Non-Muslim women hate burqa

Debate veiled women: Anger over a double message


here the "negative exclusion" is confirmed by a German Muslim.

(Emphasis mine)

In the summer months you can just go to the pedestrian zones

of the big cities see how women are seen as fair game.

Summer tempts the young women to dress lightly. The

In this type of dress, one sees an invitation to free one's hunting feeling

To let go. And the girl is already being whistled about, offers

submitted and various more. A woman who, however, is a

Wearing headgear signals to the hunter from the outset that they are not

Is fair game, but is already bound.


I can understand well, a majority has to bow to the minority,

because they don't have their hormonal balance under control. So these are men

not only disadvantaged in "normal" life, as is often claimed

but also from nature.

Namely in such a way that scantily clad female beings absolutely and

in an obtrusive way, one's own sexuality must be communicated.

The (unknown) Lord agrees with me.

No ct = worth less and not worth protecting.

My tip to these gentlemen:

Do not go to the pedestrian zone.

If necessary, carefully direct your gaze to the ground. If that's still not enough,

The tried and tested cold shower helps and maybe a few in the mosque

pray extra suras against carnal damnation.

If that doesn't help either, choose a decent country of your own choice. E.g.

bible belt of the USA. Or one of the 50 Islamic Countries in the World.

Incidentally, even in a far away country, an uhh intensely compared believers

airily clad women with cat food.


"If you put meat outside on the street, in the garden or in the park,

without covering it, the cats will come and eat it. Who is to blame now

- the cats or the bare meat? "


I love clear messages! Don't you (for the time being) attract women like we do

want sexual harassment up to and including rape is ok according to our beliefs.

The first named gentleman also wrote the following:

"If we ever stand before God the judge, we can ask him,

why he did not create the woman first, and not wear that to the man

has imposed a headgear. "


I say:

Yes, or why females are worth less. So about half of that

Creation. Or why men cannot control themselves.

Possibly. the old game?

Can't the farmer swim, is the swimming trunks to blame ?!

The Greens have z. Part to blame. They even have it in advance

of the 2007 language tests still denied the necessity ... etc.

I have one more:

On Thursday I went to the nudist beach with a friend.

Shortly before we left, 2 Pakistani (I suspect strong) arrived,

sat at the edge, about 40/50 meters from the remaining group,

drank beer while one lay down tired, the other left, of course

fully dressed himself, also NO bathing accessories with him, his

Look around extensively.

Man, how I despise these guys for their audacity.

Well, next time I'll declaim the sura against alcohol.

Also give a quick integration course - free of charge, of course. > eG <

10 years ago an article like this would still be in Nazi! and boos

been answered. Today I read 90% of the time a certain amount of skepticism.

Kind regards.


ps. ajaa, there issie

Oh you, who believe! Behold, intoxicating things, gambling, sacrificial stones and lottery arrows are an abomination, Satan's work. Avoid them so that you may be well.

Quran, sura 5, 90