What kind of a hairdresser are you

Education & profession

You have particularly good chances of a vacancy with good ones grades in the subjects of German, art and chemistry. But good grades in these subjects are not a must. Most importantly, you get the right one Strengthen you bring with you. Budding hairdressers should be creative and have design skills. It is just as important that you carry out your work purposefully, even if it is arduous. In addition to perseverance, you should also bring a good dose of curiosity and willingness to learn and not be afraid of constantly expanding your knowledge.

As a hairdresser, your work environment is usually the shop or business, for example if you are employed in a hairdressing salon. Therefore, contact with people is also the norm. Business trips are rare in this profession.

But not all hairdressers are the same. Yours working conditions can also look completely different, depending on which training company and in which area you work. In a hairdressing salon you have a lot to do with clients and you probably work with few colleagues. If you work in television, film and theater productions and do the hairstyle for the actors, you have a completely different daily routine and you travel a lot. You should therefore think carefully about which training company and which future field of work best suit you.