Why are thin people always bullied?

Hanisauland: Lexicon @todo: from Preprocess

There are clear rules when it comes to bullying. Almost like in the theater, there are few actors with fixed roles and many spectators.

The offender

The bullies are usually a group of three people with a boss and two helpers. The perpetrators are self-confident and dominant, they care about power. They want to consolidate their position in the group by intimidating victims and making them more and more afraid. If no one intervenes, their power increases every time, and their position in the group - the class, for example - becomes more and more unassailable.

The victim

The role of the victim can fall to anyone. The bullies pick someone who seems suitable to them. It doesn't take much for that. It is enough if someone is a little different from the rest: wears different clothes, is shy, a little thicker or thinner than the average ... All of this is enough to become a victim of bullying. Even those who do not belong to a clique are often targeted by the perpetrators. Victims of bullying are exposed to constant stress. They are afraid that another attack threatens at any time, against which they cannot defend themselves again. In class, grades get worse and the fear of failure increases. Ultimately, the victim feels blocked: Nothing works anymore.

The audience

That leaves the audience, the spectators. Some of them find bullying entertaining as long as it doesn't concern themselves. Others would like to intervene but don't know how. Still others are afraid of becoming a victim themselves and therefore look the other way, maybe even laugh in order not to attract attention themselves. Very few of them act correctly, intervene and end the bullying.

"Cake for the newcomer"

Film about bullying from the children's rights film festival from the welcome class, 36th elementary school, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

Filip is new to the class. The other children reject him and are mean to him. After a girl looks at this for a while, she makes a plan.