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Buy a bow or crossbow?

It is not uncommon for you to be confronted with the question of whether you prefer one Buy a bow or a crossbow should.

Without having dealt with these two sports equipment beforehand, at first glance it actually seems that the bow and crossbow have similarities and similar functions.

If we take a closer look, we will quickly find that there are considerable differences.

But first things first. Let's take a closer look at the bow and crossbow beforehand.

frequently asked Questions

Below you will find frequently asked questions about the crossbow compared to the bow.

Bow or crossbow?

Although it looks like it at first glance, there are significant differences between these two pieces of exercise equipment. Shooting with a bow requires a lot more training.

What is the difference between a bow and a crossbow?

The biggest difference is to be found in the fact that the crossbow secures the taut string with a lock and ultimately shot down like a rifle. The energy can therefore be stored. With a bow, the archer has to hold the string until he lets go of it.

Do I need a gun license for the crossbow?

No. You can buy a crossbow without showing a permit. You only have to be 18 years of age.

The similarities between the bow and the crossbow

In fact, it is fundamentally the case that both the crossbow and the bow have various similarities.

Both devices have a tendon. This must be cocked before the shot is fired. By tensioning the tendon, the limbs are bent and the energy thus generated is stored until it is released.

After loosening the tendon, the energy is transferred to the arrow. On the crossbow, the arrows are called bolts.

The first small difference. But rather marginal. Even many online shops falsely sell crossbow bolts as arrows for the crossbow.

Recurve and Compound - just like with the bow

In addition to the similar clamping process, comparisons can also be made in the techniques used.

As with bow and arrow, both recurve and compound crossbows can be found in crossbows. These two different models have different advantages.

The compound crossbow

The compound crossbow, like the compound bow, has special rollers at the ends of the limbs. These roles are known as cams.

In addition to these additional eye-catching components, the compound crossbows also have other cables. Who is surprised, just like with the compound bow.

When tensioning the compound crossbow, the interaction of the tendon, the cables and the cams creates a kind of pulley effect. The crossbow is easier to cock.

But that has no effect on the performance. Compound crossbows have a comparatively low pulling weight. So it can be tensioned more easily. And all of this without sacrificing performance.

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The advantages and disadvantages of the compound crossbow

The compound crossbow looks almost like a legendary woolly milk pig. But that's not you. Of course, the complex technology also has its disadvantages.

The advantages

  • easy to clamp ...
  • ... with the same performance
  • large selection as there are many models on the market

The disadvantages

  • many components that have to be serviced
  • more wear parts
  • more susceptible to external influences

The recurve crossbow

In contrast to the compound crossbow, the recurve crossbow is built as simply as possible. And as we shall soon see, this is far from bad.

The recurve crossbow has significantly fewer components than the compound crossbow in comparison. Neither the conspicuous cams nor the additional cables can be found. Just a string that connects the two limbs. Then that was it, very easy.

The string of the crossbow is pulled out and the limbs are tensioned accordingly. The energy is built up.

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The pros and cons

Of course, the recurve crossbows can also convince with their properties. We would like to show you the advantages and disadvantages below.

The advantages

  • pretty tough
  • manageable maintenance work
  • cheaper to buy

The disadvantages

  • harder to clamp
  • higher train weights ...
  • with comparatively less power

The differences between the bow and the crossbow

As we have noticed, there are many points that we can find in both the bow and the crossbow. It is indeed true.

Both models must z. B. be tensioned beforehand. But wait, this is where one of the biggest differences can be found.

The tensioning process

The bow is drawn out and stretched with the hand, or more precisely with the fingers. You have to use the force until you let go of the tendon in order to transfer the energy to the arrow.

It looks completely different with the crossbow. In most cases the crossbow cannot be cocked by hand or can only be cocked with extreme effort. A clamping aid is used here.

Once the crossbow has been cocked, the so-called end comes into play. This lock is used to hold the taut string securely. The energy can therefore be stored. The bolt can then be fired via a trigger, like a rifle.

Buy a crossbow only at the age of 18

This background, that the crossbow can store the energy, makes it an article that requires an age verification beforehand. The crossbow can only be bought or ordered from the age of 18.

The aim

Differences can also be found when shooting or aiming. We will also take a closer look at these.

Aiming with the bow

The bow and arrow is shot more intuitively, i.e. by feeling. Of course, sights, arrow rests and other aids can also be mounted. Nevertheless, shooting with the bow requires a certain degree of experience and skill.

Aiming with the crossbow

Shooting with a crossbow can be roughly compared to shooting with an air rifle. Depending on the model, crossbows have a rear sight and front sight attachment or a telescopic sight.

Once the crossbow has been shot in at a certain distance, there is no longer any need for a great deal of appropriation in order to achieve reasonable results over the long term.

What is better? Crossbow or bow?

You can't say that across the board. To learn archery, you need a certain amount of training. The shooting technique and the sequence must be coordinated as closely as possible in order to obtain the best possible hit images.

Of course, archery is also used for mental and physical strengthening. It relieves stress and helps clear your mind.

The crossbow requires much less effort once it has been correctly aimed and adjusted. Similar to a rifle, you will be able to fire easily reproducible shots. Of course, using these crossbows is more than fun too.

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