardly save yourself from the many different types of sugar on the supermarket shelf. Table sugar, brown sugar, cane sugar, raw sugar, raw cane sugar, beet sugar ... and and and! What are the differences and is raw cane sugar perhaps healthier than the well-known white household sugar? We light up the darkness.

Cane sugar versus beet sugar

As the names suggest, cane sugar is made from sugar cane and beet sugar is made from sugar beet. That is the only difference, because ultimately both consist of sucrose and are obtained with the help of similar processes. They contain the same amount of calories and nutrients.

The sugar cane for cane sugar is grown worldwide in the tropics and subtropics. The largest sugar cane producers are Brazil and India. In Europe, the sugar beets for beet sugar are mainly produced in France and Germany.

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Raw sugar versus refined sugar

Cane sugar is often sold as raw cane sugar or whole cane sugar. Some consumers think that because it looks brown, it is healthier. But is that really the case?

Whether made from sugar cane or beet sugar, raw sugar denotes a sugar that is not so thoroughly cleaned and therefore has a brownish color. In addition to sucrose, raw sugar contains molasses, a dark brown sugar syrup, and small amounts of minerals and vitamins that are not of any importance for health. In order to be able to benefit from it, the sugar would have to be eaten by the kilo. But who wants that? In the subsequent sugar production process, the raw sugar is further processed and refined white sugar is created. It has a longer shelf life and is more free-flowing.

Raw or whole cane sugar therefore offers no significant health advantage compared to refined cane or beet sugar. There are only differences in terms of taste: whole cane sugar, for example, has its own taste - usually of caramel and molasses - and is therefore more aromatic than normal household sugar.

Brown sugar versus white sugar

Also not to be confused are raw cane sugar and brown sugar, which look very similar, but are not identical. Brown sugar can be obtained in different ways. For the production ofBrown beet sugar Manufacturers usually simply add dark brown sugar syrup (partly made from cane sugar) to the white sugar obtained after the refined sugar. So brown sugar is often nothing more than colored white sugar.

Sugar stays sugar!

Sugar remains sugar - the mouse won't bite off a thread. Raw cane sugar is no healthier than the widespread white household sugar, even if it may seem so at first because of its more natural looking light brown color.