What were Demeter's personality traits?

"Just say briefly: What is Demeter?"

Demeter brand, Demeter association, biodynamic agriculture and biodynamic movement - how can all these perspectives be summed up in a few words? At the beginning of December, the participants of the seminar "Just tell me briefly: what is Demeter?"

Quality and holism characterize Demeter and biodynamic agriculture. But how does this sound in your own words in order to authentically pass the Demeter idea on in your own professional environment? Apprentices from an organic wholesaler, employees in the sales department of a brand manufacturer and shopkeepers spent a day engaging in this field with exercises and knowledge impulses. The first task was to grasp concise connections, what makes biodynamic agriculture today and how this is reflected in the Demeter brand. In addition to the farm organism, the focus was therefore on Demeter as a development community, which repeatedly sets new impulses in agriculture, in the social and in the economic. Illustrative examples of this were the on-site Bruderhahn initiative, the breeding of biodynamic varieties and community-based agriculture. In conversations, the participants practiced to go beyond the usual to express Demeter and biodynamic agriculture in their own words and experiences. “Biodynamically, I see it as an attitude to face the world openly”, “Demeter is an open agriculture that is oriented towards people, plants and animals”, “Demeter takes time for development”.

This was practically experienced in the afternoon in a guided tour of the Bauckhof in Amelinghausen. In the presentation of the daily challenges in the cow and pig stalls, the feed supply and hay drying, the use of space and the generation of energy, the profundity that gives orientation to the activities and decisions can be heard over and over again. In conclusion, the participants brought this into their words with the question of the personality traits of the Demeter brand: Demeter is friendly, affectionate and cosmopolitan, Demeter is technically skilled, down-to-earth and with a sense of the aesthetic. Demeter is inquisitive, warm-hearted and strong-willed. A smile on the faces of the participants, combined with the certainty that they want to deal with Demeter even more and more consciously.

The seminar was led by Simone Helmle, head of the Demeter Academy. Special thanks go to the rural society - Demeter in the north and the Bauckhof in Amelinghausen for their support. The next opportunity to take part in this seminar is on January 23, 2017 at the Biohof Bursch near Cologne.