What is good advertising

What is good advertising?

Well ... what is good advertising anyway? What is good advertising? Anyone who speaks of good or bad advertising has to define this somehow, and although liking or disapproving is of course mostly subjective, I will try to find 10 object criteria for good advertising here:

My personal TOP 10 criteria for good advertising:

1) Good advertising surprises
2) Good advertising fits the brand
3) The brand is clearly recognizable in words, images and / or tonality
4) The implementation is not overloaded, but reduced to the essentials
5) There is ONE clear statement - the key idea
6) The creative idea and tonality are not arbitrary - they differ from the competition
7) The core idea communicates one or, best of all, THE core property of the brand / product
8) The idea is new and does not repeat clichés that have been sucked out for the 1000th time
9) The tonality, the setting and the actors trigger positive associations (with whatever).
10) The idea and / or setting of good advertising is based on human (basic) needs.

Well, there is, of course, another question - isn't good advertising just the one that works? And - doesn't the advertising sometimes work best that we least thought it would? Yes and no. Even the shitty child bar advertising follows at least 5 of the points above. You will probably never fit all 10 into one creation. With this TOP10 I have therefore created a selection of possible criteria from which beautiful creative advertising as well as boring, but still effective “standard advertising” can be made.