What are healthy pre-workouts

Knowledge What does pre workout mean?

Pre Workout Nutrition is diet through supplements or nutritional supplements that immediately before training (therefore "pre") should be taken. Many working people find it difficult early in the morning or late in the evening after work to find the concentration they need to get their bodies working out. For some, the training booster has already become a ritual before their workout, while a protein shake should round off the unit after training.

Goals and intentions

The aim of taking pre workout boosters should be to increase performance in training and greater training success. With ingredients such as caffeine and Co., a booster should do more than just counteract your tiredness.

Ingredients and their effects

  • Creatine: is intended to increase performance and muscle growth during maximum strength training. Creatine is involved in the energy supply processes.
  • Caffeine: Caffeine increases alertness and alertness and is taken to improve mental and physical performance.
  • Beta alanine: results in an increase in the carnosine level in the muscles. This ensures a longer load capacity of the muscles, because the muscle does not become over-acidic as quickly. Beta alanine shows its effect on strength and muscle gain only after long-term use.
  • Arginine: The intake of arginine expands the blood vessels and thus promotes blood circulation.

The right application

It's okay to have a bad day every now and then when we lack focus or motivation and we also gnaw on our sleep deficit from last weekend. If you then feel too powerless and lacking drive to pursue your training, you can try to save the situation with a pre workout booster. But you should be aware that such Booster no solution are, to compensate for a lack of sleep in the long term or to process the excessive workload better.

Compared to other dietary supplements such as BCAAs, Pre Workout Boosters are only taken on training days. Then it is advisable not to eat anything shortly before training in order to avoid the Booster on an empty stomach to take - ideally 20-45 minutes before exercise. So that there is no habituation effect, you shouldn't consume a booster before every workout, but pause it again and again. Also note: Many boosters contain a large amount of caffeine (sometimes as much as 4 cups of espresso). Especially if you are a fan of late night workouts, it could cause you trouble falling asleep.

Overdose and dangers

Training boosters, regardless of which type, need to be used responsibly and should be used with caution. Often there are users who exaggerate the consumption. They do not know what to look for when taking such substances and even use the boosters as a substitute for adequate sleep. An overdose can cause unpleasant side effects, such as a severe tingling, nausea, or racing heart.

Pre workout and post workout

Just like pre, there is also post workout nutrition that is consumed after training. This is usually done through protein shakes with so-called whey protein or a low-fat and high-protein diet with z. B. fish, meat, or egg.