There are large online second-hand stores

These are our 18 favorite vintage & second-hand online shops for fashion and accessories

Second hand actually only has advantages: You protect the environment, you can get hold of unique parts from fashion labels and save money at the same time. No wonder that the market for vintage and second-hand online shops is currently booming. Have you lost your bearings in the jungle of online shops? We'll show you where you can shop high-quality and unique second-hand clothing and accessories

Second-hand online shops with designer labels

1. Vestiaire Collective

At Vestiaire Collective, fashion enthusiasts can buy and sell second-hand designer fashion. From Chanel alone there are 300 new pieces every month! Before each sale, a team of experts checks all pieces for authenticity; there are clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry for sale. Those who prefer something new are sure to find what they are looking for in the Mini-Series: Here, selected designers are creating a collection especially for Vestiaire Collective that is not available anywhere else.

2. NewTwo

If you are looking for designer second-hand clothing, you cannot avoid the Berlin shop NeuZwei. The range includes brands such as Max Mara, Acne Studios, Miu Miu and Prada in the best quality. The assortment ranges from clothing to shoes, bags and jewelry. In addition to vintage items, NeuZwei also offers independent, sustainable labels such as “The Nude Label”, which produce underwear, swimwear and accessories from recycled fibers. A visit to Berlin is always worthwhile, as not all pieces are available online.

3. Saclàb

The vintage online shop Saclàb specializes in the most exclusive designer bags. The special feature: Luxury designer bags are also sold, which are often only available with a waiting list. Plus, the commission is pretty low at 12-20 percent, which leaves sellers with more profit. And the game also works the other way around: Are you looking for a very specific designer bag? In the online shop, customers can make non-binding searches, bags can be reserved 24 hours a day, and there is cleaning for free.

4. Rebel

At Rebelle you can find second-hand designer fashion as well as bags, accessories, shoes and jewelry. By the way: As a seller, you don't pay any shipping costs if you send your clothing to Rebelle for an authenticity check.

5. Luxury items

Luxussachen is the shop for vintage handbags, luggage and accessories from the luxury segment. Here you can find products from Chanel, Celine, Louis Vuitton & Co. What is special: You can buy in installments and, in addition to the online shop, visit four fashion boutiques, two in Hamburg, one in Hanover and one in Bielefeld.

6. Vite Envogue

With Vite Envogue (French for "fast in fashion") the first shopping club for premium designer fashion is presented. The name says it all: Here you can buy clothing from over 350 premium designer brands such as Chloé, Louis Vuitton and Hermès. Private people sell their design treasures here - so you have to be quick, because most of the parts are unique. In addition, there are always shopping and sale promotions on certain topics.

7. Hardt Store

The Berlin Hardt Store from the founders Mira and Malte Hardt covers a wide range of fashion brands with a selective range: from Boss to Acne to Versace. The style is rather restrained with a few statement pieces (clothing, shoes, accessories) from past decades, quality comes first here.

Second-hand online shops with exclusive labels

8. GrusGrus

The second-hand shop GrusGrus in Berlin has a small but fine selection of classic pieces: from the perfect knitted sweater to the pencil skirt with special details. The online range is manageable, but is particularly worthwhile for timeless investments that will definitely remain stylish for the next 30 years.

9. Girls Of Mars

You can find real second-hand jewels in the Girls Of Mars online shop: the sometimes unusual looks range from sharp-cut vintage blazers to blouses and tops to coats. The special feature: the online shop is LGBTQ-run, the looks are all high-quality statement pieces. The team behind the online shop regularly posts new fashion items to its range on Instagram.

10. Retold

Vintage pieces that perfectly match current trends can be found in the UK second-hand online shop Retold. Founder Claire Lewis relies on timeless, restrained vintage items, from suits to dresses to classic coats. Shipping to Germany is not cheap, but it is definitely worth it for the timeless fashion pieces. In addition: In addition to clothes and accessories, the shop also sells carefully curated vintage wedding dresses.

Online flea markets

11. Vinted

Are you looking for that one item that you already wanted last year, but that was sold out everywhere at the time or you want to look for clothes like at the flea market? Try your luck at Vinted (formerly Kleiderkreisel) - because you can find almost anything here. In the classic sense, the website is not an online shop, but a swap community, on which the sale of former favorite pieces is absolutely recommended.

12. Girls' flea market

You can also buy and sell at the girls' flea market. In addition to the usual suspects, the navigation also contains the "New" and "Premium" sections. Anyone who rummages here can find real fashion bargains - better than any sale. Sellers can either look after their goods themselves or use the concierge service. Here, girls' flea market takes over the sale for a 40 percent commission.

13. Vide dressing

It is worth browsing - for example in the huge range of the second-hand fashion flea market Vide Dressing. The platform offers everything from basics to it-bags and luxury pieces that a fashion lover can imagine - even if the search for the large range may take a bit. Meanwhile, 1.5 million users sell via the platform, the team behind it checks quality and prices so that buyers and sellers are happy.

High street labels that sell secondhand

14. Zalando "Circle"

If you want to clean out your wardrobe and renew your wardrobe, you can send your clothes to "Zalando Zircle" and receive shopping vouchers for Zalando as soon as a team has rated the items and classified them as resalable. There is also free shipping and returns, as well as a 100-day return policy.

15. Cos "Resell"

Since September 2020, "Cos Resell" has made it possible to buy and sell the label's clothing on this platform. In this way, clothes are given a new life and customers are encouraged to shop sustainably.

16. Asos "Marketplace"

Asos offers its own vintage section under the “Marketplace” menu item. Here you can find retro fashion from hundreds of private providers. Anyone who also wants to sell can apply for a so-called "boutique" in Asos' virtual marketplace.

17. Urban Outfitters "Renewal"

Urban Renewal Vintage - the term hides pieces that either consist of old clothing scraps, are inspired vintage clothing items or have even been rescued from a discarded inventory. Urban Outfitters uses these to either create something new out of them or to sell these unique pieces as vintage.

18. About You "Second Love"

About You has been offering the Second Love range since autumn 2020. There you can find quality-tested second-hand fashion. If you click on the second-hand products, an extra label “used” appears on the edge of the product image. In addition, another second-hand article of the selected brand is displayed.