Why is Rey so annoying

"The Force Awakens": What is annoying about "Star Wars"? This is what the “world” readers say

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Thank you for the great, exciting, controversial discussion under the article "14 things that annoy us about" Star Wars VII "". We are excited! And because we believe that not only our opinion but also yours is important, we have documented some of the contributions here, some in abridged form. And: keep the discussion!

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Yuminae writes:

The following annoyed me while watching the film (unfortunately I can't see the new names yet and so don't bother to look them up):

1. The really stupid woman who waits for her parents all the time - okay childhood trauma, but really? And then within a few hours / days she can simply do all the Jedi tricks? Absurd!

2. The fight of the new Jedi woman with the bad son in the forest: She is knocked unconscious against the tree with a surge of power, but her colored friend can fight him for minutes and Han Solo's son doesn't even think about power to use? How badly did Luke Skywalker train him? Just fight a supposed non-Jedi? Without using power? How stupid is Han Solo's son? Can even be injured!

3. This Resistance and Government matter, as mentioned above. 30 years later nothing has been achieved? Nothing? Is it worse than in Tunisia and Libya - and then of course the headquarters of the government are spread over a few nearby planets and not all over the universe? What kind of government is it, what has it even ruled? In addition, the distances irritated me a little. Nothing against hyper-speed of light, but it all seemed just a stone's throw away.

The longer you think about it, the more irritated you get. My problem is also that I was reading the "sequels" to Star Wars back then and have something else in mind.
In addition, everything looks like a cheap, modern copy of part 4, only the heroes are simply not sympathetic, they do not seem authentic (which is probably due to their role) and it's easy to predict - everything. I found 1-3 already relatively bad, let's see what the next parts are in store for me.

Hikari writes:

I had already had enough after the first half and asked myself whether the digital revision of Part IV was so inadequate that it had to be filmed again right away. I bet Part VIII starts on an ice planet.

SubZero81 writes:

In the "trickle down", the inconsistencies come to the fore more and more often.
In addition, there is this senselessly excessive sensitivity of the "fear of spoilers". The bottom line is that it remains a great film. Also for a second reputation. But somehow, in the long-term perspective, there remains a "gourmet".

Kev82 writes: