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Languages ​​- VHS Leer

love VHS - Participants, ladies and gentlemen,

As you can see on our cover picture, we would like you to take advantage of our language courses and

the main focus languages to draw attention. As an adult education center, we are still an important point of contact

to the languages learn. This is also made clear to us by the approximately 2,200 participants in the language courses each year, an enormous one

Increase of around 50% since 2002. A big thank you at this point to the contributors for the front page, they are

Participants from language courses, the photographers come from the photo working groups!

The rest of the program picks up on and reflects social trends with around 220 new events out of a total of 854

Needs of our participants. We hope that there is something for you too. Take part in our work, express it

Express your criticism or benevolence and feel free to submit suggestions as to what interests you. We try to implement it.

Above all, however, we hope that you will fi nd pleasure in the range of events for the coming semester again

and you can perceive your educational interests

For the team of VHSEmpty e.V., your



in Empty

Our offers:

4 main semester topic: languages 63 Addiction / care / support

5 History / Regional 65 Cooking / Nutrition

6 Law / Finance 68 Wellness

7 Philosophy / Area Studies 69 Astrology / Esotericism

9 International encounters 70 Early childhood education and development

10 Politics 71 Education

12 Ecology / Nature 72 Tutoring

13 animals 72 rhetoric / communication

14 Vocational training 74 Psychology

15 Business training 76 projects in education

16 EDP, Xpert

in the branch offices

17 IT at leisure

19 IT for kids / IT applications 77 bundles

22 Basic education / 2nd education 81 Hesel

23 Studies without a high school diploma 84 Jemgum

24 languages 88 Jümme

25 Chinese / German / Sign Language 91 Moormerland

26 Integration courses / language tests 95 Ostrhauderfehn

27 Low German 99 Rhauderfehn

27 English 106 Uplengen

31 French / Greek / Italian 111 Weener

32 Japanese / Dutch 115 Westoverledingen

34 Polish / Russian / Swedish

The offer from the Borkum branch appears as

35 Spanish separate program.

37 courses for language teachers


38 Art / Culture / Concerts

39 Music / Literature and Writing 1 Preface, Table of Contents

40 Drawing / Painting 2 General information

41 Creative design 3 Board of Directors / Auditors VHSEmpty e. V. and employees

45 dancing

47 Theater / Singing / Music / Instruments Overviews

48 Jazz live in the warehouse. 118 lectures / individual events / day seminars

50 film / VHS Film club 123 weekend seminars

51 Photography 124 Educational Leave Events

53 Hobby 125 Index

54 Health / Lifestyle 126 Cancellation Policy

55 Relaxation / body work / massage

56 Meditation Terms and Conditions: General terms and conditions on the back

57 yoga

the registration forms at the end of the program booklet

58 movement

61 (alternative) medicine

Overall layout: Sabrina Post, VHSEmpty e. V.

62 Health / professional training Layout cover picture: Sebastian Schatz, VHSEmpty e. V.

In our program you will fi nd offers for special target groups in many places.

Please note our index at the end of the program and search for it

among seniors, women, men, children, etc.

Referring a friend is worthwhile

You know someone who has never taken a course at the VHS has visited? If you are that person

convince at one VHSCourse (except for lectures), we will reward your commitment

with a VHS- Voucher for 10.00 euros, which you can find in the VHS-Business office received.


General information

"Made-to-measure education"

As a rule, companies or institutes do not need standard courses, but tailor-made courses

Training on a specific topic or problem. For these cases is available to you

our qualified team is available, each with an individual specialist

Emphasis - is able to assist you in the conceptual design and implementation of

Competently support training processes.

For many years, satisfied customers know next to a reasonable one

Value for money in particular to appreciate the following advantages:

• The content is tailored to meet operational needs

• Timing and scheduling integration into operational requirements

• Short-term implementation

• competent, flexible lecturers

• Qualified certificates of attendance

• Possibility to continue learning with Zer fi kat

Contact us! Detlev Maaß and Heike-Maria Pilk

Information for course instructors

Cooperation with the coordination office for women and

Profession, advice center Empty, Tel .: 0491 99902822 (E-Mail:

[email protected]). Discounted courses for women who

have been without social security employment for at least one year.

The coordination office is financed from state funds

Lower Saxony, the European Fund for Regional Development

ERDF and the districts of Aurich and Empty.

All courses with a logo are available on request

Funded by the Women and Work Coordination Office.

The VHS-The board decided in its meeting that all course instructors receive a 10% discount

every course of the VHSEmpty up to a maximum of 30.00 euros per year.

You can continue to use the advanced training offer of the agency for adult and advanced training

or other organizations. For us, advanced training is a quality feature.

On Monday, September 3rd, 2012 at 5 p.m. we invite you to an informa on event for all new

Course instructors. Content will be: Informa on about VHS, Formalia for a successful course

and general questions. Of course, there are also all other interested course instructors

welcome. We kindly ask you to notify us by 08/30/2012 VHS-Business office,

Tel. 0491 92992-0.

Place: VHS, Haneburg, Foyer, Haneburgallee 8, Empty.

IWiN (individual training in Lower Saxony)

With the IWiN program, the state of Lower Saxony promotes further training for employees in

small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Receive further information and the application form

You can find it on the Internet at, regional contact point for Os riesland and

Papenburg, Chamber of Commerce for Os riesland and Papenburg, Ringstrasse 4, 26721 Emden

Contact person: Hanna Martens, Telephone: 04921 890168 Fax: 04921 89019268,

Email: [email protected] Internet:

Education bonus

Individual support for professionals, also for the self-employed, low-wage earners, etc.

Contact and informa on see page 16 or VHSEmpty, Business office.

= Self-help groups

In cooperation with the self-help contact point

of the district Empty can members

special support from the self-help groups

for certain courses of the VHS receive.

These courses are marked with an SH-LOGO.

Interested parties please contact

the self-help contact point of the district

(04 91-9 26 11-19 / 22 / 29).

= Educational leave

In Lower Saxony there is for employees

basically a right to

five working days leave for educational purposes

within one calendar year.

Seminars with leisure

For senior citizens and others who speak foreign languages,

Computer or Internet in a quiet

Want to learn speed or those in health sports

Like-minded, like-minded people

and want to meet people of the same mobility.

Since January 28th, 2008

is the VHSEmpty e. V.

in the area

vocational education

additionally cer fi ed.

Education for people

with disabilities

People with disabilities are just like us

welcome like others. We can

a mobile hearing aid for the hearing impaired

Provide. We also try to

Wheelchair users have access to our

Enable events. Speak

Please contact us early if you are interested

to have. For better accessibility you can find the

VHS-Film club in the cinema center at ground level!

Do you have an idea for a new course,

that you would like to visit who is still

was never in our program for that

You may also realize more

Interested parties know and / or a suitable

Course leader?

Then make us a suggestion.

We will seriously consider this proposal.

If the course in one of the next programs

is recorded and then with

at least 8 participants

you can participate for free.

We look forward to your suggestions.

Newsletter and Facebook

With our e-mail newsletter or via

our information page on the internet pla orm

Facebook will always keep you up to date

Was standing.

We will keep you informed about news about

Education that VHS and current events.

The VHSEmpty e.V. - Board of Directors and employees

VHS-Business office:

Haneburgallee 8 (Haneburg)

26789 Empty

Item 2105, 26771 Empty

Opening hours:

Morning: Mon - Fri 8 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Afternoon: Mon, Tue and Thu 1.30 p.m. - 4.30 p.m.

Wed. 1.30 p.m. - 4.00 p.m.

and by appointment

separate opening times:

Thursday 08/30 and 06.09. 2012 1.30 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Heike-Maria Pilk, sociologist M. A. Tel .: 0491 92992-23

Adult Education Center / Head of Department: [email protected]

Branch offices, communica on, pedagogy,

Psychology, company training

Mr. Eysteinsdo r, M. A. DaF Tel .: 0491 92992-21

Deputy Head of eysteinsdo [email protected]

Head of Department: languages,

Integration courses, basic education,

2. Education

Thomas Huhn, qualified pedagogue Tel .: 0491 92992-28

Head of department: [email protected]

Health, art, culture, creativity

Detlev Maaß, Dipl. Soz. Ped .; MBA Tel .: 0491 92992-29

Head of department: [email protected]

Work, profession, IT, policy,

Society, environment, company training

Doris Freund Tel .: 0491 9769420

Project manager for professional education [email protected]

Ursula Hempel Tel .: 0491 9279394

Project manager for professional education [email protected]

Corinna Michal-Gabriel Mobile: 01520 8976223

Project manager KomMit [email protected]

Maike Wieger Mobile 0174 9737131

Project manager EFI [email protected]

Sebas to Schatz Tel .: 0491 92992-32

Public relations work and branding [email protected]

Sabrina Post Tel .: 0491 92992-34

IT support [email protected]



Jörg Furch

freely elected board member

Deputy Chairman:

Hans Fricke

freely elected board member

Clemens Bollen

Representative DGB

Jörg Kenter

freely elected board member

Hermann Koenen

Representatives of the municipalities

Erwin Köster

Representatives of the municipalities

Frauke Maschmeyer-Pühl

Representative of the district Empty

Rudiger Reske

Representative of the district Empty

Chris na Stoye-Grunau

City representative Empty

Be na Stöhr

freely elected board member

Johann Watzema

Representative DGB

Lothar Weibezahl

City representatives Empty

Paul Foest

Representative of the district Empty


Edzard Eihusen

Carl-Heinz Focken

Telephone: 0491 92992-0 Fax: 0491 92992-10

Email: [email protected] Internet:

Bank details: Sparkasse EmptyWi mund BLZ 285 500 00

IBAN: DE 34 2855 0000 0000 8165 87

Account no .: 816 587, BIC BRLADE21LER

Tax NR. 60/204/20101

Register VR 110029 District Court Aurich

Conrad Wramba, Dipl.-Kfm. Tel .: 0491 92992-20

Administrative management [email protected]

Birgit Janssen Tel .: 0491 92992-22

Office management, registration [email protected]

Quality management, works councils

Angelika Beuing Tel .: 0491 92992-36

Registration [email protected]

Carsten Löning Tel .: 0491 92992-25

Registration [email protected]

Elke Schönsee Tel .: 0491 92992-24

Registration, educational leave [email protected]

Johanna Parte Tel .: 0491 92992-31

Fee reduction [email protected]

Heinz Schilling Tel .: 0491 92992-26

Purchasing, fee accounting, [email protected]

Accounts payable, spatial planning

Klaus Dierkes, Dipl.-Kfm. Tel .: 0491 92992-27

Accounting [email protected]

Chris na Kloos Tel .: 0491 92992-33

Integration courses [email protected]

Viola Rieck Tel .: 0491 92992-30

Apprentices [email protected]

Tim Gossmann Tel .: 0491 92992-30

Trainee [email protected]

Bianca Kühl Tel .: 0491 92992-30

Retraining [email protected]

Elena Werner Tel .: 0491 92992-30

Administration [email protected]

Caution: Caution: g:

This is this time it is

Time al fi nnd

you will nd you

Registration form, Anme A meld ldef efor ormu mula lar, r, AGB AAGB


and and and

d cancellation policy

Wi Wide derr rruf ufsb sbel e ction ng

very, very, very nz hhin

at the back of the magazine. Hef

eft. t.

Our us

sere re branch managers


Outside there are all points

present presences we enti tiered


from SSei

Page 77.777.




Semester focus

languageslearn at the adult education center

Want to learn a language - where are you going? First and foremost, of course, to yours VHS. Adult education centers are in Germany with

By far the largest and most popular providers of language courses - the importance of language courses is correspondingly high for us. By

The linguistic and cultural diversity in our everyday life has grown and the interest in learning a foreign language has grown

People see the advantage of being able to speak foreign languages. Language courses represent the second largest range of courses in the VHSEmpty.

languages learning not only opens new doors and offers new opportunities, especially in professional life, it also builds bridges.

In this regard, we see ourselves as an important meeting point and place for social learning. People of different social classes and

Age groups meet in the VHS - Learning together promotes social skills and ensures greater understanding for one another.

We are also proud of the quality of our language courses: We achieve this, among other things, through free, individualized and targeted courses

Advice and placement, a differentiated offer, high quality through further training for teachers, improvements through

Regular feedback and cooperation with other adult education centers in Lower Saxony. Because of our regional location, we have to

but accept the compromise not to be able to offer every language at every level.

Special thanks go to our language teachers. Your attachment to the VHSEmpty and the mo va on, regularly you

Updating and developing the offer is reflected in the quality and demand.

You can see an overview of our main topic at the bottom left of this page.

Did you know,

that with us the German courses the

are the most attended courses?

This is followed by the English courses

and third

the Spanish courses are available.

over 80 language courses in Empty for 13 languages from page 24

Over 40 language courses in the branch offices from page 77

Open Air Cinema on September 8th, 2012 page 50

Spanish and Dutch films in the original language on page 50

Lectures about different countries page 09

Lecture: The languagesdiversity of Spain Page 09

Lecture: Travelogue in Spanish and German with tapas and wine page 09

Scandinavian Christmas customs on page 09

Spanish for primary school students and teenagers page 35

Advanced training for language course instructors page 37

Advanced training in language development page 70

French chanson evening page 39

You will fi nd the entire offer in the program, of course in the department

languages, in culture, politics and education. We look forward to your response.

Our cover picture shows language learners and

teachers from different VHS-Courses.

We thank Patricia Kroon, Kers n Philipson,

Manfred Gerke, Mirka Wassileva,

Kers n Goemann, Doris Frühauf, Birgit

Rounds, Enriqueta Borrell de Rieger and

Stephanie Ehler for the willingness to participate.

We also thank Dagmar

Löllgen, Jürgen Rainer Lüken and

Hermann Mülder from the Os giant

Photo circle for the cover photos.

Find with us

the right language course

Individual placement advice

Use our free placement advice.

Either personally as agreed

Appointments, by phone at

Number 0491-92 992 21 or by email to

eysteinsdo [email protected]

Placement test - online:

At you will fi nd under Service / Sprachberatung / Sprachtest

for self-assessment

a language test.

History / regional

Training as a volunteer miller,

to the voluntary miller

“The best way to get mills is to keep the mills

keep in operation. A mill that looks like that

o as possible rotates that are regularly serviced

and is well cared for, it will not deteriorate either. "

In spring 2013 we will be offering another training course


There will be 25 training sessions with 164 lessons

carried out.

When you sign up for the upcoming training course

you are interested in Detlev Maaß

on 0491 92 992 29 for further information -

ons available.


The fortress Emptyplace -

Origin - History -


The seminar records the history, development,

one and today's importance of the fortress Emptyplace

according to - also under social and cultural-historical

Points of view. Probably in the 15th century

“At the gates Emptys “on the headland between

Ems and Leda built a fortress Emptyplace belonged

once one of the most powerful strongholds in the country.

The was of enormous military importance

original "river castle" in the course of the 16th century

constantly expanded and with bas ons and ravelins

surround. EmptyThe place was also the administrative seat

of the Count Drosten for the office of the same name, the

The local ferry service was also great

infrastructural importance. 1744 arrived Emptyplace at

Prussia, the demolition began five years later.

Burghardt Sonnenburg

Monday, November 12th, 2012, 7.30pm - 9pm,

2 evenings

Haneburg, Hall IV, 12.00 euros, 4 UStd.

History / regional

port Empty


Empty in the

Reformation time

Seminar on the early modern Empty. The 16th

The 19th century was particularly religious

Questions shaped, but also by a rapid one

economic development. The reforma on

worked in all areas of society and

brought violent, all-encompassing upheavals:

denominational, social, economic and political.

The clashes between Lutheran

and reformed beliefs

temporarily discharged with the highest sharpness - a

Triggers for the revolutionary surveys, among other things. in

Emden 1595 and catalyst of the conflict between

the Count House of Cirksena and the Os giant

Stands for their rights and freedoms - here

Ubbo Emmius (1547-1625) took an important role

Position a. The stain Empty and above all the

fortress Emptyplace, at the same time administrative seat and

Gräfl iche residence, came at times central

political importance. More about the seminar

you can find out at

Burghardt Sonnenburg

Monday, September 17th, 2012, 7.30pm - 9pm, 3 evenings

Haneburg, room IV

18.00 Euro, 6 UStd.


Tin, sturgeon, peat, scrap -

the Emptyan changing port


The offer is suitable for everyone who loves the history of the city

Knowledge of the aspect of "port history"

want to expand, but excellent

to people who Emptyaner port z. B. in

Get to know better within the framework of guided tours

and want to "accommodate".

The Emptyaner port shaped and shaped the development

and city life Empty to a variety of guests

Way: as a tourist a rak on, home of

Water sports enthusiasts and traditional ships and

not least in the area of ​​freight transport, trade

and economy. The future of the city is also becoming

be shaped by what is happening in the port: mari me

Heritage of the Leda city is expressly cherished and

further developed. Exciting and insightful

in this context a look at the - long,

moving - history of Emptyanother port.

Burghardt Sonnenburg

Monday, October 8th, 2012, 7.30pm - 9pm, 2 evenings

Haneburg, room IV

12.00 Euro, 4 UStd.


Ancestral and


for beginners

They always wanted to know where theirs came from

Ancestors come from, or a gap in the wall

fill in the family tree of an old pedigree? you

want to learn more about the life of your ancestors,

find out more about your family name? you

would like to create a family or farm chronicle?

Then register for the course!

Hoops from Scheeßel

Tuesday, November 20, 2012, 6 p.m. - 8.30 p.m.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012, 6 p.m. - 8.30 p.m.

VHS Blinker 61; Room 4

12.00 euros, 6.7 UStd.

You are welcome to bring your own laptops



Poznan and the Poznan Land

Lecture with film excerpts

The Poznań Land is one of the oldest populated

Parts of Poland and is called the "cradle of Poland"

designated. Poznan, the center of this region, applies

as the “Prussian” city in Poland, and that has with

to do with history, because in 1793 the Poznan fell

Land to Prussia and remained that until 1918

Component. The city of Poznan, which is also German

Thanks to settlers a lot has always been one

important commercial and industrial center. By

The city benefited from its proximity to Germany on

most of the opening of the borders and is

today again Poland's shop window to the west.

Zbigniew Kullas

Thursday, 11/29/2012, 6.30 p.m.

Empty, VHS Blinke 61, room 3, 6.00 euros

Registration is essential!


Pomerania - the land by the sea

Lecture with film excerpts

Pomerania, today's Pomorze, lived through

for centuries a fate and

checkered history between Germans,

Sweden and Poland until it was in the 19th century

became a Prussian province. The German

Past and Polish Present

Pomerania, now a European region,

are at the center of the lecture. Old and

new shots of the wonderful landscape

and from the everyday life of the people who live there

become us the land between the Oder and Vistula

bring closer.

Zbigniew Kullas

Thursday, January 24th, 2013, 6.30 p.m.

Empty, VHS Blinke 61, room 1, 6.00 euros

Registration is essential!



Hike from Empty

to Wilhelmshaven

Hiking - and discover the landscape with you

Fauna and flora, on the trail of history and

Hear and tell stories, that's what it's all about

in this course. Hiking is a sport that doesn't

the goal and the time are important: the way is the goal. In

this semester we start hiking from

Empty to Wilhelmshaven. We hike first

via the Ems-Hunte-Weg, one of the main hiking trails

of the Wiehengebirgsverband. It goes from Empty to

Bad Zwischenahn. The hiking routes are each

approx. 15 km at a leisurely pace (approx. 4 km per hour,

Breaks included). On the way there are explanations for

Nature and culture, buildings worth seeing are visited

and explained. Trips to and from the stage destinations

take place by train. The 1st stage goes from Empty to

Stickhausen (return by taxi).

1st stage: September 8th Empty - S ckhausen 17 km

Return by bus or taxi

2nd stage: Oct. 13, S ckhausen - Augus ehn 10 km

Departure time (bus) is still


New fellow hikers are always welcome.

Dr. Hartmut Haas

Start: Saturday, 08.09.2012, 09.25

Meeting point: in front of the ticket machine in

railway station Empty, Return: at the latest 18.15 in Empty

The other dates and information about the meeting

Please refer to the information sheet for points

or call the instructor (04955 4673).

5.00 euros per hike plus travel expenses. Bi e

take with you: clothing also in case there is

raining Sturdy shoes, low shoes are sufficient -

do not ask for sandals! Food for on the go.


History / Regional / Law and Finance

City ecological Emptypath

Urban ecology has been growing for almost two decades

EMPTY path in our city and attracts many

Locals and guests under its spell. who has

you haven't seen the round signs

with the arrow pointing in the sidewalks

and roads show the way of the EMPTY path.

The city governing association Empty e.V., its members

also actively participate in this citizen project,

currently offers 2 guided tours that follow the LEER path

again more in the interest of the public

should ask. Contact person: Thomas Huhn

(Tel. 0491 92992-28)

Working group:

Empty - the bike-friendly city

The working group for sustainable development

of cycling in Empty in cooperation with

the city Empty, the working group Stadtmarke ng

Empty, the ADFC and others deals with questions

which are particularly suitable for cyclists from

Are interested. You will receive more information

in the VHS-Business office. Contact Person:

Thomas Huhn - Tel. 0491 92992-28


The project

City ecological Empty-Path

City ecology to be amazed - understand -


The project has been following for more than 15 years

the motto "marvel - understand - imitate"

contribute to our (environment) world in Empty in many

to change small steps, Empty to a

ecological city of the future and

at the same time even more livable and lovable

to be let. The project is open to everyone

Interested. More informa on about the

Project is also available from the Internet address

of the project (h p: //,

of the working group Stadtmarke ng (www.

stadtmarke or the city Empty


The open plenum takes place on every third

Wed week in the month sta .

Thomas Chicken

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012, 7.30pm - 10pm, 5 appointments

Haneburg, delivery

Guided tours to the

Urban ecological



1. Tour:

“Lived commitment

the Emptyaner for your city "

At selected stations of the so-called Inner Ring

interested parties can on Sunday, 09.09.2012,

get to know the results of this public participation so far

and tips and suggestions for urban ecology

Behavior. Down the corridor

of the port into the old town of Empty to encounter

us legends, small "green windows" on the Ledaufer,

old views of the weighing platform, butterflies, ...

and give insights into selected

ecological issues. More than 1,000 Emptyhave aner

has so far been involved in this project that you

can experience it up close with this tour!

After the tour there is the opportunity to

at a specially designed concept of the EMPTY

Path along the ecological harbor trip

take part in the canal boat "Koralle" and on

this mobile station of the EMPTY path with a new

Viewpoint completely relaxed on the water

Enjoy the ride and the interesting explanations

to listen to the captain. Beginning of the port

Claudia Röben

Sunday, 09.09.2012, 2 p.m.

Meeting point: Empty, Mühlenplatz (Leff ers)

3.00 euros / per person / children 7-11 years

1.50 euros (only the guided tour on foot)

Ride with the "Koralle": 6.00 euros / person

(Children up to 11 years of age 3.00 euros)


2. Tour:

"Drive into the countryside - the results

enjoy long-term civic engagement "

On Sunday, September 16, 2012 there will be a bike tour

explored the so-called outer ring of the LEER path.

We are following in the footsteps of ours Emptyanother perennial gardener

Ernst Pagels, drive a bit along the Ems

to the former fortress Emptyplace, climb the Plytenberg,

visit the Emptyaner Westerhammrich, the

has long since ceased to be a secret, and we have this

Ride with the bike, as if by itself, urban ecology

Lived thinking. A ride that is fun and

interesting informa on from town history and

Urban ecology mixed up.

Claudia Röben

Sunday, September 16, 2012, 2.30 p.m.

Meeting point: Empty, Mühlenplatz (Leff ers), 4.00 euros


and finance

"Fit in old-age provision"

Lecture series - social and pension law

- in cooperation with the counseling center of

German pension insurance -

All events are free of charge and can be found

in the counseling center, Hafenstr. 6 c, in Empty sta .

Registrations requested under 0491 927630.

Retirement provision goes to school

- in cooperation with the counseling center

of the German pension insurance -

The increasing importance of as early as possible

incipient retirement provision is the subject of this

Lectures. Why retirement provision is important! Which

I have options, and how do they become public

promoted? Here, the private and corporate

Implementation methods are presented.

Hafenstrasse 6 c, payment

Please register at 0491 927630.


Employer-funded pension -

the better way for me?

• Concepts of company pension schemes

• Implementation routes

• Legal Entitlement and Transfer

when changing jobs

• Special features, advantages and disadvantages

Mar n Wulf

Tuesday, November 20, 2012, 7.30 p.m.


The Riester pension -

how does it work?

• Allowance for special expenses and allowances

• Who is eligible for funding?

• What does the state pay?

• Residents

Josef Wolbers

Tuesday, 11/27/2012, 7.30 p.m.


Private pension:

chances and risks

• The personal pension situation


• Private pension with ac en,

Government bonds or insurance

In this lecture products of the private

Retirement plans will be explained and it will

about the opportunities and risks of individual products


Stefan Ki el

Tuesday, November 13, 2012, 7.30 p.m.


Pension and Tax -

what i need to know

• Who is liable for tax as a pensioner?

• When are the pension contributions tax-free?

Mar n Wulf

Wed, 12.12.2012, 7.30 p.m.


Women and pension:

What is important?

• Own pension and additional old-age provision

• Parental leave, part-time work, mini jobs

and care of loved ones

• Pension equalization in the event of divorce

Diana Buchner

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012, 7.30pm



Provided by the partner?

• Survivors' benefits

Who? When? How long?

• Income credits

• Compensation in the event of remarriage

Josef Wolbers

Wednesday, November 28, 2012, 7.30 p.m.


Reduced earning capacity or

incapacitated - what if?

• When is the incapacity or

Reduced earning capacity?

• How long is the pension paid?