Pluralsight is good


Worldwide vs. Local

Employee or workerWas working in the distribution / sales department at Pluralsight in Clearfield at the time of the assessment.

I think it's good about the employer

No micro-management
team spirit
Support from colleagues
Quality of the product

I think it's bad about the employer

Expectations for the European market
External perception vs. self-perception

Suggestions for improvement

What were the original values ​​and goals of Pluralsight and the founder Aaron again?
Does Aaron know about the mood in the company or does he still float in other universes with PS One and try to save them?

Working atmosphere

Worldwide general culture is very good, but not adaptable in every local aspect. Approach is very american - one fits all. And if it dont fit, its up to you - love it or leave it.


PS is mostly unknown in the EU and because of its business (online training) not really business critical.

Work-life balance

Depends on your own work-life balance and how much you let it bring you down.

Career / further education

All positions in the hierarchy are already assigned or will be assigned if you belong to the internal network. Usually, external new managers come from the companies of the existing managers. The management builds up a staff of "old acquaintances".

Salary / social benefits

Salary is great. Most of the other perks are only for US employees.
Unlimited vacation is a good marketing slogan but depends on local work law.

Managerial behavior

Depends on your manager. As long, as you make them successful, you are their friend. As everywhere. Don't come here to make friends.

working conditions

Home Office, Nice local offices in Europe.


Highly depends on the management team of your internal organization. Its from: "way too much" up to "Hello, is there anybody".

Interesting tasks

You are selling "Online Video Training" - with more or less special features. So, if you like it, it's great, but not sophisticated or visionary, even the company like it that way.

Environmental / social awareness

Dealing with older colleagues