What are some free content marketing websites

The best content marketing tools at a glance

The professional implementation of developed topic ideas is just as important as the research. In order to stand out from the crowd, content marketing campaigns not only have to convince with relevance and added value, but also with high quality produced content. The following tools help marketers to ensure that the text content offered is of impeccable quality:

Word league text analysis

The free text analysis tool from Wortliga checks texts Style and readability and is based on factors that stand in the way of the latter. The web application identifies passive constructions, modal verbs, noun styles and filler words and thus helps with quality assurance. The frequency of a user-defined keyword is also determined for search engine-optimized text creation. The Hemingway app is an alternative for the English-speaking world.


The LanguageTool add-on checks texts correct spelling and grammar. Can your text editor do that too? Certainly not to the same extent as LanguageTool. The extension for MS Word, LibreOffice, Firefox, Chrome, Google Docs and many other applications recognizes more than 1,800 error patterns, but is currently only available for German-language texts.


WriteWell offers copywriters tried and tested Writing templates for various content formats such as essays, college papers, memoirs or cover letters. The tool is aimed primarily at schoolchildren and students, but is also suitable for creating corresponding texts in content marketing.


Working in a focused manner, leaving distractions no chance to increase output and quality - not easy for many copywriters. With the mobile app Forest one helps self-motivation and self-discipline a little by giving access to classic time wasters, e.g. B. Facebook or Twitter, blocked.


WriteBox is a tool for everyone who really gets distracted from everything during content production - even from the user interface of the writing program. With the help of the online tool, you can write your texts on a completely white page, without any interface. The program is particularly suitable for blog posts, which are usually kept simple and do not require any additional features of the common text editors, in order to work in a focused manner.