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Kidnapped in Louisiana: Review of the film on ZDF with Halle Berry

Karla's son is kidnapped right in front of her eyes. In her struggle for the life of her child, the mother played by Halle Berry is on her own.

Thriller • May 17, 2021 • 11:10 pm

In "Kidnapped in Louisiana" (2017, director: Luis Prieto), which ZDF is now showing in its "Montagskino" series, Halle Berry, the single mother Karla Dyson, has to sacrifice herself to fight for her six-year-old son Frankie. After visiting an amusement park together, the restaurant waitress sees her child being dragged into a car and kidnapped. Determined to go in pursuit with her minivan. There are fatal chases, she herself is threatened in the kidnapper's car and a police officer is fatally injured. The fight continues in changing vehicles - especially when Karla realizes that the search posters on a police station announce that thousands of kidnapped children have not been found even years later.

The kidnappers Margo (Chris McGinn) and Terry (Lew Temple), a married couple, ultimately turn out to be blackmailing members of a worldwide child kidnapping ring. When Karla finally stops them, she is hailed by the US media.

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"Kidnap", as the film is called in the original, was received ambiguously by viewers and critics after its premiere in Toronto in 2017. The plot is rather simple, only Halle Berry convinces once more as a sporty action heroine and combative mother. By the way, in 2013 she was already seen in a similar kidnapping thriller: In "The Call - Don't hang up!" She saved the life of a kidnapped girl as an employee of an emergency call center.

Kidnapped in Louisiana - Mon. 5/17 - ZDF: 11.10 p.m.

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