Do people bother you for being fat?

Anyone who teased me in elementary school used to go home with a black eye. ”Julia (name changed) is not proud of that. But still: "If people keep annoying you about your weight and don't stop despite your requests, then you just have to draw your boundaries differently."

Even as a child, the 16-year-old student from the Rhein-Erft district was always fuller than others. In the meantime, she is actually quite satisfied with her 80 kilograms and 1.65 meters tall. But she had real problems with her pounds in the third grade of elementary school: “I once didn't go to school for three weeks and instead I hid somewhere. Until I said to myself: It can't go on like this. ”Because Julia couldn't keep up with the school, the teacher tried to help:“ She invited everyone for an interview, but that didn't work. I then talked to the stinkers again individually. At some point the stupid sayings stopped. "

In the meantime Julia has learned to handle her weight with confidence. “People who withdraw and appear solitary are bullied in class. You have to be strong. ”She is now relaxed about getting on. There is only more than a weary smile “when someone tells me in a really vicious way that I am fat. I still have to swallow. "

She can also get annoyed about the prejudice that fat people are lazy: “I did floor exercises for six years, and I don't shy away from school sports either. Except maybe when running continuously, sometimes I don't feel like it, ”she grins. Her parents tried to persuade her to diet. But only with short-term success. “It doesn't do any good if I actually feel good. If I go shopping and don't fit one size, I'll take the one larger than that. ”Julia had lost ten kilos once. “It's back on now. Not because I run to McDonald's every day, I actually don't like meat. Unfortunately for me, everything else comes into play right away. ”Julia doesn't see why she only lives on potatoes and vegetables.

The student finds it interesting that she always had more male than female friends. "Somehow I get along better with them." Boys are mostly not as "mirror and fashion fixated" as many girls. When she was thirteen, Julia was with her first boyfriend for nine months. “He only had thin girlfriends before, but my weight didn't bother him. There should still be people for whom inner values ​​also count, ”she smiles. The young person also approaches the current health debate about the extra pounds with an offensive attitude: “I think everyone has to deal with that themselves. If someone dictates something to you from outside, it doesn't help. ”But she has one more tip:“ In order not to put yourself off the beaten track, you shouldn't keep walking to the kiosk and showing up at school with mountains of sweets. That only offers the others their templates for the stupid sayings. "

Julia still doesn't even think about starving herself with diets because: “I feel good the way I am.” She recently received the nicest compliment from a classmate: “Losing weight would somehow not suit you at all , he said, just stay the way you are. "


(24, student from Frechen)