Why is Islam unpopular in Central Asia

Bringing Investments to Central Asia

The third “Asian European Business Innovation Congress” in Almaty also attracted many participants from Germany. The Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung reported.

Germany is not as unpopular everywhere as at the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm: A few thousand kilometers to the east in Kazakhstan, friendly contacts on a scientific, economic and cultural basis continue to grow. During the “3. Asian-European Business Innovation Congress ”, over 300 international participants, many of them from Germany, came together in Almaty in the past few weeks. The goal: to bring investments to Central Asia, create innovations, create jobs and open up the growing sales market.

Two national television stations broadcast the event, which lasted several days and was attended by representatives of the Fraunhofer Institute IFF, the Club of Rome, the German Chamber of Commerce, local ministries and numerous other institutions, as well as private entrepreneurs, and created new connections. While media debates in Europe concentrate on the risks from the Islamic area, new examples of cooperation in Islamic countries such as Kazakhstan are being created step by step - with the participation of Western companies.

Dr. Konstantin Schamber, himself of multicultural origin and founder of the forum: “It was the third congress of this kind and we are pleased about the increasing interest and the long-term connections that have emerged from it. The aim of the congress is to create an interdisciplinary platform for cooperation between Europe and Asia in the fields of science, business and culture. "

The business club "MITTELSTAND INTERNATIONAL", which wants to create new access especially for medium-sized companies, was able to inspire numerous participants from Germany for the trip. One of them, Georg Rittmayer, Vice President of the Association “Private Breweries in Bavaria e.V.” said: “In any case, this was a successful conference for me. Even if it is not always easy for medium-sized companies to successfully pursue the path abroad, there is no getting around it. The support I received during the congress was well above average. I am happy to be there again at the next congress. "

The next congress is planned for March 2017 in Southeast Asia. The planned topic will be "Innovation - Education - Sustainability in Production".

Philipp Schwab
German General Newspaper, Almaty