Is the waste recycling business profitable

How to start a garbage disposal company. Garbage collection as a business

* The calculations use average data in Russia

Beginning of attachments (reception)

50 000 - 100 000 ₽

Facilities (garbage collection)

from ₽ 2,000,000

Start attachments (sorting workshop)

from ₽ 4,500,000

Invest plant (processing workshop)

from 000 5,000,000

Garbage - problems of ecology and waste disposal. How to discover your business on the trash on a budget of 100,000 rubles.

The junk is a unique resource: pay ready and to buy and sell. At the same time it is inexhaustible. Every year produces 300-400 kg of household waste every year. This means that with a population of 1 million people, the city accounts for 300-400 tons of garbage per year. And over time, that number increases. This is based on a business idea.

Relevance of business to garbage

In Russia, a large number of household waste that requires urgent disposal has accumulated in Russia. Right now, only 1% of the country's massive trash is processed, and more than 31 billion tons remain leak-proof. Of these billions of tons of around 60% are and are being recycled. Such raw materials include paper, metal, glass, polymers, etc. However, garbage continues to be dumped and the environment is polluted. Today the question of the use of garbage, which has become an environmental problem, is discussed at all levels - and yet not resolved. The problem of garbage disposal in the XXI century seems ridiculous, since at any stage of the process you can make money from almost nothing.

Not so long ago, garbage cannot be considered very profitable. But now the situation has changed dramatically. All over the territory of our country there are a large number of landfills that need to be cleaned. Then a small number of processing plants operating in Russia will not handle the work scale.

A business idea based on waste recycling does not lose its relevance until mankind produces it. And that process is unlikely while we live as a consumer society.

Pros and cons of doing business on the trash

In business about the settlement of garbage, it is believed that this sphere with a low level of competition, but this is far from. The fact that there are few participants in the segment does not mean that few people want to practice garbage processing. That means that not everyone can get in.

As of January 2016, Federal Law No. 458-F3, which regulates the procedure for collecting and disposing of waste, will be in effect. According to him, non-commercial organizations will serve certain territories, but regional operators. They have been competitively selected for the last quarter of the year for 10 years. In their competence: organize the work of the management company, organize the collection, transport, storage and processing of waste. This law leads to the centralization of the company, which makes competition worse. Big players fight for the location of the regional operator and the medium and small survival. However, these processes for new entrants will create higher demands on beginners.

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At the same time, it is impossible to say that there is no place in the field of new players. It is possible to start your business, but the market has its own peculiarities that can become complicated with a change in legislation. Those who want to start a similar business on the trash need to keep your hand on the pulse at all times and carefully examine everything that is going on in the market. Communicate with other market participants, analyze the actions of competitors, attend events organized by ministries, executive power, etc.

Why it pays to open a shop on the trash

    relevance. It can be seen in almost every aspect, beginning with the fact that it takes the advantage of ecology and ends with the fact that this case brings great profit to the owner.

    Support to local authorities. This ball is basically fixed so that the local authorities can help you organize your business.

    Unlimited stocks of raw materials.

    High profitability of the businessthat's 60-70%.

    Ability to start with small volumes. Even if you don't have the financial opportunity to set up a waste processing plant, you can limit us to a small workshop. It does not require large investments, but at the same time brings a worthy profit that will further develop a business.

What difficulties can adapt:

  • Big investments. The equipment even for a small workshop for processing MSW is quite expensive.

  • bureaucracy. Difficulties can arise on the stage of obtaining permits from controlling bodies as well as with the sale of recycled raw materials from the garbage. There are a lot of bureaucratic difficulties in starting a business and legally working: licenses, permits, the allocation of the sanitary zone, project preparation and other nuances make the process of entering a company in the labor-intensive and long process.

    High competition. Do not organize your business on the garbage in the regions where similar businesses already exist. It is almost impossible to beat the competition in this case.

    No sorting waste. In Russia there is a specific problem - there is no preparatory sorting of garbage and separate waste collection, which significantly complicates the entire recycling process. In order to prepare raw materials for processing, the company needs many workers to sort household waste, and this is already irrelevant to the business. Of course, there are automatic garbage sorting lines, but such an expensive device is not available to every businessman.

Legal aspects of business on trash

Before starting the business on the trash, you must get permission for this activity. This is done by the Ministry of Ecology, which is licensed to the right to collect and process a solid household waste. To do this, you need to conduct a special environmental impact assessment that will allow you to get a conclusion. It is held by the local (urban or regional) department of natural management. The peculiarity of the conclusion is that it is issued to the entrepreneur and operates the entire period of the business. Its cost is about 6,000 rubles.

In addition, you must get permission from plumbing, fire services, utilities and water management. To do this, you need to create the project documentation with a detailed description of technological processes in your company. These conclusions will cost you about 1000 rubles. Every year you need to get a permit to store TBW in the territory every year.

The preparation of the package of documents can take up to six months. You can also use intermediate services to carry a full package of documents to your business. The average cost of these services is 40,000 rubles. The deadline for paperwork, including the license, is around 2-3 months. If you decide to obtain all permits independently from each other, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the "Regulations on Licensing of Collection, Transportation Activities<…> Waste I-IV hazard classes approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation for number 1062 in 2015

The state regulation of the garbage business is environmental monitoring, licensing, reporting, monitoring the implementation of norms and appointing tariffs for the garbage inventory.

The legal regulation is carried out by the federal law "on the waste of production and consumption waste", which indicates five classes of waste: from the "extremely dangerous" waste of the first class to the "practically non-dangerous" fifth. The first three classes are industrial and building waste and the fourth and fifth household (the so-called TWW solid household waste). According to the law, the owner of waste 1-4 of classes can convey the right to dispose of them only if there is an appropriate license: to use them, neutralization, transport, housing. Licenses are issued by the Federal Service for the Supervision of Natural Management. In order to obtain an approval document it is necessary to hold a number of events:

    prepare a waste passport;

    buy or rent special transportation;

    conduct professional training of workers and obtain relevant evidence;

    pay the state of the state in the amount of 7500 rubles.

All entrepreneurs involved in such a business must, among other things, have a certificate that confirms their profile training. Such perfausive documents are not required for processing. This includes food waste, metals, waste paper, wood, plastic containers, textiles, rubber.

Prepare ideas for your company

Therefore, at the initial stage of discovery, you need to know with which waste the contractor is going to work. To do this, it has to order the appropriate test.

Before starting work, you must register with the AGV as an individual entrepreneur or legal entity. LLC legal form suitable for garbage business. To register with the FTS, you need to prepare a package of documents and match the codes of the types of your business activity, which are in accordance with the Okved-2 classifier. For example, if you decide to designate a garbage disposal company, you should include the following codes in the login login:

    38.11 - collection of non-hazardous waste;

    38.12 - collection of hazardous waste;

    49.41 - Automotive Trucks.

Depending on the services you have, the codes can be different so there is no point in listing them all.

How can you make money for trash?

Business on the garbage is divided into three major sectors: garbage collection; Sort trash; Recycling or disposal of garbage. Each of the sectors requires a lot of effort and money to develop, so the novice entrepreneur is useless to cover it all. Better to start a business on the trash to organize a couple of these stages. Below we will look at what features of each type of garbage business.

Option 1. Garbage removal

The initial task of garbage disposal is to remove it from the consumer area. To export waste in general, it's very simple. The hardest stage is preparing for this work and getting the necessary permits. After aligning legal issues, you can proceed with the purchase of equipment.

Equipment.In order to organize a business from the garbage from waste disposal, a minimum set of equipment is required - these are special goods machines equipped with an elevator or dumpster, when household garbage will be the main object.

The cost of the new optional equipment is one and a half million, but you can purchase equipment in lease.

Prepare ideas for your company

Garbage trucks with a built-in press are more economical and profitable. Such a complete set reduces the number of flights and, accordingly, reduces fuel costs. If you are planning to export a construction valid, you may need large cargo vehicles.

office. Despite the fact that this service sector is associated with constant transport movements, the space under the office still needs. There you can place administrative staff, accounting and dispatchers. There is enough 15-20 m² for the office. - This is enough to organize the reception and create conditions for workers. The office must be equipped with suitable furniture, computing equipment and communications.

Employee. To organize a company of garbage disposal, take the next employees: driver, dispatcher, administrator, accountant. With an increase in the fleet, it is recommended to take over the mechanic's employee.

Customer base. The main customers of garbage disposal companies are various restaurants, cafes, dining rooms - those who produce a large amount of food waste every day.

It is also possible to enter into contracts with municipal companies that allow the garbage to be removed from the residential complex. The main advantage of working with residential houses is a large volume. Despite the fact that the tariff rate in this case is lower than the removal of garbage from the commercial sector, at the expense of large volumes it is not bad to earn.

Another direction is the services for the removal of building materials to individuals and building organizations.

Prepare ideas for your company

properties. You need to sign contracts with Trashal polygons in which you can export waste through the coupons. The main problem of this company should also be solved - a decrease in transportation costs. This can be done in two ways that increase the capacity of dumpsters. You can take care of everything and buy garbage trucks with a press, which makes it possible to increase the transport capacity. Another option is to purchase URN with the press, at the expense of which the frequency of destruction of the garbage will be reduced.

advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages of this business out of the trash is that it eliminates the need to rent large areas and purchase complex, expensive equipment. If you compare to other business opportunities on the trash, it isn't that expensive to organize garbage disposal. The most important minutes are high fuel costs and the need to make an agreement with a waste disposal facility or company to make yourself available. The cost of the waste storage facility is 1,500-2,000 rubles for 5 tons;

How much can you earn from garbage removal?. The cost of exporting a standard container with a volume of 0.8 cubic meters. M. in a large city ranges from 300 rubles. A garbage truck contains 25-60 such containers. This means that in one flight you can earn from 7,500 to 18,000 rubles. For the month the amount increases to 400-500 thousand rubles. According to data from companies engaged in the export of garbage, they receive 500 rubles from every Russian. in the month. By disadvantaged calculations, we get that companies with residents with a population of 100 thousand people have 50 million rubles at their disposal. in the month.

Start kit: Attachments about 2 million rubles, special transport, drivers, dispatchers who receive orders and coordinate the routes of garbage trucks.

Option 2. Collection and sorting of garbage

In European countries, up to 80% of household waste is returned to production. In Russia, the recovery system is still in the first stage of development. For many business owners, this is a good chance to start your profitable business on the trash with minimal investment.

Any garbage processing is not possible without sorting. At the same time, a significant part of the recyclable part loses its properties when mixed in a general container, for example, paper reaches and rotates. That is why it is so important to take care of the proper sorting of garbage at the collection stage. This will reuse up to 60-80% of MSW's composition.

collection. Those who only came to the garbage business are advised to start organizing the collection of secondary raw materials. It takes about a million rubles. For this money, you can purchase several containers - each for a specific type of waste, permit from the municipality and rent a small territory under containers. It will only be left to find the buyer when taking the goods back. Many processing companies have their own special equipment so you don't have to purchase expensive equipment.

During the month, the garbage can be sorted:

  • 7-8 tons of waste paper (cardboard, wrapping paper). The cost of a ton is up to 1500 rubles;

  • 900-1000 kg of polymers (film, fruit boxes). The cost of a ton is up to 9000 rubles;

    150-200 kg plastic bottles and aluminum cans. The cost of a ton is up to 15,000 rubles.

Sorting. If you want to start a garbage sorting business, more investment is required.The minimal equipment consists of a sorting line, a cumulative bunker, a crusher, a magnet and a press. All devices are expensive and require attachments of about 4 million rubles. That is how much the hollow equipment costs.

It should be noted that almost all sorting work is done manually, so for the sorting workshop of average performance, no fewer than 5 workers are required. And now it costs at least 100 thousand rubles. in the month.

The sorting tool also needs a room with an area of ​​at least 300 square meters. The cost of renting industrial land with such an area will be about 50,000 rubles. in the month.

With the addition of permits, the organization and maintenance of the business on the garbage for sorting raw materials will cost about 4.5 million rubles. Initial investments and monthly costs will cost at least 250,000 rubles.

Medium power sort buying can produce 15-20 tons of products for the month. The cost of tons depends on the type of garbage. The average income of the sorting shop varies within 100-150 thousand rubles.

Delivery of raw materials. If you are only planning the sorting plant planning, you have to deal with waste supplies. For this, the easiest way is to make agreements with the head of local landfills, representatives of paragraphs for picking up containers and plastic waste. In addition, local supermarkets that emit a lot of cardboard and plastic boxes, paper, etc. can be reliable suppliers of raw materials.

properties. The sorting can be organized in the form of a purchase of certain types of waste (sorting during the collection phase). We are talking about receiving glass containers, waste paper, plastic waste. This form is less profitable, but it does not require a large investment. Such a shop on the garbage can be opened from 50-100 thousand rubles. To do this, it is only necessary to find a small area where the receiving point is located.

advantages and disadvantages. The demand for collecting and sorting garbage is quite high. Therefore, if such a business clings to the garbage, you can be sure that your services will be sought after. The lack of business on the trash, however, is the significant cost of expensive equipment. In order to open the sorting purchase, it is necessary to purchase expensive equipment and find specialists with whom you can work with it. For example, the cost of organizing a separate collection of garbage in St. Petersburg will cost 1.5 billion rubles. Although in this segment there is an opportunity to spend a minimum to open up your business. A little belt that picks up a certain type of garbage is also a trash can, but a lot more humble here too.

How much can you make collecting and sorting trash? The amount of profit depends on the quality of the raw materials. If you sold the recycle the price will be higher. For example, the small booth at the reception of glass containers can earn 30-50 thousand rubles a month. And your own sorting workshop can bring about 200,000 rubles. Net profit for the month.

Starter kit. For a sorting workshop it is necessary: ​​about 4.5 million rubles. Plant, space, equipment, workers. For the organization of the sewer point, you need starting capital of 50-100 thousand rubles. and rent a small shopping area to house the item.

Option 3. Recycling

The most difficult process in this segment is the recycling of waste. Recycling - anything that turns garbage into something useful: energy, new raw materials, fertilizers, etc.

Business in the garbage not only carries its owner the economic benefit, but also benefits the environment and society. This is why the topic of waste processing is so actively considered what interests investors.

With the advent of new technologies in the processing of garbage, it became possible not only to dispose of MSW, but also to create recycling. After discovering the business on the trash, you can improve the ecological status of the city and make good money from it too.

This sphere is constantly evolving, and today there are several directions and methods for processing garbage. Before planning the creation of the facility, you need to decide which method will be used: composting, briquetting, pyrolysis, pressing, etc.

Your company's income depends on the type of waste it can accept and process. Experienced entrepreneurs in this field are recognized that the most profitable ways to export paper and plastic are. Processing this raw material is considered the most profitable (50-70%).

Stages of opening a waste processing company:

    Decide what type of rubbish your company will be working with;

    Supporting the leadership of the region and local authorities

    Register a company and you will receive all necessary permits and licenses.

    Get a plot of land for plants and sights for storage (burial);

    Obtain technical specifications for connecting to communications;

    Building structures in which production is located;

    Purchase devices, install and configure;

    Teach teacher work on equipment;

    Find suppliers of raw materials;

    Find buyers for finished secondary products factory.

room. A spacious room is required for the waste processing plant. The minimum size is 500 square meters. Thereof for the processing workshop - 300 square meters and for a warehouse - 200 square meters. In addition, it is necessary to have about 100 square meters. For administrative rooms. The office can be on the production site as well as on the production site.

An important nuance: workshops near the city of Dump can reduce the cost of delivering raw materials and renting premises.

    Convenient access of cargo transportation to the territory

    Asphalt or concrete flooring

    The height of the overlap is not less than 7 m

    The presence of water supplies (at least 3 cubic meters / hour) and industrial sewage

    The presence of heating, which maintains the temperature at night, not lower than + 21c

    Power supply developed for power consumption up to 300 kW

    Availability or possibility of industrial ventilation equipment

    The presence of several large sized gates for the passage of trucks A / M.

    Ability to install special equipment

Similar rooms are easy enough for owners to rent or sell. An important nuance: since the placement of technological equipment requires a fairly heavy training platform, it is advisable to sign a long-term lease (duration of 3-5 years).

Renting premises per month will have to spend about 150 thousand rubles.

equipment. The following can be placed in the production area:

    cumulative bunker;


  • front loader.

It is necessary to take into account that for each type of equipment there is additional equipment, which is also expensive. Therefore, plan the cost budget with a margin. Also, processing with some types of waste require certain equipment. You can save by buying equipment that has been used. The most accessible and functional are considered domestic options.

The table shows an approximate amount of equipment costs. Do not forget that it is necessary to add installation costs.

The cost of equipment for the garbage processing business

Technological process. In order to plan production, you need to clearly understand the entire technological process. It includes the following steps:

    purchase of raw materials for processing;

    the processing of secondary raw materials and the pressing of waste that does not meet production requirements;

    sale of secondary raw materials and the burial of pressed briquettes.

Since the equipment required to collect and sort waste is very expensive, all you can do is focus the work of the workshop on processing and buy more trained raw materials.

Raw. To ensure the production of uninterrupted trash cans, plan for delivery in advance. The company's location in the immediate vicinity of the municipal waste dump is another advantage here. You can rely on the supply of recycling with local garbage collectors, housing and communes, owners of municipal landfills, garbage receiving points, etc. some cheaper and more advantageous to make an arrangement with large, special waste disposal companies or community community organizations. You can also consider the prospect of opening your own take-back items. This saves the procurement of raw materials.

As a rule, small plants buy secondary plastic at a price of 14,000-18,000 rubles, and then reimburse them in special granules, turning over 30,000 rubles per ton.

Production of raw materials for production is better to organize the forces of their own fleet, but it will still increase the size of the original investment.

What garbage work. This question needs to be resolved at the initial stage of design, since the list of equipment and recycling nuances and client base depend on the type of waste selected.

The most profitable waste for processing:

    Tires for automobile wheels. The technology of their processing is carried out using pyrolysis or depolymerization. It occurs as the process of decomposition of rubber on metal cord, gas, carbon, and synthetic oil. These decomposition products are asked for raw materials;

    Build garbage: wood, metal, concrete, brick, etc.. For high quality processing of this type of waste, automatic sorting of waste is required. Another recycling gives a secondary crust, metal chips, and other types of recycling. Most of the processing leaves the manufacture of building materials;

    Macular tissue.- Processing in toilet paper, soft roof, cardboard. Modern technologies make it possible to produce waste-free processing of paper waste. During this process, a large amount of thermal energy is generated which can be converted into electrical energy and to maintain production;

    Batteriesas one kind of waste for processing recently appeared, but it has become quite a popular business. Difficulty with this type of waste is that there is no dedicated battery collection, they tend to go with the total flow of garbage. If you choose to process batteries, we recommend organizing the item of waste receipt.

    Wood waste - fairly common and profitable type of garbage business. Here is the most promising and cheapest processing of wood waste into briquettes and granules into fuel;

    Glass beams - Bottles and other glassware. For large quantities of this type of waste, glass container reception and the supply of scrap with exploration facilities are required. Grooved raw materials can be implemented with glasses and ceramic factories.

    Plastic garbagealso quite beneficial for processing and implementation as a redemption. To organize a mini-shop, 700 thousand rubles will be enough to carry out the equipment. Full-fledged production costs several million.

Customer base. An important stage in the work of waste processing is stable marketing of finished products. You need to sign a long-term contract for the supply of recycled raw materials in advance. Thanks to the timely resolution of this problem, you can quickly make a decent profit and realize the original investments. Otherwise, the case will be unprofitable, since profit will depend on sales volumes.

The main consumers of the waste processing plant's products are: industrial companies producing toilet paper and cardboard; Farms; Ceramic and glass plants; Plants for the production of polymers, etc. For example, when processing electronic garbage, such metals as iron, copper, aluminum are formed - this raw material can be sold on the wholesale purchases of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. From paper waste, the compost is obtained, which is used as soil fertilizer and can be implemented by farms.

Employee. For work in production, a prepared, trained in a special program, personnel. The staff should include at least 10 people with workers, managers, accountants and vehicle drivers.

The study of the labor market shows that the company's needs in the workforce in the above job vacancies will not be a problem as the supply outweighs the demand at the moment.

costs. The initial cost of opening the waste processing procedure is an average of 5 million rubles. In addition to equipment, you need to spend money on the design of permits and other bureaucratic procedures, as well as renting premises.

However, in addition to millions of initial investments, the garbage processing plant will require up to 900,000 rubles. per month. This amount includes the salary of employees and the payment of electricity consumption and rental of premises, as well as payment taxes. Also, when making a business plan, it is worth remembering this form of cost as equipment depreciation.

In view of the high initial costs, the re-breeding period of the project is 2-4 years. The practice of the waste processing business shows that in this sphere the amortization picture within 5 years is a completely normal indicator.

How much can earn from processing garbage. The profitability of waste processing production is estimated within 40-80%. If the raw materials you are almost free, then at the output, all products are valued at 10-40 thousand rubles. per ton. However, in order to enter such indicators, it should be properly planned to plan all stages of the technological process.

In terms of net profit, in the first year of operation it ranges from 50 to 150 thousand rubles. in the month. However, in this business about the garbage, the most attractive prospects are, since about 1 million rubles can be reached with the development of production. in the month.

Advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of the processing business as a business is its prospects, relevance and stability. This is an opportunity to build a large production that will benefit the owner of the company and the multimillion. But this is necessary, that it is necessary to undergo a complex organizational process, have enough money and be prepared for long-term investments. This is the main disadvantage of this business idea.

properties. First, the effectiveness of waste recycling depends directly on the quality of the sorting. Therefore, it is necessary to create a complex system from the collection of raw materials to the sale to the consumer of finished products (in this case, product recycling products). It is not necessary to interact with the authorities, numerous companies in the city, which is not always just given. Second, due to the underdevelopment of the market, the price of the recycling price is very volatile: when demand grows, suppliers stop coping with the collection of waste - prices grow; When providing demand, the commodity quickly accumulates and fills the repository in connection, in which it is sold at the random prices.

Start kit at the store opening: Initial capital of 5 million rubles, a production room with an area of ​​at least 200 square meters, a storage room with an area of ​​at least 100 square meters, equipped in accordance with the plumbing and fire needs, installations, technologies and work.

Option 4. Placement and storage of waste

If the types of business listed on the garbage are not suitable, then you can stick to the simplest version. Waste placement is their storage or disposal. The garbage has to be kept somewhere. For this purpose, the so-called polygons are used - this is a complex of devices and structures that provide insulation and disposal of the trash cans. The MBO repository is in the form of a pit with a natural or special internal coating. This ensures the environmental safety of the surrounding soil, groundwater and green plantations. Properly equipped polygons are located far from the cities and do not harm the health of their residents.

The following requirements are submitted to the location of the garbage sites:

  • lifespan - 15-20 years;

  • remoteness from settlements - not less than 1 km;

    protective strips- not less than 20 m;

    distance to groundwater - more than 2 m;

    no near natural reservoirs.

To date, there are a little more than 1000 polygons in Russia, but their completion is approaching, that their completion is approaching or already exceeding 100%. Hence, the business of creating trash polygons is in demand.

To implement this idea, you need several hectares of free land outside the settlement, the water protection and leisure areas. Ideally, the polygon needs to be built, as this will represent some requirements. You must also get permission to create placements. This permit confirms compliance with geological, hydrological and other standards). The polygon should also register in a single state and monitor the surrounding situation - even after it has expired.

How much can earn on garbage storage.Profitability in the garbage polygons is small as the funeral duties set the community. In the big cities, the polygon can take urban garbage from 250 rubles. per cubic meter and advertising - for 500-600 rubles. For times the garbage truck brings from 2 to 10 tons.

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Do you make money on household garbage? That is possible! Try to organize garbage removal business and you can make a profit without having special knowledge, no skills. The main task is to take into account all the nuances of your work, and then customers will enjoy your services with pleasure.

How can I make money on trash?

To export waste in general, it's very simple. The hardest stage is preparing for this work and getting the necessary permits and approvals. You should create a company that will be responsible for removing garbage in specific areas after which you will need:

  • license for your activity - Rostechnadzor issues it
  • sunterpident resolution (it has to consider how and where you will dispose of waste)
  • local authorities

It is usually necessary to receive all documents for around six months. Once you have the entire package in your hands, it remains only to buy a special transport (in order to be able to save it is better to choose a used one), as well as to find customers. The latter can cause certain difficulties, because in the market in any city there are already many companies working with waste, and it will be difficult to compete with them. With that in mind, don't immediately expect that you won't start a business in garbage removal to contract with offices that serve a housing fund. Most likely, certain companies already cooperate with them, which are also under the auspices of the state. Immediately focus on offices - small and large, - catering establishments, various businesses. Much has been realized among them to find those who are dissatisfied with the current state of affairs and who are looking for a substitute for the waste company. Even those who are wondering how to make money on the trash should be drawn to creating their own processing company from the first days of their activities. This makes it possible to expand the area of ​​activity, and if it suddenly turns out that you are not "mounted" in the operative market, you can quickly meet again.

How much does the garbage removal business cost?

Before talking about the profit, it is necessary to learn what investment that the company will require. And they can seem pretty big. You need to output:

  • from 15 thousand dollars - purchase of a used car (for example, ZIL or garbage truck with a press), which will export all waste (a new car will be more - about 1 million rubles)
  • 4 thousand dollars to buy a press that can sort and use the garbage
  • $ 700 - on wages to your employees (they can be from 2 to 5 years old - employees can act as drivers, waste sorters.

Separate expenses are required to obtain a license - the official value of 200,000 rubles. It also needs to highlight certain amounts for leasing the polygon to save waste and space if you decide to process it. In the case of the polygon, you can save, choose garbage trucks with a press: they help to squeeze waste, significantly reducing its volume, and therefore the area of ​​subsequent arrangement. The cost of such a lease can vary.

How Much Can You Make Trash Removal?

Usually you work at night. The main customers can be cafes and restaurants and you are unlikely to want to come in the afternoon. Therefore, there is no need to acquire a new technique - it will not be seen anyway. At the same time, you can earn on trash removal, you can very well: for the night, the garbage truck can drive around 6-10 objects, which earns an average of $ 200 per shift. To increase sales, you can make flights more frequently and find companies that need garbage disposal during the day. You can also export construction waste, for example, and postponing in this case will also cost $ 300-400 - it costs more to work with such waste. Even more, it means that the export of industrial waste brings the export of industrial waste, and if there are large plants and factories in your area, it is necessary to establish cooperation with them. In general, investments in the garbage removal business will pay off in about a year. This period can be reduced if you are only working on one machine and renting a small polygon (or the ability to keep junk on the finished dump). In any case, if you do not stop the number of customers you get, you can have a huge increase in your earnings even in this area where you have a lot of competitors.

How to organize the garbage disposal business. How to get started Business idea.

At first glance, this complex in the removal of garbage? - I bought garbage trucks or bunkeros, planted for the driver's battery or myself came and went behind the wheel - it turned. Tailor shop to share for 3 sectors:

  1. Directly;
  2. Sorting garbage and;
  3. The burial of the garbage in the landfill.

Each of the sectors requires a lot of effort and money to develop, so it makes more sense not to try and cover everything. It is best to start by organizing a destruction of garbage, although this is not the most profitable segment of the chain of disposal services.

Let's consider in detail how to implement a business idea to organize a waste disposal company.

The scheme of rubble in Moscow looks like this:
1. - Customer Call Dispatcher (order for export);
2. - Departure of garbage trucks with an empty bunker at the specified address;
3. - On the customer's territory (or under "Loading", if the driver is waiting for whom the container is immediately loaded, or the bunker leaves the customer in the agreed time);
4. - Loading with garbage on the machine;
5. - Next garbage disposal or landfill.

Nothing seems complicated, although there are many different "buts" here.

Problems arising from garbage removal:

- Moscow traffic jam. It often happens that the customer refuses to order for garbage removal just because the car is delayed. And he doesn't care that on the cork route and the driver can't be on time.

- Collapse of the garbage truck. Starting from dotted on landfills and sinking wheels that end with serious breakdowns on the road, require the evacuation of the car. In this case you have to transfer the order of the "friendly" enterprise software.

- accident. PAH-PAH-PAH - Better not to let this happen. Even if you have insurance and your driver is not responsible for an accident, it will last a whole day and with him and lost profits.

- Dusting refuses to take your trash. There could be several reasons. For example, garbage trucks brought dangerous garbage (automobile tires or runners) or didn't cope with the volume of bridal garbage.

In this case, you urgently need to make a decision - where to carry garbage? Either leave MBOs in bunkers and wait for them to be sorted, open, or go to another CrossPatch. Whatever you choose, the result is a single loss and additional expense on diesel.

- driver.This is often the biggest problem. Garbage truck drivers, especially Slavs, often drink and go to the flight without sobering or with a hangover. What it threatens you - the confiscation of driver rights and a simple car looking for a new "steering".

Drivers will find ways to earn on the site on the site.Suppose the customer orders a bunker, and it turns out in the end that the garbage doesn't fit and needs another one. Here the driver agrees at the point "from - cheaper". Accordingly, the profit stays in your sub-pocket.

In the next part (How to organize a waste disposal company - 2) we describe the most interesting - the economic side of the organization.

The garbage is a promising business and besides Forever, I came to him from greed and still do not regret it. In order for the garbage business to generate an income, it is necessary, if possible, to participate in all stages of the technological chain: export, sorting, deposit and recycling. Although we are present in the first three, but our business model suggests that we will definitely handle the processing to increase sufficient volumes of incoming raw materials. If you have control of the entire chain, you can collect additional costs at each stage. I export the garbage - we get a margin of 10-15%, we sort - another 15%, we process - plus that much. The highest competition is in the logistics market, and with the holding of each new municipal competition it increases, which leads to the market for new players and the real need of the country to sort complexes, processing plants and high-quality polygons. Complete cycle factories do not yet exist in Russia.

Today, companies at different levels and with different approaches are employed in the field of waste management. To use the infrastructure taken from Soviet times without investing in modernization and without developing new directions is fatal to our approach to ecology. Russia is choking on garbage. And the Moscow region is perhaps one of the most problematic. It is integrated solutions to the problem: you have to build new modern infrastructure facilities according to European standards, at the same time necessary to update the container park, platforms and vehicles.

Influential competitors

The Russian settlement model of the utility sector differs from the European one. In Europe, the municipality is independently responsible for the quality of the quality of supply, collects money from the population and the competitive conditions that contractors hire. We are responsible for this from the management companies, which are a liaison between the tenants and the community sector companies, ie all directly, without the consent of the state.

As a result, the municipal department chapters have virtually no impact on companies that provide garbage disposal services. In order for the mayor to force a company to do well, it has to go through a difficult procedure: create a yard inspection, along with local district to conduct an inspection to prove that the service is poorly rendered, fines the company is rendered in court . Now Moscow is trying to change the system in the direction of the European model, rejecting the institute for governors and including the right to hold competitions.

The separate garbage collection is not too popular in Russia, while in Europe it helps people save significant amounts

For me it is a risk for me, as it is for the entrepreneur, because one thing if my clients are sixty managers and completely different when this is a community that will be both the client and the regulator.

The largest Moscow company in our sector is GUP "ekotehprom". They control 50% of the destruction of residential trash, from residential and recycling and landfill - 80%. The second largest company that deals with garbage is "MKM Logistics", which is owned by the Chigirin family. They followed "Ecoline" Gennady Timchenko.

For us, building new modern facilities is building new modern facilities - MSK and polygons. There are now 13 companies in 6 regions. We recently acquired the largest operator to export and dispose of medical groups in Moscow, so in the near future the ECO system will have its own infrastructure on medical waste management in the Moscow region in the near future.

Drinking staff

The community industry traditionally suffers from a lack of qualified personnel and without the preparation of professional personnel it is difficult to imagine its further successful development. There is also an acute problem of the prestige of the profession. From Soviet times on people's minds, the belief that losers, trunkards, limiters, and now migrant workers are going to the windshield wipers. When I came to the company, I had to do a staff review and completely change the staffing policy. We changed the principle of compensation so that staff understand why they are being encouraged and for what they are punishing them. You can evaluate the work of employees in a number of ways, such as: Based on how much they drove and transported, not how well they were service. Therefore, we first formulated exactly what our service is and then transferred this understanding into the system of employee motivation. After all, we're not a normal freight company and customers don't pay us to have our cars go 100 km with a freight. We pay for a high quality and timely rendered service, that is, to maintain purity, maintain measurable parameters - everything should be done on time, quickly and smoothly.

When people go to work, there should be no more trash. In any civilized city, cleaning takes place in a short time, from 5:30 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. It is believed that if you don't take off the trash for three days, it will lead to an ecological disaster. The city can easily be destroyed, crippling the waste selection system. For example, a day happened in Naples. The garbage garbage and the logistic company could not agree the price, which paralyzed the garbage removal system for a month, and during that time Naples was turned into a landfill. The city was restored for a whole year.

Separate collection

In Soviet times, nobody valued people, no more natural resources, so special landfills were not planned in urban planning. Throwing the rubbish in the forest in the ravine next to the city was considered perfectly normal. There were experiments with collecting scrap metal and paper, but it was more fashionable than an indicator of efficient waste. We did not establish the habit of thinking about what and how you throw out.

Europeans perceive garbage as a raw material and understand that waste recycling is a complex and expensive process. For comparison: the average Russian family now pays for the removal of waste from about 600 rubles per year, and the average Austrian - 500 euros. And here you need to take into account that they have this - the cost of exporting already sorted garbage. If the wearer detects paper or food waste in a glass container, the penalty is released. Don't split up the trash in Europe - it's expensive and just indecent. Russia can come this evolutionary way, but it has to meet several conditions. First, the cost of destroying the garbage should increase. Second, the competition should appear between trash cans.

Finding good people to work in the garbage business is not easy. To clean up the order of Yakimchuk, used a special evaluation system

Companies could offer residents to save the trash at home, save the trash. We have such an experience in Astrakhan and Ryazan. Mass distribution has not yet received this service, but it is already very popular with educational institutions, which is important as it requires the formation of a waste management culture as they say "the better the better". While we sell secondary raw materials. To let ourselves recycle we have to start servicing around 5 million people.

Plastic, metal and pure cardboard are very competitive raw material fractions: They buy actively, they are missing. Plastic began to be actively popularized lately, as many new plants appeared in processing in Russia.A TONEN-PAT that we have 380 euros, in Europe - 500 euros. Buy secretive sexsive raw materials in China. The problem is that the garbage that is passed through the bin and the garbage truck is mixed in such a way that it turns out to be very difficult, and such a dirty raw material is cheap. Hence, sorting the transport would be beneficial for everyone. In fact, many wipers work in the fact that we sort the garbage. They fold cardboard tapes or packages with vats next to containers and then pick up representatives from recycling companies.

Garbage dumps in the forest

Moscow produces from 6 to 10 million tons of garbage a year and these are just household waste and add medical, biological, anabolic - and everything has to be stored somewhere. As a resident of Moscow, of course, I can be indifferent to where the garbage is taken out - the main thing is that it was not in my garden, but as a person, often in the suburbs, it is already important to me, because it is here, puts out. Half of the existing garbage sites in the Moscow region have long since expired, and the number of unauthorized landfills continues to grow. As before and now, the landfills appear spontaneously - without a plan or relevant permits.

Ask a Russian Mayor what are their main headaches and they will answer that these are landfills. Often times, the trash is simply taken out of town and dropped out where it will be. For example, we once took the unauthorized trash defeats in multiple regions in multiple regions - it turned out to be even difficult to count. There were about sixty existing objects under a Barnaul, none of which are licensed. And how much did we not find!

At one point, some boys organized a landfill right in the RV micro district of Astrakhan, and tenants accused us of exporting garbage from that territory. Law enforcement agencies didn't want to do this - we had to organize the surveillance ourselves, find out who was behind it. As a result, after six months they simply took and left - found, probably a new place. The shadow sector is very large in the garbage business. Companies enter into a contract for the garbage collection and where it is poured - no interests. Mostly either in the forest or for long closed polygons.

Russian companies are just beginning to dominate the waste processing market. But unauthorized dumps in the woods have a long tradition

The highest downhill drop of anything I've seen was 25 meters. A ramming machine can come at such a height. But the worst thing about the dump is not the fact that it's outside but what's inside. With the waste composition, a toxic liquid is formed that flows down, and if there is no protective geomembrane or clay castle at the base of the polygon, it falls into groundwater. After the dump is filled, it is recalculated: the garbage gives a year to settle, it is firmly ramping, then covered with a layer of land. In order for the methane that appears to appear as a result of the rotting, the dump did not appear from the inside (and it happened), the pipes for gas removal are driven into it at different depths.

In Russia I have not seen a single company engaged in the collection of landfill gas, so it is freely devoted to the atmosphere. For comparison, in Europe deep recycling of waste is actively used, as a result of which a certain set of perfectly inert fractions in the landfill comes to the funeral, from which all that is possible is achieved. Glass, plastic and wood are selected in the collection stage. The remaining nutrient waste that they use for farming needs and receive electricity.


Burning garbage doesn't destroy the garbage, but it only reduces the damage to safety. From a ton of waste, 300 kilograms of ash is obtained, while the waste itself has the fourth, fifth class of danger, and the ashes - the second: it is poisonous and requires special storage. It's only dangerous, only radioactive and chemical waste. 60% of the cost of the modern incinerator is taken into account to clean emissions into the atmosphere. A stork lives in the center of Vienna, a stork lives on the pipe for the safety of emissions.

There is a scandalous anecdotal story about emissions from Moscow garbage incorporation. Mayor Luzhkov wanted to prove to journalists and environmentalists that the plant he was building is safe, but harsh phenolic smoke poured from the factory pipes during the interviews. Without being puzzled, the mayor declared, "Do not be afraid, here is such a rose wind that all the smoke is outside Moscow."

I don't even want to think about where the assets will be seized from the Moscow factories, as it is known that we have not built special storage facilities. But she goes somewhere! The metropolitan facilities burn about 12% of all household waste in the city, resulting in at least 300 thousand tons of ash.

photos Provided by the press service "ECO-System"