How can ugly boys be happy

Study: ugly men make women happier

According to a recent study, comparatively ugly men make their women happier.

© Provided by a man's affair Women are happier with ugly men (symbol photo).

Ugly men make women happier

Florida State University has shown in a study that supposedly unattractive men make their comparatively more beautiful partners happier. We have the background.

The method

For the study, the US researchers rated a total of 113 couples between the ages of 25 and 29 according to their attractiveness. In addition, the test subjects had to fill out a questionnaire.

The bottom line

The study's admissible conclusion: the happiest relationships are led by couples who, in objective opinion, are not equally attractive. It is also better if she is more beautiful than him! We explain why this is so.

The explanation

According to the study, men who tend to be unattractive try harder than average to make their female partners happy - so that they do not overflow to a nicer conspecific.

Conversely, women are more intimidated as soon as the partner shows higher attractiveness values ​​than they themselves.