What can the USA learn from Malaysia

German social workers learn in America

What are the challenges American social workers face? What are the differences to the everyday work of your German colleagues? What can they learn from each other? After an internship in the USA, German specialists from the social field of child and youth welfare can answer these questions. For three months they gained local experience, looked after children from broken families, helped immigrants integrate into the USA or looked after unemployed young people. On behalf of the Federal Ministry for Families, Seniors, Women and Young People, the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) GmbH enables committed social workers to gain this important practical experience and offers a platform for a transatlantic exchange of expertise.

A grant from the Ministry covers travel and maintenance costs in the USA, where the German professionals live with host families and get to know the everyday life of an American family. Your internship, which will be arranged by GIZ and will begin in August / September 2019, is expected to take place in one of the four states of Arizona, Illinois, Michigan and West Virginia. There is no age limit in this program. Employees from private and public institutions who have completed their training, have a good command of English and have professional experience can apply to GIZ by March 14, 2019.

Additional Information: CIP - Council of International Programs