Would you wear tube jeans under skirts

The tights: polarizing trousers

For some, it's a fashion accessory like lipstick and nail polish. In your wardrobe you will find the most impressive trousers in all imaginable shapes and colors - one for every occasion (or two, or three ...). Others, on the other hand, find tights just terrible and for nothing in the world would voluntarily force their legs into the tight, uncomfortable tubes.

You rarely see men in tights unless they are called D'Artagnan or Robin Hood. In the 15th century, however, these tubular garments were only worn by men. The fine tights, as they can be found in almost every woman's wardrobe today, first saw the light of day in France in 1958 and quickly became a box-office hit. In the sixties, the mini and hot pant trends led to a real boom.

Today there is a huge selection of opaque, transparent, colored or woolly tights and thanks to chinchillan annoying ladder stitches are a thing of the past!

Here are a few more trivia about tights:

  1. Never say never - or do you?
    Anna Wintour, longtime editor-in-chief of VOGUE magazine, once said: "Never wear tights! Never!"
  2. Dance leg
    Flesh-colored tights, like those worn in ballet or in the theater, have their own name in English: "fleshings"
  3. Tights recycling
    Disused pantyhose are ideal for polishing smooth surfaces such as tiles, mirrors or windows.
  4. Unisex tights
    With WoMan, the manufacturer Levee has tights in its range whose fit is designed for both women and men.
  5. Men's clothes
    Quote Hatschi from the film Robin Hood - Heroes in tights: "Come on, folks! Get out of these women's clothes and into our tights!"
  6. Former First Anti-Lady
    Michelle Obama hates tights
Tights - yes or no? For a competition, we asked our readers for their opinion on the subject of tights. Here are the nicest comments:

Comment from Bettina:
"I find dark socks with open shoes and shorts / skirts definitely more hideous than tights - they can be quite sexy."

Comment from Julia:
"Tights are practical for skirts and dresses in winter: in bold colors and / or patterned"

Comment from Carmen:
"I also wear tights, but only opaque and in black. What I would absolutely never wear are socks with a dress or a skirt."

Comment from Renate:
"I ALWAYS wear tights, even under jeans .. I find it more comfortable, warms in winter, prevents sweating in summer .. With skirts, the color should match the wardrobe .. If I can't find anything really suitable .. then always black ... there do the legs look slimmer "

Comment from Petra:
"Today there are such great tights that I would definitely combine with skirts or shorts with a blazer."


Comment from Anja:
"You NEVER find one that fits really well"

Comment from Michaela:
"Flesh-colored tights are terrible, I would really never wear them with a skirt. An absolute no-go."

Comment from Maria:
"Hold-ups are great and what doesn’t work are opaque, so women look like farmer's tramps"

Comment from Susanne:
"I wouldn't wear anything that irritates the skin, constricts me, makes life difficult overall. Tights fall into this category."

Comment from Heike:
"Tights are only something when you put on a dress or a skirt. Since I mostly only wear jeans, I don't have to worry about running stitches and itchy skin."

Comment from Yvo:
"Tights break easily and don't sit well, absolutely terrible.
If you prefer a legging skirt or dress in winter "