What makes you happy? Why

Satisfaction: 9 Dos & 4 Don’ts for a better quality of life

Satisfaction and happiness are often used in the same context. He who is happy must also be satisfied. Satisfaction does not depend on happiness - and even the more constant state. When you are satisfied, your quality of life is at its peak. We give you the best tips for more satisfaction in life.

This is what you should know about satisfaction

Contentment is a state of inner balance, an inner peace. Anyone who feels satisfied agrees with the external conditions, feels good and lives a life that fills them. It is a subliminal and warming feeling that runs through everyday life. While happiness puts people in euphoria, contentment is more of a comfortable serenity. However, since euphoria subsides after a short time, the feeling of happiness also evaporates after a while. The reason for this is the hormone dopamine, which is released in a state of happiness. However, this is quickly dismantled. This also makes the feeling of happiness disappear. Satisfaction, on the other hand, lasts longer.

Satisfaction occurs above all when our needs are met. According to psychoanalyst and author Hans-Otto Thomashoff, three factors play an important role. Social contacts are essential for a satisfied life. If you have little or no good relationships, you quickly feel lonely and unhappy. Friendships, partnerships and family are therefore essential for a good life. Pets can also protect against loneliness and make you happier. The second factor is curiosity. Anyone who makes a difference and builds an independent life is satisfied with themselves. In order to maintain this satisfaction, a healthy level of stress is necessary. Too much stress can quickly make a good life exhausting.

This is how you increase your satisfaction

This is how you increase your satisfaction

Satisfaction is a desirable quality that makes life much more worth living. If you want to be satisfied with yourself and your life, you should think about what makes your life worth living and integrate more of these things into your everyday life. What do you like to do? What things and experiences can you not do without? With which people is your life much more fun? We have collected a few examples for you:

Creativity for Self-Realization

Self-actualization is an important factor when it comes to satisfaction. Many people thrive in creative pursuits. Anyone who is creative is relaxed and happy. There are no limits to your imagination. You can do small projects such as painting a picture or you can already think big and write a book, for example. When you finish a project, you can be satisfied with yourself. This also strengthens your self-confidence.

You can also be creative in your professional life. There are many professional fields in which creativity is required. You can come up with new ideas and develop your own concepts, design presentations and design products. Those who are permanently creative can realize themselves in many ways.

Sport for wellbeing

Sport is not only good for your health but also for your well-being. During exercise, endorphins are released that make you happy and satisfied. After exercising, you feel good and are happy to have achieved something. Exercise also ensures that you feel comfortable in your body, which in turn increases your self-love. This also promotes your satisfaction.

Reading for inspiration

Anyone who reads a lot gets an insight into completely different worlds and lines of thought. Reading stimulates thought and invites reflection. Especially non-fiction books on personal development can inspire you. They will help you get rid of negative traits and be happier with yourself. But even a good novel can make you happy. If you use your time to read a good book, you will be happier than if you sit in front of Netflix for hours.

Relaxation to overcome the crisis

Time-outs are essential to slow down your everyday life. In this way you can relieve stress, draw new strength and be more resilient to crises and new challenges. You become calmer and calmer. When you master crises and accept challenges, you can be proud of yourself and are happier.

Gratitude for the little things in life

When you are grateful for what you have, do not constantly strive for more and value your life, you are more balanced and satisfied. Gratitude is an effective tool when you want to visualize the good things in your life. It also focuses on the little things in life that make it worth living. Without the nice guests of a stranger, the helpfulness of a friend or the kind words of your partner, the world would be half as beautiful. If you show gratitude for these things, you can appreciate them more and are happier.

Optimism for problem solving

Positive thinking gets you ahead in many ways. Instead of annoying yourself, brooding over problems and falling into melancholy, you approach the solution of your problems with a little optimism. Sometimes negative events turn out to be positive afterwards. You never know what something is good for. If you go through life optimistically, you will be happier.

Friendships for shared experiences

Friendships - a key to greater satisfaction

Social contacts are the basic building block for satisfaction. Without friendships, you feel lonely and less valued. If you can exchange ideas, have good conversations and share your experiences, it gives your life meaning. It goes against human nature to go through life alone. He needs his fellow human beings to accompany him on his life path in order to be satisfied. So if you feel that you belong, you are happier and more satisfied.

Complacency as a decision

Only those who decide to be satisfied can really feel satisfaction. Satisfaction is an attitude. If you don't set your expectations too high, they are less likely to be disappointed. Be satisfied with your successes and do not depend on external circumstances. Rest in yourself, meditate, take care of yourself and you will be satisfied.

Job satisfaction

Work is a big part of life, so you should enjoy your job. The criteria that have to be right are remuneration, working hours and the working atmosphere. If one of these factors is wrong, you are dissatisfied. Therefore, you should make sure that you are paid fairly, that you have a healthy work-life balance and that you feel comfortable with your work and your colleagues.

Dissatisfaction: You should avoid that

If you are still dissatisfied with your situation, you shouldn't bury your head in the sand right away. You can change many things in life quickly and try to eliminate negative things from your life. If you keep the following advice in mind, you can avoid dissatisfaction.

Do not compare yourself to others

Social media invites you to compare yourself to others. The others seem to have the perfect life. Your life, on the other hand, feels boring. But those who compare themselves to others always see the bad in themselves and predominantly the good in others. However, this picture never corresponds to reality. You also have qualities that others admire in you. In return, the others also have traits that they may not be so proud of. Keep this in mind the next time you scroll through your Facebook timeline.

Don't keep striving for more

Excessive consumption is also not beneficial when it comes to satisfaction. Those who constantly strive for more, always want the latest, will never be satisfied. There will always be something new and better. Instead, be content with what you have. This can also be applied to other periods of life. Don't expect too much from your partner, just respect and accept them for who they are.

Try to avoid stress

Too much stress makes you sick. However, it can be triggered by a variety of things. Often work pressure is the main reason for a stressful everyday life, but private conflicts can also be very stressful and stressful. Therefore try to resolve conflicts and disputes directly and avoid unnecessary discussions. If you are still dragging legacies from the past with you, you should try to work through them so that they do not break out in due course and increase the stress factor again.

Don't be a loner

Even if you like to spend time alone, you should still make sure that you get enough people and maintain your social contacts. Because these are essential for your well-being. It is not without reason that people do not like to live alone, but prefer to live with their partner, family or friends. Since this is less the case in Germany these days, people are generally more dissatisfied. If you have problems meeting new people and making friends, you can join a club, do volunteer work or use social media. Check out this guide for more ideas on how to make new friends.

Satisfaction: Not a permanent condition?

Satisfaction lasts longer than happiness, yet satisfaction is not permanent. It is not possible to be satisfied with yourself and your life all the time. Life is a roller coaster ride with ups and downs. If you would always feel equally good, you would have no desire to change something and work on yourself. Your life would be boring and empty. Dissatisfaction, on the other hand, is a driver. If you are dissatisfied, you want to improve your situation, you have desires and longings that you are working towards. Satisfaction occurs when you have satisfied and fulfilled your desires and longings. However, humans are designed in such a way that new desires will soon be added that they would like to fulfill. So he always has something to work towards and doesn't lose his drive.

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